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The Review

The illustrious Clown & Bard Hostel has been open ever since we first came to Prague in 1995, and ever since then has been offering up the basic staples a great hostel -- comfortable basic beds, super helpful staff, affordable prices, and a great location. They have everything you need to make your visit to Prague comfy and exciting! Of course, over the years, they’ve kept the place up to date with nice, colourful rooms and comfortable beds; the furniture is also refreshed regularly, so you’re not sleeping in some bed that’s been in service since the First Republic.

The Location

The Žižkov area is known around the world as the coolest neighbourhood in Prague, with raw streets lined with a plethora of drinking holes and music venues, and lots of ethnic and local foods. It’s right near Riegrovy Sady, which in the summer is the ideal beer garden, situated in a leafy park, with there are lots of bands performing. The Clown & Bard’s vibe fits right in with this funky neighbourhood.

Rooms and Bathrooms

They have self-contained apartments, double rooms, and multiple dorms, as well as “the loft,” which is the place to crash if you can book it. Big wooden beams in this common room house up to thirty guests, producing a really great, very Bohemian vibe, and you’ll really enjoy your sleep (the price includes linens and towels).

The other rooms we checked out are colourful and comfortable with clean shared shower rooms, thanks to the helpful staff -- there are always a few on duty and they’re all bilingual, so odds are they’ll speak your language. They know what’s happening on the scene and can point you in the right direction to ensure you have a great time if you can pry yourself away from the comfy bar area.

Common Spaces

There’s also a safe for your valuables, laundry-cleaning service, and free internet access. There’s no lockout here, thanks to the twenty-four-hour reception, and the ground area (below street level) of the hostel hosts a lively and relaxed bar; when it’s slower, they even let musicians earn themselves a free bed for performing, and they’ve got instruments! As you can imagine, it’s a bit of a party hostel, but they now quiet it down in time for everyone to take the party out into the neighbourhood so the guests can rest at a reasonable hour.


The Clown and Bard is one of the few hostels that’s thrived because of their reputation, which spreads by word of mouth -- once you’ve been welcomed by the friendly staff, you’ll see why they have so many customers who choose to stay long term here. We ran into a few of the longer-term guests who have been staying here for over a month, who told us that they don’t want to leave. You can then understand the importance booking early during the peak season, as there are about seventy-five beds available and thousands of fans that might be passing through town. They don’t accept credit cards, so you've got to pay with cash upon arrival.
by Jeffree Benet Staff Reviewer
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Borivojova 102/758, Praha 3, Prague (Praha), Czech Republic
50.082674, 14.446687 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+42 222 716 453
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80% Guest Reviews

Very Good, Clean, Friendly, Cheap Beer!
Excellent stay -- would definitely stay again!!
Mitch Townsend
Age 23, UK
Quite good if you do not expect too much.
First impressions on room was horribly poor, but I got used to and finally I like to stay there for a while. Cons -- Elevator is missing, No breakfasts, Wi-fi Internet connection is poor, in some rooms extremely poor. But overall, it is an acceptable accommodation.
Age 32, Czech Republic
Dull, dirty, rude employees who changed my reservation after payment.
There's nothing overwhelmingly bad about the hostel. The rooms are dull and bare, the bathrooms are dirty, but overall it's not much worse than any other hostel. Except for the rude employee, specifically the man working at the front who approached me in the lobby three hours after my reservation and insisted I change rooms to a huge dorm because someone else had called and wanted my room. I was under the impression that once you pay for something, the transaction is over and can't be modified. Well, not here! If you pay and move your things in they might just decide you have to go elsewhere! After arguing with him about it he threw my money back at me and said "We wont miss your 180 crowns." I'd skip this place.
Fun and friendly
Everyone was very nice, the internet was free, and the showers were clean. Their bar was good and so was their free breakfast. They exchanged euros for crowns without ripping you off. My one complaint would be the blood stain on my quilt.
Totally chill party hostel
We had a great time here. The staff were extremely friendly and really chill, about check ins, check outs, bar tabs, payments. The 75 cent beer can't be beat. However, the walk up the one hundred twenty stairs to the big dorm was a bit of a hassle, but the cheap beer fueled us up the levels of stairs. We highly recommend this place. and go around the corner to Blind Eye. and the two doors to right is the best restaurant ever!
The cool coloradans
(Colorado, USA)
A big, fun hostel with plenty of rooms in the middle of a townhouse neighborhood. The bar downstairs is open all night and serves a bit of food + cheap beer. There is cheap internet and 24 hour access/reception. There's also a common area in front near the reception desk. A party place, fun to hang out in, and certainly a place where you will meet a lot of people. The owners are nice enough (and play good music!) and provide luggage storage and a safe for your souvenirs. You get a free drink at check in. Breakfast is extra and is bit better than the norm. There are a couple of cheap and very good restaurants nearby. Cleanliness is not rule #1 here. Bathrooms offer unique features like a whole-room shower. Try staying in a smaller (5-6 person) dorm if you want sleep. The attic dorm sleeps about 20-30. Key provided for the locks on all doors. Small fridges outside some of the rooms. Everyone seems very friendly here and the price can't be beat. Probably the biggest downside is that there is no metro or bus stop close by. Metro is about 10-12 minutes away and the bus is 10 minutes downhill.
  A good time. This ain't the hostel for sissy-princesses who need a max comfort, but perfect for the not-so-rich student who wants to have a blast at Praha! It's one of the cheapest prices you can find. A few steps extra from the town center, but who cares, I've got feet. We arrived a group of ten and stayed in the thirty-six-bed dormitory. The room was interesting, all the walls were covered with inscriptions, and the other people staying there were sympathetic. I like making new encounters -- this is a perfect set-up.
  Having read the mixed reviews, I was unsure about this place, but I thought, what the hell, I'll try it and go somewhere else if it's really that bad. But it really isn't! It's a bit far from the main nightlife but only a short tram ride away from the main station, although the trek up the hill is tough if you've got a heavy backpack! It attracts a friendly, relaxed crowd, and although the bar is cheap, I soon found a crowd to find the cheaper bars! Gotta admit, though, it's a bit divey, musty, and the mattresses and pillows could do with replacing (sweat-stained). But they were comfortable and the sheets were clean at least, and the bathrooms were cleaned regularly when I was there. The men's bathrooms don't lock, however, I only know this because I used them by mistake, oops! The breakfast is now included in the price -- and my god what a breakfast! Cereal, toast, hard-boiled eggs, earl grey tea, you name it, unlimited! One minor gripe is that they advertise free internet -- not entirely true, it's free for the first fifteen minutes, then you pay. Other people may not like it because it's a bit of a dive, but for the price it's a great place to crash, have a decent breakfast and, above all, meet people. One word of advice -- if you stay in the big dorm, bring earplugs, the world's loudest snorers sleep there!

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