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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Chameleon Backpackers & Guesthouse" at 5-7 Voight Street.)


5-7 Voight Street, Windhoek, Namibia
-22.574152, 17.081509 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+264 (0) 61 24 4347
+264 (0) 61 220885
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HI Hostels
(5 ratings)
87% Guest Reviews

  Two months ago, my three female friends and I visited the Chameleon hostel. First of all, one of the two staff members touched my friend's butt twice. Accordingly, two male older guests started shouting at us that they wanted to take us out to dance, and bring us to NYC. Moreover, a mentally disturbed drunk guy was disturbing the hostel. He was shouting at guests, and the staff members told him to leave but didn't do anything. In the end, this disturbed guest started shouting about grabbing my friend in the ass. We obviously refused to stay in this hostel, also because the dorms were mixed, something that was not announced on the website. We simply felt unsafe as four young women, staying in this extremely female unfriendly hostel. We asked for a money refund as we'd already paid for three nights. We were happy to be informed that the manager was willing to talk to us the next day. She watched the video tapes that were recorded in the room where my friend was touched by one of the staff members. Unfortunately, she denied to have seen something of this event on the video. Instead, she suggested that my friend misinterpreted the situation. In the end, we got our money back for the last two nights but not for the first night. Briefly stated, this was by far our worst hostel experience ever. I would like to recommend to all female visitors of Windhoek to never sleep in this hostel.
Age 21, Holland
A safe guesthouse
Loved staying here, felt safe, you can arrange your safari's here as well. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Couldn't book my accommodation online because my credit card were copied in Kaapstad, but could do my booking anyway. Free pickup from the bus station. Free simple breakfast. Nice guesthouse to meet other travelers.
Watch your stuff
I stayed there for 3 nights in July 2011. The rooms were small, dark and cold. The girl who sold mobile minutes was rude, and someone went into the room while I was gone and stole my credit card information. $300 was charged and $7000 (yes, US dollars) was charged to my roommate's card. Watch your stuff when you're there. Good luck.
  After a 20-hour journey from hell, we arrived at 5 a.m. What a nice surprise to be so warmly welcomed. There were no beds available but the lovely lady just let us in and let us chill on the couches. She threw a video on and we fell asleep — for three guys fresh out of the tropics it was like going home to see mum!! Everything about this hostel was excellent.
Johnny Boy
  This place has a very good, friendly atmosphere. The staff greet the guests, and are helpful. But the problem I observed is how the staff are paid. They work very hard but are poorly paid. I think something must be done.
  This is a great place to hire a car for cheap. This hostel has super friendly and helpful hosts, and they have a couple of "meerkats," which are really cool ground hog-type animals. Thanks again.
  Brilliant place, I liked the tropical haven atmosphere. Even though the place always seemed to be full of people of all ages, I could always find quiet places when necessary. Being in the city centre made it easy to get supplies or go out. Funky bar and pool area, but I would advise to book ahead as the place seems extremely popular.
Rea Astro

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