The Hostel in the Forest



(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "The Hostel in the Forest" at 3901 US Highway 82.)


3901 US Highway 82, Brunswick, Georgia, USA
31.163206, -81.596257 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (912) 264-9738
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So good to see this place still going!
came here in 1990 doing a driveaway delivery from toronto to st petersburg florida. sat round the fire eating vodka watermelon with my fellow travelers. possibly the drunkest i ever got but happy memories sharing my morning shower with tiny green frogs. change nothing about this place and hope to visit again with my kids one day.
Age 52, uk
A fun place as long as you know what to expect
I enjoyed it here. The sawdust toilets take some getting used to and the showers are outside with only 3 walls, so you have to plan to get your shower at night if you dont want anyone to peek in and see you! The showers were hot enough, and if you close your eyes, I guess the toilets arent too scary. The tree houses were interesting and unique and the little chickens were cute to see running around. I did the maze and meditated and did yoga, etc. but didn't find my Chi or enlightenment. I was very disappointed, so I guess I have to go back again and try harder. The people who work there (and guests) you kind of have to take with a grain of salt. I guess they think they are being green by not shaving or wearing deodorant! Basically good people, I guess they just have different priorities. The group meal was good. My only complaint is that it took them AGES to cook it! I was thinking it was going to be around 7;30, 8:00, but we didnt actually sit down until around 10:00 and then they spent about 30 minutes going around the tables introducing everybody and saying what they were thankful for. Nice idea, but I almost passed out from starvation! I just wish they would have told us ahead of time when we actually were going to eat, because I could have picked up something from the grocery hours earlier and avoided waiting around in starving anticipation!
Most interesting hostel I stayed in
I stayed at this hostel in 2001. I stayed in hostels all over the United States during a several month trip. I found this one to be very different and although I never was a hippie this was a very interesting experience. The treehouses reminded me of a youth camp. The other buildings were very special and things like the outdoor showers were something I have never experienced anywhere else and very cool! The people I met were great too!
Just bad all around.
I visited the Hostel in the Forest in 2007 and I will never go back. Roaches and rats in the kitchen, poor sanitation like washing dishes in cold water because they didnt want to use the electricity for the water heater, and the buildings were all in disrepair. The screened tent rooms were fine but the "spring fed pool" was a concrete tank with no moving water and no filtration of any kind. It was just a big muddy gross pit. And it had no fence around it making it very dangerous for small children. If you're still in your "I don't have to bath, free love, trade you some shiny rocks for a nug, dude" stage because you haven't gotten herpes or a staph infection yet this is a good place to find both.
Truly tranquil
I found this when searching for places to stay and visit on my RTW trip, in a library book in New york, and it didnt disappoint. Everyone has a different personal experience there, but for me, it was where my spiritual awakening took place which changed my life's direction for the better. There is something about the place, that if you allow it, is very healing. I shall never ever forget it, or the people there or those that literally built it! In fact 6 years later a friend from the UK will be staying there, because she has heard how much of a positive experience it had on me. Thank you Tom and John!
The Best
After living for a week without a computer or clock/watch, I must admit, I never wanted to leave. People from all walks of life practicing living a life full of "real" food, non-judgment, love. During the day you can swim in the lake, do an art project in the art room or walk in the woods at night you have a wonderful shared meal that has been picked fresh that day and cooked with love. Afterward there is music and dancing and story telling around the fire only to fall into your bed up high in the air and let the sounds of the forest lull you to sleep. You wake up to friendly faces, fresh coffee and tea in the kitchen, and the feeling as I said before that you NEVER want to go back to that crazy thing that the rest of the word calls life.
Memories to last a lifetime
Make SURE you stay here!! My friend Kim and I spent a few days, including St Valentine's Day, 1994 here when traveling around The States. It was such a wonderful, peaceful break to our manic backpacking that brought lots of partying along the way. We didn't want to leave this spiritual paradise!! Fabulous people pass through this hostel -- lasting memories to carry through life. 15 years later and I was living in Alabama with my husband & 3 children. Hubby was away with work so I packed the kids up and we made the pilgrimage to the hostel I remembered so well, hoping that it hadn't changed! Our children were about 2, 3, and 5 yrs old. They LOVED it! Grubbed around with the chooks in their pjs, had outdoor showers overlooking the forest, slept in a tree house, and made dream catches. The people we met were not those from the children's "usual circles" and they embraced them eagerly -- and vice versa. This place brings all people together in tolerance and love. My favourite part of the day was standing around the fire before dinner, holding hands and saying what each of us was thankful for. Something we need to do more often probably! Almost 3 years later and the children still remember and talk about our stay. Often it starts with, "Mum, when can we go back and stay at the treehouse hostel?" As the bumper sticker says, "May The Forest Be With You!"
A place we found by accident and have longed to return ever since
Way back in 1990 while backpacking around the world we came across this heaven on earth. the manager was Pete from ireland and his wife marty and they accepted us like their own children. We stayed for a week and in that time made the best friends. We sat up late and played the game spoons where the looser had to jump into the spring pool. played guitar on the porch and had big communal meals and BBQs. My wife and I often talk about it 20 years on now as it made such an impact on us. I dont think there is a better hostel on this planet. and I have been to most of them.
Kev and Blaise

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