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Address: 1904-1908 South 12th Street, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

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Phone Number: +1 (314) 241-0076

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Excellent lodging for first-time STL visitor

I stayed over in St. Louis for Spring Break, so I was not in need of anything spectacular, in terms of my lodging. The hostel itself has five bunked beds and three Queen-size beds, separated in two big rooms with a sink/restroom in between. The beds are in pretty good shape, and Quinn, the manager, did well in keep the linens clean for future visitors. There are two sinks and then the hallway leading to four bathroom stalls with saloon doors and three shower stalls, each with two curtains for added privacy. Again, it is not flashy, but for me, a bed in a room with a reliable heater (cold at the time), and the restroom for a night, plus a few hours out of the day, was all I needed before heading off on to my adventures in STL. The kitchen is in a building adjacent to the hostel. The building and the appliances have seen better days, but it is a cozy space with two mobile heaters. The sink has no drainage; there are buckets inside the bottom cabinets where the used water is collected. All that is asked of the visitors is to toss the water out when it is near full, which I didn't find to be laborious. There is a small living room with two couches and a couch chair, very comfortable. There is a section with magazines and pamphlets pertaining to activities and localities in the region. Although much of the material was out of date during my stay, it gave me ideas as to what to research on my computer and do in STL. In conclusion, if you are a traveler that is looking for elegant lodging in STL, go downtown. This is not the place to stay in. Frankly, though, I am not sure why one would be willing to spend more on lodging in a new city then on the activities and localities the city offers. If you are looking for something simple, just a bed and restroom that you can use while breaking from your adventures in STL, stay at the Huckleberry. The prices are reasonable for any length of stay; the staff is humorous and helpful; the neighborhood, Soulard (French for drunkard) truly lives up to its name, but in all honesty, a very wonderful community full of welcoming people, combined with many bars, eateries, and the original Anheuser Busch Brewery a mile south of the hostel; all located in an amazing Midwesterner US city (the only Midwest town that I've visited in my life). So, do stay if you are ever in St. Louis, whether if it is for one night or one month.


Age 22, United States

Friendly and welcoming vibe ...

I landed in St. Louis with 24 hours to spare knowing nothing about the city or its folk. After some brief online searches I came across a great chap named Quinn. He welcomed me to his hostel and I knew everything was going to be ok. Quinn was very cool and we shared stories about traveling and people. Because of his company I didn't realize that I was facing a possible bad situation in an unknown city. If you are looking for mints on the pillow or overpriced water this isn't the place for you. I encourage others to go and meet and be open minded about who you meet and travel with. Thanks Quinn for being a welcoming host and conversationalist.

Michael from Canada

Age 37, Canada

Great place

I traveled across United States a few years ago and I specially remember this strange place. It was winter and i was the only visitor but I had a great time with Sherry and Allen that lived there. The owner is never at the hostel and yes, is a dirty place. But spending a night or two at this hostel is a great Jack Kerouac like experience. Lots of bars everywhere, some alcohol and really nice people, the kind of place we south american love but you americans are not used to.



Quite good

I stayed there for five nights and the price I paid for it was totally worth it. Although the beds and bathrooms are not the best I've seen in my life, the hostel is located in a beautiful area and has everything that you could need in the neighbourhood -- a supermarket, a farmer's market, several bars with good live music every night, clubs, restaurants. For what i've seen during the days I spent in St. Louis, it's the best place to be around there. I had no car and I used to use the public transports or to walk while I was there (fifteen minutes' walking from there to downtown). However, I never felt unsafe in Soulard (some places in Switzerland are more dangerous than Soulard!). The buses go directly from Civic Center Station to the front door of the hostel which is at the same time quite practical and safe. As long as you don't wear some shiny luxurious watch or a coat made of dollars you shouldn't have any problem. Of course, by night you have to be more careful with the places you go (as in every city in the world). But as the neighbourhood is quite lively in the evening, hardly something can happen to you in the area. To end my review, I would just say that the staff has been very friendly and helpful. I was supposed to stay only for four nights but my flight got canceled and had to stay one more night. I had no money left at all as the air company didn't give me any compensation for canceling the flight to survive out there. But the hostel staff, after i called them, came to pick me up at the airport so i could spend my extra night at the hostel.



Fun, friendly, great little neighborhood

nice set up, fun neighborhood, great people working there, little pub across the street, walking distance to laundry, food, more pubs, the budweiser brewery, and downtown. its a clean bed in a fun neighborhood with good people working there. i stayed at a hotel the first night in st louis and here the second, it was way better then a cheap hotel.


(new orleanian)

Will not stay again

Road trip on the way to east coast. Got there at night around 9 p.m., rundown place. Lots of unused car parking around hostel, kind of shady neighborhood. I wouldn't recommend especially for lady travel alone. There is a sign post inside hostel saying that how dangerous this neighborhood and not to take bus alone. Advice to go out with pairs. Not a safe place. Rough neighborhood. For my honest opinion, I will not stay again. If I do road trip again like I did, I rather stay in a cheap motel near highway. This place cost me $25 but doesn't worth saving 10 or 20 bucks for your safety.

john from Las Vegas



The price was up to $25 for a night. The womens dorm was quiet, only three of us. I bought some of the best thin crust pizza from Joannies pizzeria around the corner. It is a historical area, around a hundred-year-old buildings with lots of neighborhood bars and eateries within a few blocks. They celebrate their French heritage with a Bastille Day in July which is a historical re-enactment and parade round all the local bars -- slightly rowdy with plenty of drinking with the good natured locals. Well worth going to! I walked there from the St. Louis Greyhound/Amtrak/METRO center but don't after 5:30 p.m. or when dark. Take the bus almost to the door. The entrance is between #1906 and #1908 through the white gate.

Mizz B.


For the more flinty hostelers

We stopped here for an overnight on our road trip to Colorado from Maryland and since this was the only hostel in the city -- we didn't have much to choose from. The guy who worked there was pretty nice, but the place was downright nasty. The place looked really rundown, unused cars with peeling paint and flat tires and lots of junk piled up in the backyard, and the beds were just plain uncomfortable. There were a lot of weird older men staying there that night, so I slept with my valuables under my pillows. The neighborhood is a bit shifty too, but there are a couple great places to eat just down the road (McGurk's being one of them). Simply put, if you're undaunted by the general appearance and can deal with a lumpy bed, this place'll work for you, otherwise -- just stay at a motel and you'll be better off.



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Air Conditioning


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Entirely Non-Smoking




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Wheelchair Accessible


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Max. Age: All Ages


Curfew: No Curfew


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Minimum Stay: 1 night


Open Dates: February 1 - December 24


Reception Hours: 8 AM - 10 AM & 6 PM - 10 PM (08:00-10:00 & 18:00-22:00)


Size: Medium (30-60 beds)