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621 Pierce Avenue, San Antonio, Texas, USA
29.442741, -98.464696 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+1 (210) 223-9426
+1 (210) 299-1479
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72% Guest Reviews

Nice house, weird owner
It was ok. The house is beautiful and it kept is good condition. This is a nice swimming pool! It would be lot more pleasant, if the owner wasn't so weird. When I checked out, I brought her all the linens that she gave me. She insisted that I brought her the pillow?! I was in a hurry to get back on the road, but I have to go back the attic to get the pillow. What a weird lady!
THE OWNER (JANE) she is not very nice -- bitchy attitude. She made me wait outside. The heat for my taxi cab (i am actually right now waiting for my taxi, its been 20 minutes and im cooking myself). Thats not nice of her! You can tell she doesnt people that much. She is all about money. THE ROOMS: dont stay there! Rooms are a mess there are beds all over the room, messy. THE HOUSE: Historic house which needs a lot of work, the house is falling apart. She has numerous cats and they are ALL SKINNY. It looks like she doesnt feed the poor CATS!!! NO LAUNDRY AVAILABLE. BREAKFAST ONLY ON WEEKENDS.
Do not stay in the hostel dorms.
You have to distinguish between the beautiful old house and the shack at the side of it, which is the hostel. The house looked immaculate and would have been a delight to stay. The dormitory accommodation, however, is quite different. The route to it is covered in bird droppings, so walking around the deck from the house is very unpleasant. The building itself has two overpowering smells -- one is the smell of the excessive use of air-freshener; the other, the stench of what the air freshener is trying to cover up. In the far dormitory, in which I stayed, the latter smell, was stomach-churning. The beds and sheets themselves were all clean, so I can only assume the carpets were emitting the odour. The bathroom was shabby -- one shower with a plastic curtain, a bath that had stuff in it that I assume had dropped from the rotting ceiling and toilets that were less than attractive to use. The kitchen was adequate, although the thought of eating with those smells doesn't bear thinking about. There is also a TV room. Lockers require 25c each time they are opened. The location is in a suburb with little around it apart from gas stations, which combine with small convenience stores and the odd eatery. The #20 bus does go out there but takes a very circuitous route and the last one into downtown leaves around 10pm. A taxi is around $10, depending on the company. The guy who checked me uttered only a few words of instruction about filling in forms -- there was no "welcome" whatsoever -- my "Hi, I'm Richard" produced no appropriate response, though the lady the next morning was fine. With certain exceptions, I don't know what it is about hostels in the USA, and that pretty much means HIs, but they are without doubt the worst in the world and seem to have no sense of what the standard should be. I have been backpacking for many years and stayed in hostels all over the world and had just left Mexico after 4 months of wonderful places to stay when I was faced with this dreadful experience. I absolutely cannot recommend that anyone stay in the dormitory -- one night was one too many (and I'd booked in for 3 -- but left nevertheless after 1, something I have never done before).
It was ok
We have to mention at first that we didn't stay at the hostel itself but at the Bed&Breakfast Inn, the main building so to speak. We had booked the hostel for five days but when we arrived there the owner gave us a private room without extra charge. She said because she saw that she had a private room available just that time and because we had booked for five days. "It [would] be nicer if we had some space and our own room for that time." Well, the room we got was really nice, we had a big bed, a couch, TV, fridge. The swimming pool was kind of sandy but the water itself was clean. the internet on the computer didn't really work or only "works very slowly," but wireless was available. About the accommodations of the hostel, We only used the kitchen to make our meals and didn't see the dorms but the kitchen was -- well, it smelled kinda funny in there but (part of) the stove and the toaster worked and that was all we needed. The owner was very friendly, helped us, and answered all our questions about the area and which bus routes to take. You need thirty minutes to get into downtown and pay $1 for a bus ride and that ticket is valid for two hours. If you change buses you have to pay $0.15 or more if you change from Metro to Express, but you can get day passes for all routes for $3.75 a day.
Mildew! dirty metal garage to sleep in!
Don't know where to start. Avoid this place. Mildew in the ceiling got us sick. Food in vending machines past due dates, owner said she was not owner of machines and refused to refund. The sleeping area is really a garage structure with plywood to make it look like rooms, awful. No hot water, but lots of rules from this matronly owner. Money-mill and she does not care. At 25 a night, it is a shame. Not a safe place to be, my iPod went missing the first day. When told, the owner giggled and said that there are pay-lockers to use and not her fault. and so far from downtown, thirty-minute bus ride! good luck to all who stay there.
Worst hostel I have ever stayed in.
I wish I could put in words that horror I felt about this particular hostel. Especially when I have stayed at other international hostels and found them extremely nice to stay at. I was in San Antonio to attend a national conference in November and having used hostels in Chicago, Seattle, and New York before, I checked this hostel online and booked it for two nights. This hostel is located right beside a royal looking hotel quite far from the downtown, without any public transport within walkable distance. The hostel can best be described as a shack, and it's the stuff horror movies are made of. Beds stunk, bathroom was terrible, and everything inside had an eerie air surrounding it. There was just another old guest in a room opposite to mine when I stayed there. When I stayed at the hostel, I had to pay at the desk in the hotel beside it and when I questioned the receptionist about the terrible conditions, he was not only unhelpful but really rude. What was surprising is that he used a pencil to make my booking! (later I realized they did it because almost all the guests leave the hostel immediately, and i did the same). I was so disgusted with the conditions of the hostel that I demanded my money back. He claimed that the lady who owned the hostel is not around and would come the next day. I was so much in rage that I got up early and waited for her, but she never showed up. I insisted on leaving the hostel and the guy, after talking to that elusive owner, told me that they would refund the money for the second night ($22.50). He assured me that the previous guest too left the place and they returned his money (imagine the gall of the guy in saying that to me). All he did was that he erased the pencil marks on the register in which he entered my information. I was doubtful if they would return my money, but they did. I left in utter rage, and I had to shack up with a friend the second night. I sincerely hope that people who read it would save themselves the horror of visiting this place, let alone staying there. But given the conditions in which I was forced to spend a night, I am glad that I got out of this place alive. And I am really not exaggerating or scaring people, but I would hate to see hostelers relive the trauma I had to go through. Stay away from this place, even if it means that you'll have to scrape every penny you have to stay elsewhere.
This is a funky and very reasonably priced key to San Antonio.
I stayed here (in the hostel, only) several times during summer 2007. Summers are always a trying (frying?) time in South Texas and the hostel was cool, the on-site, large outdoor pool inviting and restorative. There are kitchen-access hours now, but they're convenient enough. The neighborhood is Government Hill Historical District and it is suffering from Fort Sam Houston's permanently closing the gate, giving access to the post on its southeast side. Neighborhood is safe, in transition, slowly gentrifying, with excellent, frequent bus service downtown. There are a few Mexican and Bar-B-Que restaurants and a somewhat more distant cluster of convenience stores and fast-food emporia within ready walking distance. The historic guest house to which the hostel is attached gives one's stay a bit of a fillip. There is no question that this is an altogether reasonable and fine alternative to the otherwise mainly very expensive hotels and motels of the Alamo City. I will return without any hesitancy.
  This place has a building with private rooms which is nice/interesting and a hostel. I paid around $60 for one private room which has a noisy air conditioning and a TV. Everything is pretty clean but for this price (or near it) I can get a much larger room with a private shower at a motel/small hotel. Didn't see much people around and haven't been at the hostel. There is convenient parking on the premises though.

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