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HI - Sacramento Hostel is the flagship hostel of California's capitol. This repurposed Victorian mansion is a unique place to stay at a reasonable price! Because this hostel is a member of Hostelling International, you can expect the amenities and services that the membership requires, but you'll also find so much more!

The Location

HI - Sacramento Hostel is located in the heart of the city. It is within walking distance to the Union Station as well as many of Sacramento's most popular attractions, such as the State Capitol Building, the Railroad Museum, and Old Sacramento. The large, period building is very easy to spot, except for the navigation of one-way streets and possible GPS inaccuracies. Metered street parking is available for short periods of time, but HI - Sacramento Hostel does offer a gated parking lot for an additional fee.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Both mixed and gender-specific dorm rooms are offered, as well as private rooms that vary to accommodate singles, couples, and families. All bedroom doors require passcodes for entry, and each room is tastefully decorated in a theme matching the mansion's history. Bathrooms are located on every floor. Each bathroom includes shelves and hooks to keep toiletries as well as several shower stalls, so it's a very rare thing to have to wait in line!

Common Spaces

Probably the biggest benefit of HI - Sacramento Hostel is the ample common spaces! The ground level has the always-staffed reception area, a large dining room where breakfast is served daily, a kitchen with plenty of supplies and storage space, and two other sitting areas. The basement has a game room with vending machines. The backyard features tables, chairs, and a BBQ. In addition, the upper floors offer comfortable seating in the hallway areas. All of these locations make for plenty of hang-out options depending if you want to socialize with the other guests, or if you want some space to utilize the free Wi-Fi. Between all of the Victorian decor and Hostelling International's alcohol-free policy, this can be a quiet hostel, but HI - Sacramento Hostel does frequently offer unique events.


While Sacramento isn't thought of much as a traveler's town compared to its California neighbors, one of the best reasons to visit is to see the HI - Sacramento Hostel! From the friendly staff to the walk-through history, HI - Sacramento Hostel will never be thought of as "just another hostel"!
by Jessica Lippe
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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Hostel from Street Corner
Reception Area
Back Patio
One of the Sitting Rooms
Game Room


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Hi - Sacramento Mansion Hostel" at 925 H Street.)


925 H Street, Sacramento, California, USA
38.582862, -121.492758 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (916) 443-1691
+1 (916) 443-4763
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Classy old mansion with quirks
If your Northern California sojourn takes you from Tahoe to San Francisco, or vice versa, I strongly recommend using this hostel as a base while touring either destination. Sacramento isn't as dazzling as either, but accommodation is cheaper and availability is better here than at hostels in Tahoe and SF. First of all, the service is very good. All of the front desk staff I encountered during my stay were attentive, friendly, and knowledgeable about local attractions and concerns. They also post notice of upcoming events in the area (concerts, fairs, shows) on a chalkboard in the lobby. The facilities are better than might be expected of such an old building. The kitchen is clean and furnished well enough to prepare a feast from grocery stores nearby. The lobby and lounges are relaxing and comfortable, and the yards are well tended. I recommend requesting a 2nd or 3rd floor room if available, because their ventilation and bathrooms are much better than the basement rooms. If bringing a bike, make sure you ask the hostel attendant to let you lock it in the shed overnight. Someone pulled the saddle off my bike while I left it locked to a pole in the parking lot overnight! Finally, be gentle to mansion so that it stays pretty and affordably welcoming. Nearly everything in it -- stairs, doorknobs, plumbing, furniture -- is very old and probably no longer made.
Age 33, United States
Beautiful and well maintained building and Friendly service!
The room and all facilities were very clean and comfortable. The hostel was beautiful, historic, and well maintained. The location is central to many destinations in Sacramento including the Capital, Midtown, and Oldtown. The staff were very friendly and helpful. I would recommend this hostel and will definitely be back!
Age 26, USA
Sweet Clean & Secure
I was only here for one night. The staff was great & the house was really nice. So glad they had parking & it was a small fee. The Bathrooms were clean & I rested well. The only thing that was a little off not enough electrical plugs in bedroom.
Age 45, USA
Beautiful building, quiet and convenient
This beautiful 19th century building is in a category of its own. It is worth staying here just to see the interior of this mansion. The hostel is pretty big and was fairly empty when I was there -- so it was peaceful and quiet, but not much of a community atmosphere like some hostels, if that's what you're looking for. The hostel is in a perfect location right downtown, very close to everything and easy to walk everywhere. It's only a few blocks from the Amtrak station so it's a great place if you're arriving in Sacramento by Amtrak.
Age 33, USA
Clean and secure, but 0 stars for fun and atmosphere
It is a beautiful place, but it's like staying in a museum. I was lonely and bored there and felt like I was in middle school. There were 2 televisions downstairs, but when I turned them on to watch tv, nothing happened. After I fiddled around unsuccessfully for a while, I went upstairs only to be informed that the tvs did not receive channels, they were only to be used for DVDs. How nice. So, I went back upstairs for a nice hot shower, only I did not get one. The water was only lukewarm, and the bathroom was freezing cold. I went online and found a 24 hour fitness close by and went there for a shower. I stopped off at the grocery on the way back for some soup and hot chocolate but was in for a surprise when I got back to the hostel to cook it. They lock up the kitchen at 11:00 and you are not allowed back in until 7 the next morning. So, if you are hungry or thirsty after 11:00 it's too bad. They also lock the front door after 11, so you have to knock to be let back in! The parking lot that they charge you $5 to park in has a back door to the kitchen that you COULD use to get back in, but they keep the door locked and will not give you a key, and it is not set up for a code, so if you are unloading your things from the car, you have to walk around the whole premises to the front door. They have a steep staircase with a sign saying that you may not drag your suitcase, so if you have a heavy suitcase, like many women do, you are out of luck. So, running back to the car for items in your suitcase can be a real pain, esp. if it is after 11 at night. Oh, and they charge you for bath towels, to go with your lukewarm shower! The front desk is in the smack center of the building at the bottom of the staircase, so you have someone watching you every time you go outside or to any of the common areas. Their "continental breakfast" was basically an English muffin or an apple. A nice building with no heart, is just a nice building and not a fun, happy hostel.
A really fantastic hostel -- beautiful building, great location, friendly staff, not at all busy. Just great.
Beautiful hostel
this hostel is unbelievably beautiful! it is an old mansion, and also nice on the inside! i stayed there for only one night but would have loved to stay longer! good kitchen, nice rooms, TV room, and chill area. the only thing is that they didn't have lockers, and the rooms were never locked, so anyone could have come in and stolen our stuff! but it didn't happen. great hostel in a beautiful city!
A large downtown hostel converted from a beautiful old mansion. It really is an impressive place to see. When you walk inside there is a hall with reading rooms along the sides, all decorated Victorian style with dark polished wood. Beyond this front part of the hostel, the rest of it is more modern and conventional. The dorm rooms have single beds and bund beds (sturdy wood ones that won't rattle or sway). The rooms even have fans in the summer to keep you cool (an idea that other hostels could learn from). The bathrooms are nice and clean (but the very-water-efficient shower head can take forever to rinse the soap off). It's a large place with many common areas. There is a TV room where they show movies nightly at 8 PM. There is a games/travel info room, a large full kitchen, an outside porch area, and several other common areas. It isn't always a very social hostel, it's really very quiet most of the time. It's accessable by public transport, and there is a $2/day parking area for travellers with cars. About the only negative points are that there aren't coed dorms, internet access isn't cheap, and the checkout (and 9 AM wake-up) could be a little later.

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