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Woods Hole Hostel is an oasis from everyday life. It is great to see a community of strangers be awed and eager to help with chores around the establishment. Most of their clientele are Appalachian Trail thru-hikers (as we are) and those visiting them, but it is also a great place to get away. We had such a great experience staying here in a private room, we would come here again when we're not hiking even though it is a little ways away from "civilization."

The Location

The hostel is located on the outskirts of Pearisburg, Virginia, on a gravel road. The best activities nearby are hiking and mountain biking but you might not want to ever leave the property -- it is so quaint and wholesome.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The hostel has private rooms in the main building, a bunkhouse, and space to camp/tent. The accommodations are charming -- the buildings are built like log cabins decorated with wood furniture, instruments, and art made by the owners. There are private rooms that sleep two or four on beds that share a very clean bathroom. They have a special thru-hiker rate for private rooms but thru-hikers qualify as five hundred-plus miles hiked. There is ample porch space to hang out on or a living/dining room area inside.

The bunkhouse has several beds in a loft, which includes an outdoor shower (they provide towels) and an outhouse. You can tent for the same price including the same amenities. They also allow some people to work for stay in the bunkhouse, but there are a limited number of chores and you have to arrive early enough to do them.

Common Spaces

The hostel has an open-air, covered common area to play cards and board games. Other perks of the place include a large fire pit, a fridge with soda, and snacks for sale (purchases are made on the honor system). There is a computer with internet access -- guests get fifteen minutes of free use but there is a charge for more time. You can also use the telephone (local and long distance) for free. They make huge smoothies. You can hand-wash laundry for free or use the washer and dryer for a price. You can pay for a massage or time in a sauna. They also have free yoga classes and lots of animals to observe.

It is a very trusting place because there are no locks; there are always guests around to keep an eye on things. There is no alcohol allowed on the premises, so it is not a party environment. It is a relaxing place to rejuvenate and renew your faith in the human race!


The owners raise bees, chickens, ducks, pigs, and goats; they also grow vegetables. Each morning and evening, they host a communal meal. A few guests help with the meals doing things such as setting the tables or collecting fresh greens from the garden for salad with a choice of homemade dressings. Tons of fresh baked bread compliment all meals and loaves are for sale in between. It goes great with their honey, which tastes of peppermint and wild flowers! The meals are mostly, if not all, made from scratch, as you can tell by the piles of vegetables and mason jars full of spices in the kitchen.

The owners, Michael and Neville, are great people accomplishing some amazing things in terms of homesteading and sustainability. They are super supportive and understanding of hikers' needs but also know how to cater to the average vacationer looking for some luxuries. There were several guests visiting from abroad during our stay who also seemed to love the place. We had a very relaxing and restorative stay and hope to come back here in the future!
by Slackpack (Nicole)
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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Woods Hole Hostel Main Building
The bunkhouse and common porch.
The bunkhouse loft.
Part of the common area in the bunkhouse.
Fire pit.
Some of the fresh vegetables.
Pigs and chickens are raised at the hostel.
One of the private rooms in the Main Building.
Indoor bathroom for private room guests.


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Woods Hole Hostel" at 3696 Sugar Run Road.)


3696 Sugar Run Road, Pearisburg, Virginia, USA
37.254348, -80.849129 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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Pay to Work Scam
Woods Hole Hostel truly is a beautiful place! Secluded and refreshing in many ways. That is, until you meet the proprietors. They are borderline scammers. Be prepared to work. You will find that they lure guests in with the "Magical Experience" of an Appalachian Trail Hostel by doing their farm labor, their prepping, their cooking and their house cleaning for them while Neville makes bread and Michael either hides or glares menacingly at every guest. Not to mention forced holding of hands, some strange sort of forced prayer along with forced games and storytime. If you try to opt out you will immediately be shunned for the duration of your stay. Depending on where you sleep you may or may not have a good nights rest. The accommodations within the house are rustic and artsy with the sleeping quarters mediocre but clean. The bunkhouse is drafty and cramped with worn out mats instead of mattresses. The farm animals are pinned close enough to smell their filth. The shower and privy makes one question when they last had their inoculations. As morning comes, be prepared to cook breakfast for yourself because they tend to claim they are worn out and tired and routinely beg for understanding. (Unless they suspect that you are there for a review or with the ATC.) Be sure to gather your things quickly as Michael will be following you or watching intently from the shadows. When it is time to pay you will notice that you will be purposefully overcharged. Remember that "Magical Experience" of farm labor, house cleaning and kitchen duties? Yes, you will be paying a hefty price for that, as well as WiFi (charged by the minute), laundry, shuttles or anything else they think they can slip by you. Finally, when you are able to escape this strange cult like atmosphere, you may feel as though you immediately need a hotel or a b&b so you can then get some rest and cleanse yourself of the traumatic experience that you just endured.
Travel Writer

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