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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Rosemere Backpackers" at 6 Macdonald Crescent.)


6 Macdonald Crescent, Wellington, New Zealand
-41.290891, 174.772507 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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The worst ever, don't go there!
It was the worst place we have ever stayed -- it was dark, unclean, unfriendly, and unhelpful staff. I would not recommend this place to anyone. We were so pleased to get out of there! We hated every minute we were there!
A good place to stay.
go to wellington and stay at rosemere, it's cool. the place has everything you need.
  I stayed here in 2005 for a couple of months. It is small, busy, friendly, and fun. If you want a quiet time and personal space -- stay somewhere else. The staff are terrific and the evenings outside on the verandah are always full of music and too much alcohol. "Princess" Terry coordinates the best costume parties in the country. I recommend Rosemere if you are young, fun, and want to party.
Ric Cave
Located near to TePapa (the national museum of New Zealand) in Wellington, Rosemere Backpackers offers a close place to grab a bunk for the night. The old, multi-story building is located on a steep hill. So, prepare yourself for a climb up to the building, a climb up the stairs to the reception desk, and then a climb up two more stories before you get to your room. Shopping and groceries are not far away, but it is the uphill climb that makes the return trip seem way too long. Overall, the place is nice. It is clean, but it is too small for the number of beds. The bunkrooms are so small it was impossible to get a good picture. The kitchen is packed with people during the evening and waiting thirty minutes for the microwave should be expected. The dining area, adjacent to the kitchen, is a single table that is way too small and usually cluttered with magazines, games, and personal belongings. There is a television and lots of old movies in a dark room that is also crowded with people. However, if you venture through the movie room (which demands that you walk in front of the television) you can get to lounge. The lounge is the only place where one can escape the crowds of people. You can understand that the dining area substitutes for the lounge area, making meals hard to enjoy. Rosemere offers a free breakfast. This offering of cereal, milk, and bread with instant coffee and tea bags is appreciated. However, I would appreciate a bit more space. Rosemere does offer free internet service. This is a single computer with a sign-up list for thirty minutes. The sign-up list fills in the early afternoon. The best way to access the free service is to wake up early in the morning. This would be a good place to stay in the off-season when it is less than half full and should probably be avoided during the summer and holidays.
Lou Reinisch
  Stayed there is June. The place was unheated. I really froze. It also involves a lot of climbing. You've got three stories at the top of a steep hill, which I suppose will help you warm up. Otherwise, it's no so bad as far as backpackers go. They have individual rooms available. The vertical aspects of the place make for some reasonable views of the city. They have complementary breakfast cereal in the morning. The bed was fine. The communal bathrooms were just that, with all the good and bad that goes with it. Most of all, it was cheap. The attitude of the employees can be summed up with the phrase, "If you want the Sheraton, go stay at the the Sheraton."
  This place is crap. The staff are horrible and the place is dark and shabby. I'm a local from Wellington who was forced to stay there and I had a really bad time. I advise you not to go.
  Part "industrial" part "different" — is all I have to say. Well, I am not too keen on Wellington's hostels, but this one is ok, I guess. It's the biggest dorm room I have ever seen in NZ — 20 beds with triple decks. If you're planning on pitching a tent in a backpacker, I wouldn't advise doing it there.

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