Mamma Rosa




Via Telemaco Signorini 673G, Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italy
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I am laughing reading these reviews. I stayed at Mamma Rosa's in 1991. Yes it was there then! and It sounds like they have not cleaned the place since. It was filthy, damp, and smelt like Cat's Piss (and I like cats!). I endured the night and left the money on the bed (reluctantly) and walked out at 5 am!
Age 49, Australia
Worst hostel experience of my life
The most dirtiest place I've ever seen!!! My friend and I booked in online and some of the pictures looked okay. But the minute we walked in we could smell the mold and dirt. (Mama Rosa herself smelled terrible too). The room was so dirty! Hairs and toilet paper and ear cotton buds on the floor! I even managed to lock myself inside the room because it didn't have any door handle (only possible to open with the key)!! Not only was Mama Rosa the most disgusting place I've ever laid eyes on BUT the toilets didn't work and we had to use the bathroom at the coffee place we went to every morning! Please pay a little more and go to a nicer place. Some place even charge the same and they are still way nice.
Age 21, Iceland
It's the dirtiest place I've ever been. We booked for 2 nights but when we arrived to the hostel, we left instantly to find an other hotel. There were hairs everywhere on the floor, sand all over the bed. I would never had slept in this bed or take a shower in the bathroom. We were really fooled by the pictures on the website. Pay a little bit more, but don't go at this hostel, if we can call it like this.
1 star is much too grand, unfortunately I could not rate lower
Upon stepping out of the train station at Riomaggiore, what resembled a homeless elderly jogger approached my friend and I. In her elegantly articulate English (not) she introduced herself as Mama Rosa, and offered us two beds in her "luxurious" hostel. Initially, we had our doubts because she smelled as if she had just climbed out of a sewage bath, and her ragged blue jumpsuit was covered in her own white hairs, but we were exhausted and agreed to see the dorms. On entering the kitchen, I believe our first mutual thought, as diplomatically as I can put it, was "what a sh*thole." A couple of people were smoking indoors, the smell of which seeped into the bedroom directly upstairs, the one we happened to be sleeping in. I say bedroom, but I don't doubt that there are homeless shelters of better quality. In this PG-rated version of events, I can't even describe what stains we found on the beds. The two sole toilets, found in a concrete courtyard, had no locks, neither did the filthy showers. What appeared to be homeless elderly men roamed the corridors of this brothel-in-disguise, peering into the bedrooms and leering toothlessly at the girls they found within. While following Mama Rosa up the stairs, I got a deathly whiff of her B.O. but worst of all, this smell emanated from her and lodged itself into my nostrils for days to come. In fact, the whole place stank of mould, stale smoke, mingled with a hefty dose of Rosa. She showed us the bedroom, gesturing at the piss and mould stained walls, exclaiming "muy bella!". It took all of my effort to contain my bubbling hysterical laughter. If it weren't for our fatigued states, we would have turned her gracious offer down, but we needed beds, and did something no person in their right minds should do, handed over €20 each for this bedbug-ridden filth trap. The terrifying religious paintings that were duck-taped to the wall completed the finishing touches of this nightmare. Trying to touch as little as we could, we attempted to sleep on the filthy sheets that hadn't been changed for what I guess to be before WW2. At the crack of dawn we crept out of the hell hole, and threw ourselves and our belongings into the sea, attempting to rid ourselves of the pungent stench. Needless to say, it didn't work, triple strength bleach would have had a hard time combating it.
Age 20, Hungarian
Dirty and beyond basic
One star for the excellent location but that's all. No lights in shower, shower room and toilet dirty and smelly. Room also dirty on the floor. Some girls next to me slept in sleeping bags and when they left the bedding wasn't changed for the next people, not even the pillowcases. Not always toilet roll in toilet, i bought my own. When i left all my clothes and towels smelt damp. The door handle to our room fell off. I didn't once see a cleaner and i was there for 3 nights. Maybe it would've been ok if you were with a group or only staying one night. Oh last thing, very noisy between rooms, some doors didn't shut properly so were noisy to shut and not real walls between bedrooms, more like plastic/glass panels. A very strange experience and not one that I will repeat.
Very basic
Private bed, cupboard, chair -- kitchen with a few basic implements (kind of like camp cooking); no lights in the shower so you either shower with the door open for light, or shower in the dark. It's fine for just one night. It seems like it was originally an art school with plastic student chairs. It seems is you walk in, you get a cheaper rate of $20 Euro per night then booking online!!! Cash accepted only.
Age 30, Australian

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