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Q4 Hostel is very new, clean, and conveniently located with a price tag that is very reasonable for New York!

The Location

The hostel is easy to get to by subway, with several lines going to Queens Plaza and Queensborough Plaza stations, both only a very short walk from the hostel. The express E line seems to be the most convenient; it takes you from Queens Plaza to downtown Manhattan in about fifteen minutes, and also goes to the stop from which to take the JFK train in about thirty minutes. On arriving at Queens Plaza station, take the Queens Plaza south exit and literally look across the big several carriage way road ... the hostel is right there.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Towels and bedding are complimentary, although it seems to be rather difficult to get your hands on a blanket! This is strange since there are so many rooms there -- it would seem appropriate to have blankets available for all beds. There are a range of dorms available, with a four-bed, female-only dorm that is reasonably priced. Each dorm is equipped with its own small bathroom consisting of a shower, toilet, and tiny basin. The dorms are very small, with little space for putting luggage, but do have lockers beneath the beds to which you provide your own padlocks. Luggage can be stored behind reception after check-out for a per-day fee, regardless of the number of bags.

Wi-Fi is free throughout the hostel, but the provided computers are costly to access the internet, although they do allow you to print boarding passes for free. A specific bed within each dorm is allocated to you and it appears to be nearly impossible to change beds!

Common Spaces

On entering the hostel, there is the feel of entering a hotel, rather than a hostel; it is very clinical. A security guide will eye you up and down and make you feel rather unwelcome. Check-in takes a while, presumably because the hostel is so new. Key cards are required to access the dorms; once you have one, the security guards may ask to see it on occasion when you are entering the hostel or indeed just having a wander about. It feels very regimented.

The large social area has the potential to be really social and fun, but the rigid and clinical atmosphere of the hostel seems to infect those who stay here and no one really interacts with anyone else! It is located downstairs, consisting of a kitchen, breakfast bars, dining table, sofas, and an old bank vault. The building used to be a bank, and the vault has been converted to a social room, which would be cool if anyone used it. The kitchen is small and very poorly equipped; cooking a meal there, especially if anyone else is also trying to do so at the same time, is difficult. There are strict rules on how to store food in the refrigerators.


The hostel is conveniently located and priced for New York, but is seriously lacking in atmosphere. The only atmosphere is that of mistrust from the security guards and of being cold and clinical. However, this atmosphere is presumably due to the hostel being so new; it really needs to relax, be less rigid, and hopefully then it will warm up! The hostel really does have the potential to be a really cool place to stay ... it just hasn’t gotten there yet.
by Emma C
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Q4 Hotel & Hostel" at 29-09 Queens Plaza North.)


29-09 Queens Plaza North, Long Island City, New York City (NYC), New York, USA
40.749952, -73.937494 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 718 706 7700
+1 718 706 6100
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Plan ahead, book elsewhere.
I arrived to the q4 desk of which I could tell we're local New Yorkers. There was No happy and enthusiastic greeting as we received in previous hostels. The two prior were in LA west Hollywood and on Broadway in San Francisco and these were great in comparison. This hostel does no breakfast nor puts on any nights, worth mentioning, to try and get travelers to meet each other. Q4 lacks atmosphere tremendously and the kitchen is far too small for the amount of people they can accommodate, only having one stove and sink with no towels to dry anything, only the occasional paper towel. There is no complimentary coffee or tea so everything you want, you have to buy. Another thing that grinds me up the wall, is how the front desk don't even say hello or a good morning, or even acknowledge you as you walk by! They really need to find some people skills, especially if they want to work in a hostel, or hotel, as it is labelled! All of which, I can say the showers were hot and the private room I had was good. Look well in advance and stay somewhere in lower Manhattan, Greenwich area. That is the hip part of town out of the busy city centre with nice restaurants and coffee shops!
Age 26, England
Don't stay here!
First impressions are everything and unfortunately for Q4, theirs was not a good one!! The staff were possibly the rudest people I've ever met!!! Extremely unhelpful and did not say hello at all when either entering and exiting the hostel. Staff did not interact or follow up on any of their advertised events! I couldn't even tell you their names?!?! We had a private room which was a decent size, all you need! The en suite was a little small but no dramas! The hostel is directly across from the subway so great for getting absolutely anywhere however, extremely noisy at night when trying to sleep! The common room downstairs lacks atmosphere and the kitchen requires a little more attention. No towels to dry dishes nor a sink plug to wash them properly?!?!??? Overall I wouldn't recommend this hostel -- no atmosphere and an unwelcoming vibe! Such a shame as the location and building has a lot of potential!
Age 27, Australia
Clean & new
Very clean with a modern interior. My room had a wall-size frosted glass window and a huge attached single-person bathroom. My bunk had its own light and outlets. This place is probably not as "social" as the Manhattan hostels, but it is less expensive than they are. Great if you don't care about the social vibe and just want a clean, inexpensive and conveniently located place to sleep. It's right near Queensboro Plaza station, and it's about a 15 minute ride to Times Square, or (in the other direction) a 5 minute ride to Astoria (check out Astoria Park -- very nice park.)
Age 34, USA
Stay if you don't mind sleeping on plastic
I'm not sure why Q4 has received high ratings. It's located next to a railway line and you will wake up every time a train pass by. The bed mattress is covered with plastic and so uncomfortable. The rooms are small and staffs do not smile. And you have to pay to leave your items too.
My Q4 Experience
We stood at the Q4 for a week's long visit to NYC. It's conveniently located near two subway stops and directly across the street from a nice plaza. The Q4 recently opened its doors in June 2012, so it still has that "brand-new" aroma! The location could not have been better suited with only two subway stops from midtown and centrally located to everything else. The staff was wonderful, especially the girl named Crystal at the front desk. We felt very secure and the location has plenty of restaurants within walking distance. Each of the rooms has an assigned locker for your stuff and there's a really cool TV room on the 2nd floor with Astro-turf, bathroom and comfy sofas. The kitchen is superb with two fridges and plenty of space to store your stuff. I've never seen a hostel with so many well kept bathrooms and common areas. The staff does a great job running the place and keeping it clean. On a separate note, the hotel guests (roommates) are sometimes not as clean as one would like. Mind you, this is a youth hostel with shared rooms/space. During my stay I had two roommates who were absolute pigs! Not only would they leave their litter outside the bin, but also had the nerve to smoke inside the room while others were gone. I mean, I personally saw these guys rolling a joint combined with tobacco on their last day there. I thought they were going to smoke outside, hours later I came to find tobacco residue all over the beds/floors with the smell of smoke lingering inside the room -- yuk! The place was left filthy by these clowns with soaked towels in the shower, rubbish on the floor, skid marks on the toilet and the stench of smoke inside our room. The other clown in my room was a guy who walked in late one night and turned on the main light above my bed (1 a.m.) only to sit by his bed with his laptop. Dude, first of all, its 1.a.m., and second, where is your common sense and respect for others? Couldn't you have used the kitchen or rec room? After asking him twice, he finally turn-off the lights, but continued texting his buddies all night! I also noticed people puffing cigarettes directly outside the hostel. Look, please keep your dirty habits far from the main entrance, so that those coming and going need not breath the contaminates that will one day ruin your health. Putting aside the travelers who enjoy bringing their twisted habits on holiday, the Q4 is the most enjoyable of all hostels in NYC. We really enjoyed our time in NYC and look forward to going back soon.

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