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This place is not so obvious from the outside and once you get buzzed into the building you have to go upstairs and be buzzed into the door—make sure you go to the place marked "Chez Patrick" because there is another hostel upstairs. This is a small hostel within reasonable walking distance from the train station (10-15 minutes with heavy packs).

The rooms have 5 bunks and are very clean, cleaned daily in fact. The shower and toilets are in the hall, though there is a sink conveniently located in the room. The pot is right in the reception area which can be a bit disconcerting if you need to go in private—you got to get over that if you plan to hostel for long. The place is very small and run pleasantly and efficiently. They speak perfect English and will treat you fairly. Oh, and the showers were a dream, hot with great water pressure! There is a limited little kitchen, just a fridge, sink, table and coffee pot. There is no microwave and no stove or oven—but it's better than no kitchen at all if you are eating on a budget. There are loads of places to grab pizza, panini or Chinese, but a little place called "Le Petite Biche" about 5 minutes away (ask the reception for directions) is well worth it if you ever eat out. The reception is more than willing to give you directions and recommendations to help you get on your way and that helps when you are new in town.

There was a good vibe to this place. The people staying there were cool. Plus there is a wall full of pamphlets and info on other places to stay and internet services down the block in one direction, laundrymat in the other direction. The front desk is so cool in fact that they will wait up for you if you call in advance and let them know you are coming in late! The beach is about a 15-20 minute walk away and there are loads of old-town shops and stuff to see and it's all walkable.
by David Staff Reviewer


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Backpacker's Chez Patrick" at 32 rue Pertinax, 1st floor.)


32 rue Pertinax, 1st floor, Nice, French Riviera, France
43.704978, 7.265963 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+33 (0)4 93 80 30 72 or +33 (0)6 13 25 29 31
+33 (0)4 93 79 61 45
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It's quite small
Ok let's get the bad points out of the way -- this place feels quite cramped. There are a lot of dorms squeezed in, and besides a small kitchen there didn't seem to be any communal areas in the place. There were also no washbasins besides the one in the room, which meant you couldn't brush your teeth without making loads of noise in front of your fellow dorm-dwellers. On the plus side, the staff were friendly and they had a modest collection of beach mats, parasols and beach games that you can borrow for free, which earns them some bonus points, but not enough to raise them above three stars.
Age 31, UK
Clean and good location!
Both the owner, the couple was very nice and helpful! Thank you so much!
Vanessa Truong
Age 43, Australian
There is a better way ...
We arrived in 3 and had a twin private and a dormitory. Twin private -- There was no space for luggage (locker), the room was too small for two people. Dormitory -- Same problem here, no lockers and only one electrical outlet for 6 people. Interesting facts -- There is no common/community room to meet hostel guests. From 11 am to 2 pm the whole hostel is locked due to cleaning. So you are not allowed to enter or stay in the hostel in that time period! The so called kitchen consists of one fridge, one coffee machine (not free), one water boiler and an undersized table. Thus if you want to cook bring your own stove!! (seriously it is not a joke). Conclusion -- Other hotels in this area charge a little bit more and you will get much more service. I recommend you to go elsewhere (you will get your own bathroom and have more space).
Scheiss Patrick
A great hostel to stay!
we stayed there in the end of july '08. Patrick is a very nice guy, I think it's his passion to run the hostel! there are air conditioned rooms. everything is very clean. the only negative thing is that the kitchen is very small and doesn't have a lot of equipment. It's close to the train station and to the main shopping street. It was one of the best hostel we stayed during our trip!
  Patrick is very nice and the hostel is clean and friendly. This is a great place to stay if you want to explore the Riviera (right next to the train station) but bad location for Nice. The area is sketchy (walk quickly with eyes straight ahead!) and twenty-minute walk from the beach and Nice sights.
  I felt really safe staying at Chez Patrick. Patrick is a friendly manager. I found that the hostel was really clean. The location was only three to five minutes from the train station and airport express bus stop. Though there is no Internet connection, there's an Internet cafe right next door.
  We enjoyed our stay at Chez Patrick! We got to Nice without a reservation (we tried calling them over the phone, but could not get through) but easily checked in and were immediately able to move into our room and take a shower. The showers are clean and there is a sink in the rooms, which is convenient. There was a kitchen that was well-used (it was hard to get in sometimes because there was so many people in it). The location is convenient since it is so close to the train station and the main street.
  The manager who greeted us was utterly rude. Big JACKASS. 2 SHOWERS AND 2 TOILET FOR ALL THE HOSTEL. don't go there for the price -- 21 EUROS no breakfast, you can find much much better.

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