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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Santa Fe International Hostel" at 1412 Cerrillos Road.)

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1412 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
35.669881, -105.964959 (accuracy not guaranteed)
Phone Number
1 505 988 1153
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89% Guest Reviews

I stayed here twice in late summer of 2015 `~ both coming and going to
I liked Preston ~~ a LOT ~~ he knows what he has, what he is doing and runs a tight ship. if you expect warm & fuzzy & laissez-faire, go somewhere else. If you want authentic, knowledgeable, intelligent seasoned & clearly savvy ~~ try Here!
Age 71, USA
Met some fun people
It's always a new experience to choose a hostel as the place to rest up for the night. Usually expectations are low for any hostel as you're getting the minimum necessities however the sense of community here was great. Met a few friends I'll have for a lifetime. It's always great to meet people that frequent hostels as they cherish relationships and sharing experiences rather then an extra mini fridge and microwave to yourself. If you're considering a hostel for the first time, this is not a bad place to start.
Age 28, USA
Clean the hostel and you get cheap price, this is the deal!
Chore ... chore ... and ... again chore! What's that? basically cleaning responsibility for every night you stay if you stay more than 1 night over there. You can clean hostel bathroom, kitchen so on. This is the only thing that annoyed me since I have to leave the hostel from 6 am till 10 pm every single day for a conference. No time to do it and no excuse! But what else you expected from the budget hostel? Price is just right, wanna private room? I suggest you upgrade for 5 or 10 bucks. So it's not as cheap as you expected anyway. Looking for other inn or hostel? more expensive! Receptionists are nice, helpful, and friendly. Breakfast and free food? oh no ... I never tend to try this -- check the expiration dates! Clean your room before you leave! Mop the floor yourself. Seriously fun! Never had such experience like this before in other budget hostels, only in US!
Age 29
Great hostel policy, friendly and helpful staff.
Just go there. It is the best. Do read faqs prior to booking, as it may not be your type of hostel. It certainly was mine.
Age 30, Slovenia
Staff was really nice. The place met my expectations and it's a great place to stay if you know where are you going. It's a hostel, so you can't expect to have someone who does everything for you. the jobs are really easy and they don't take you more than 5 -10 min. Great experience!
Age 21, Spain
Unique experience!
I really have to say my friend and I love this place. The location is good, not far from downtown Santa Fe and 1h car from Taos and Pueblo the Taos, two wonderful and picturesque villages in NM. But what is worth talking is the management of the hostel, since as a rule, guests have to perform certain duties in the morning (such as sweeping the floor, doing the dust) that make you cooperate with others and thus making you feel part of the structure. At the beginning it sound quite weird as we were used to other hostel where cleaning services are offered, but on the whole, the involvement of customers is a great idea and a great experience too!
Age 23, Italy
The staff leaves much to be desired, owner is basically horrible
Stayed here in April 2014. I had been traveling for a year and my Michigan ID had expired. The girl working the desk treated me like a criminal and went to get the owner, Preston. Be aware, this man should be avoided at all costs. His first sentence to me was, "You can stay but you can't live here." WTF!!! The dorm I was "allowed" to stay in was filthy. Probably because they rely on guests to do ALL of the cleaning. 21 year old hikers and skaters traveling through don't care. Common bathrooms were fine. The free food, although greatly appreciated, was expired. The bedding was pretty ratty. Chores are mandatory which is fine, but the staff is just so freaking rude about it. I was treated like a second rate citizen my entire stay. Perhaps if I would have shelled out more money I would have been treated better. Many of my friends have stayed here and say the same thing. The owner, Preston is a complete douchebag.
Age 48, united states
I like this place ...
... and have stayed here several times; You can walk downtown to the Sta Fe Plaza, about 2 long miles, which I recommend doing; en route there are WHOLE FOODS and TJoes's; en route is the train station with the Farmer's Market, a great experience; this independent is casual and unorganized; get to pick your chore early; there is lots of free quality food and it is appreciated! the kitchen is restaurant quality; very inexpensive; free parking; no frills here; not for the ostentatious; if a hiker make sure you tackle the 2M feet' up Atilaya Trail starting at St John's College parking lot.

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