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Opletalova 38, Praha 1, Prague (Praha), Czech Republic
50.086493, 14.435709 (accuracy not guaranteed)
420 224 230 038
420 224 230 038
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62% Guest Reviews

For two nights I was charged 1800 ks (about £80). Even if it was £8 for two nights I wouldn't return. It's as nasty a place as I've ever experienced. It has the look and feel of a sanatorium. First of all the smell; it smelled like an old age pensioners home, cleaning is obviously not a priority. This carries on into your room -- filthy. It's like a hostel from a 3rd world country. The beds seem to have been made from wood left over from broken pallets and the mattress was basically a 2 inch piece of foam that offered no support. It was marginally better than sleeping on the floor. On the first night a towel was not provided, on the second night a dish towel (I'm not joking) was provided to dry myself after a shower. The showers themselves offered no privacy, it was like being back at school after a PE lesson and they had to be held in your hand as all the heads had been broken off. The staff were either blase or actively obnoxious and people ran through the corridors at night drunk as hell while the staff looked on. So cynical, their attitude is 'if you don't like it, tough. We'll always get some other mug in'. AVOID!
Glasgow Neil
Hostel Jednota is like a very large old dorm or institution, which seems to have a few long term residents. The twelve-foot ceilings add to the cavernous feel -- the sound from people walking, closing doors, talking echoes throughout halls and can be quite loud. The old lift works on occasion, but mostly you have to take the stairs. You must leave your key with the twenty-four-hour reception when you are coming and going. The Location The hostel is located a block from the main train station -- Hlavni Nadrazi station -- where you can jump the metro to get around town or take it to the international train station (Hlavni Holesvoice). There is an ATM around the corner from the hostel along with a pizza place next door. Everything is within walking distance including Wenceslas Square three blocks away. Rooms and Bathrooms The rooms are adequate and relatively clean. The room we had was loaded with extra furniture, but it was neatly stacked so you could still move around. There are armoires and a desk in the rooms, however, neither of these lock. You need to use the key to lock the door on either side. There are small locker boxes for wallets/passports available off the lobby area. Linen, which is a bit worn, is include on the single beds, but you will need your own towel. The bathrooms are located on each floor. There are plenty of sinks (with no soap) and toilets. You enter through the area with the sinks to the toilets. One side is lined with half a dozen toilets for women and the men's toilets face the women's. Connecting the sink/toilet area with the separate male and female showers is the kitchen. This is a bit strange. There are four showers and sinks, but not all work. The showers do not have any shelves or hooks in them so you leave your stuff outside. Common Spaces The kitchens are located on each floor and are accessible through the toilet/shower room. There is a small cooktop and sink. The fridges for different groups of rooms are located at the top of the stairs with the kitchen being a ways down the hall. There is a bar, but it is a hollow room with tables and chairs and not very well stocked or used. Smoking is allowed on a deck off the bar, which is really a rooftop. The old computers, with free internet, are located in the bar. It is handing for having a cheap beer while you surf the net. If you need to go to the toilet when you are in the bar, you may want to climb the stairs to one in the hall; the one in the bar is down a dark dirty hall and you don't want to touch anything in it. Breakfast is include with your room during summer months only. In the morning, reception will give you a ticket to go into the cafeteria area and trade it for a tray. There are many different combination of breakfasts set out on the tray for you to choose from, each having an abundance of bread. There is coffee, tea, and juice. When you are done, you put the food you haven't touched into specific piles for the staff to collect and probably use again. There is no TV or sitting area where you will run into fellow travelers. The bar isn't really used and the echo in this cavernous building does not encourage talking. The lobby area has a few vending machines for those late-night snacks. Summary Overall, with its central location it is a good value if you are only staying a few days and just want to look around. The echo of everyone coming and going at night may keep you up though.
Cindi Hawkins
Close to central train station. Free internet (six machines, though some inconsiderate people were chatting online forever). I stayed in a four-bed dorm and the room was reasonably clean and bright (no bunk beds which is good). My room is at the end of the hall, so a little far from bathrooms. Showers are reasonably clean and nice and are separated for guys and gals (though the little sign on the door are sometimes not noticed when the door is open). There is an elevator and it works if you go up from ground to your floor, but if you're coming down, it doesn't seem to come to your floor. There is a bar which is ok (though the bartender is a hot girl and very friendly). No lockers though.
  Do not even let your dogs stay here. This place is an absolute sh*thole. There is no breakfast, no internet, no laundry, and the guest kitchen is despicable -- even the pigeons who appear to be living in the kitchen wouldn't cook in there. The door to the room we were in didn't close properly -- the frame work was battered from what looked like break-ins and the window didn't close in chilly Prague. This place almost spoilt our trip and we lost a whole day looking for alternative accommodation to get out of this place.
  As a sixty-five-year-old first time traveler to Europe and first time occupant of a hostel (I got a room to myself), I must say that I really enjoyed my two-night stay. Yes, the breakfasts weren't that good. Yes, it wasn't easy to dry myself with the hostel-issued tea towel. Yes, it was quite a challenge to (undress, shower, dry and dress, all in the shower stall) shower in the co-ed facilities -- the first day I felt really clumsy about it, and the second day I felt like I was doing this all my life. Yes, the place could have been cleaner. Yes, there was a lot of noise until about midnight. But the staff were nice, the free internet was usually available, and I felt comfortable and safe.
  I've been around the world and this was, by far, the worst hostel I've been to. My wife and I had to share the showers with other naked dudes. There was only one shower room for both male and female. The room was ok at best. The lock on the door was insecure at best. I could not get a good night's rest here. I would not recommend this hostel to anyone.
  value for money! there were clean sheets and value for money, and free safe deposit boxes. the rooms were a good size. for £10/night, what more could you ask for? the only problem that we did have was that (apart from July and August) university students in prague were staying there, which meant that we had to keep noise to a minimum to avoid complaints from the very rude Czech students!
  My friends got bedbugs. It had a depressing feeling running throughout. The dining area reminded me of the work house in Oliver Twist (you want MORE??!!) and the bathrooms were a little vile. We were just passing through so we didn't stay long. If you need a place to merely crash for one night (and everywhere else is booked) than here is ok. However, I wouldn't recommend staying long.

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