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Hostel Ljubicica represents great value with a central location that is ideal for backpackers looking for a long-term stay in Sarajevo. Friendly, welcoming staff are able to organize tours of the city and the surrounding attractions, or if they can't organize this, they are able to direct you toward a agency that can help with this. A side note to this review is that there seems to be a difference between Ljubicica Hostel itself and Ljubicica as an accommodation agency. This review is written for the hostel located beside the agency office across from Baščaršija.

The Location

It's in a great location, as the hostel is located in the heart of the old town with the historic Pigeon Square and Baščaršija neighborhood right across the road and many of the city's attractions being within easy walking distance. There are many amenities such as ATMs, grocery stores, and restaurants/cafes within an easy walking distance of the hostel.

The two bus stations and train lines are further than a comfortable walking distance from the hostel, but there is a tram stop right in front of the hostel with trams running right to the bus/train stations. As the hostel is located right on a busy intersection, parking is not readily available.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Ten- or fourteen-person dorms with bunk beds are available; there is no option for private rooms. Beds are comfortable and the dorm rooms are not overly crowded -- even with fourteen people within. In-room lockers are available for those with their own locks.

With only three showers, the bathrooms can be quite busy during the mornings, but at other times the bathroom is less crowded. This is a plus, as the single bathroom that holds the three showers and two of the toilets is cramped at the best of times. There is a single separate toilet that is roomier, but the other are claustrophobic. The showers are cramped as well and do not have a separate changing area; they are just walled-off showers. There are some hooks that help you keep your clothing dry.

Common Spaces

The kitchen is a little dirty and messy, but otherwise well stocked with whatever equipment you will need for cooking your own meals. It is unfortunately very narrow, and this makes it difficult for more than one person to use the kitchen at a time. There is an outdoor sitting area that is fairly comfortable and has a lot of seating available. The indoor common area is much cozier and is a great place to meet other travelers as well as having free computers with internet access for guest use. As with many places in Bosnia, smoking is allowed indoors, but the high roof of the room prevents this from becoming a problem.


This is a good, comfortable hostel with friendly, informative staff who try to be helpful despite their lack of English language skills. It's a little cramped and uncomfortable in places, but overall a good option for those who want to be in the heart of the old town.
by Candy Staff Reviewer
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Outdoor seating
14 person dorm
Walk up to the Hostel


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Hostel Ljubicica" at Mula Mustafe Bašeskije, 65.)


Mula Mustafe Bašeskije, 65, Bašèar, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
43.860158, 18.430884 (accuracy not guaranteed)
None (if you know the URL of their website, tell us and we'll add it)
+387 (0) 33 535 829
+387 (0) 33 232 109
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77% Guest Reviews

Best place to meet other travelers
Don't expect anything fancy -- you will get a small room packed with dorm beds, small toilets, and shower with cold water most times. BUT it's soo worth it for the atmosphere, great location, and super friendly staff. Stay in the 14 or 6 bed dorm and you will make friends from life from the people hanging out there. In some weird way, everyone who stayed there for a night, ended up staying much longer. That's the aura of it.
Very nice hostel!
The staff was very, very nice and helpful. Also very understanding since I had to change my booking (hitch-hiking is always full of surprises). We could leave our baggage after we checked out and go sightseeing. The location is really good. I really liked the common area where you could sit and meet a lot of nice people. There are a few computers with Internet and there is wi-fi. There is also a common kitchen. Showers and toilets are ok, but there is no water between 24-5 (I think it's a common thing in Sarajevo though, not a hostel's fault). They provide a clean towel and bed sheets. My experience was really good and I don't understand why some people here complain ... the hostel is very cheap so obviously you cannot expect a 5 star hotel! For me the hostel has a nice atmosphere, is really satisfactory for the price you pay, nice, friendly and comfortable. Greetings to the staff!
Age 24, Poland
Great outdoor atmosphere
Awesome patio area, perfect place to meet all of your bunk mates and have a good time. Also no one complained about noise, there was no lockout and no curfew.
Age 22, USA
No showers. Paper thin mattresses. Staff not reliable. Avoid.
There was NO hot water. I couldn't take a shower after a 10 hour train ride. Had to go to sleep dirty, with greasy hair. The bunk beds are so cramped, you can't sit up if you are in the bottom bunk. Just crawling in is a major pain. Once you get in the bed, you will find a paper thin mattress which allows you to feel every bump and ridge in the bed frame. The pillow is huge and hard. If you try to put your head on it it bends your neck at an painful angle. No one is available to fix problems if they happen after reception is closed. There is no phone or internet in the building (they claim you get internet access in their literature, but once you get to the hostel you find no computers, and it says on the wall you can go to their restaurant and pay at a "discount" for internet. Which does not agree with what their brochures say. No one to call if there is a problem. When I told them about all this the next day, I expected at least a discount. But they had my passport and would not give it back until I paid in full, 23 KM. When you check in, they demand to keep either your passport or a 20 Euro "key deposit", which of course they won't return to you unless you pay for the bed in full no matter how bad it was. The chain smoking woman behind the desk tried to pretend it was my fault there was no hot water, and tried to pretend the reception office was open last night, when it wasn't. When I first arrived a male staff member was very nice to me and helped me a lot, but he wasn't there the next morning. Niceness of one person can't make up for the poor quality of this hostel. There is no excuse for unusable showers and rotten beds. It may be close to the old quarter, and the staff were friendly enough at first, but this place severely overcharges for what you get. 23 KM (about $16) doesn't sound expensive by Western European or American standards, but in Sarajevo you can get a nice private room in a house for much less than 23 KM. Avoid this place.
This is just great!
16 beds. 1 bathroom. cold water. AWESOME! at least i think so! if you are going on vacation to have all the comforts in the world, forget it and go somewhere else. If you are looking for a great conversation, great rakija and sweet fruits from the garden climb Barice. On the top of the mountain sits a little coffe bar and Edo, its owner.
justyna lamek
Good location
The hostel arranges private rooms in private apartments. The room in which I stayed was very good, bright, and big. Our host was very helpful. The agency staff is very useful with a lot of information. In the price is included a good breakfast.
this is the most horrible place where I was. this is some old house on the hill with two dogs in front of it. old person on reception desk is a cheater, beware, she took too much money from you. I needed to pay 17 euros, she took 20 without any reason, never again.
Great staff, potentially horrible room conditions
the staff if very friendly and helpful. However, they will farm you out to a private home (fifteen minutes' walk from hostel), which was nice my first time in sarajevo. the second time i was passing through, i was sent to what looked like a private home, a solid ten-minute walk from the hostel where there were two rooms, each having ten cramped beds in two tiny rooms. There was one shower and one toilet for twenty people. the condition of the bathroom was not good. beds were horrible, got no sleep. i feel bad writing this, because the staff is so helpful. they'll give you a free pickup from the train station and lots of info. they need to do something about those two rooms however.

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