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62 Frederick Street, Broome, Western Australia, Australia
-17.955752, 122.236459 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+61 (8) 9192-3233
+61 (8) 9192-3530
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There's a reason all the good ratings are old ones!!
Check the date on the five star ratings because they are not recent. The have fake walls so it doesn't matter if you paid for a twelve share or six -- you still hear everything. Also since most of the people staying there live and work there they don't care about the actual travelers. Every night they watched movies till 2am so loud in the common room you could hear everything in your dorm. You're better off just camping for free and using the beach showers. The only thing they offer is free wifi which doesn't even work and most everyone goes somewhere else for wifi. They have nothing promoted or fun going on either and no free breakfast.
Age 23, Belgium
Excellent place to stay in October 2010
I enjoyed the pale ale, accommodation and freebies that came with staying there and the helpful staff. My wife and son enjoyed the pool, eight ball table and the air conditioning. Came here for my 50th birthday, hope to be back for my 60th, see you then!
Rob , Helen and Mike
Not as good as it used to be!
Third time I stayed there, last time being 2000. I'm really disappointed that since then and possibly since being taken over by YHA the place has gone down in standards. the outside areas are still lovely but the bedrooms are now really cramped as the four-bed rooms now have six beds in them and the eight-bed rooms now have twelve beds. the kitchen is huge but not all of the hotplates work. the bathrooms are good and kept pretty clean. it is a shame it's not as good as it used to be because it was great to have a good hostel in town.
HI - Broome - Kimberley Klub YHA Hostel is a well known place in Broome. Many locals work at the hostel or just come to its bar to have a few drinks after work. Since KK´s is a YHA Hostel it´s worth getting a YHA card if you´re planning to stay long term. The Location KK´s is situated at the main road of Broome, and is about ten minutes' walk to the centre. If you come by Greyhound bus, you will arrive at a large grassland. Walk to the petrol station and turn right into Frederick Street. The Kimberley Klub is on the left hand side at 62 Frederick Street. There is car parking in front of the hostel. Rooms and Bathrooms The dorms are quite nice, but some are connected with other rooms since there is an open ceiling (which means you can also hear people from the other dorms snoring in the night). In addition to that, the air conditioning is shared between those dorms and that´s why it sometimes doesn´t get cold in the rooms. It can be extremely loud in the wet season -- the photo before last shows why. Dorms and bathrooms get cleaned every day. Showers and toilets are shared. Everything is clean and tidy. Washing machines, dryers, and clotheshorses are provided. Common Spaces KK´s has a large kitchen with everything people might need for cooking. An internet room, two pool tables, a kicker, a TV lounge, and a lot of hammocks make it a great place for relaxing. Right next to the beautiful pool area is the bar (open till midnight), which is a very good place for meeting other travelers or locals. The bar offers cheap meals and trips can be booked at reception. Moreover they offer some activity through their bike rental as well as a volleyball field. Summary All in all the Kimberley Klub is really recommendable! There are a few other hostels in Broome but none of them is as good as KK's. It´s an excellent and relaxing atmosphere with lots of young people. The KK´s bus goes to Cable Beach twice a day and sometimes they take people from the hostel to the nightclubs in the city centre. There´s no better place to stay in Broome!
Christina Wolff
The Best
Probably the best Hostel I have ever stayed at. I only stayed two nights -- wish it could have been two months! This place has it just right, a good social atmosphere in the day and evenings but nice and quiet after 11 p.m. and there's plenty of quiet places to go and relax if you want some peace during the day. The pool has to be the cleanest i have used at any hostel, in fact the general cleanliness of the whole place was very high. The staff were also very friendly and helpful and obviously enjoyed working there. While I was there we had a two-hour power cut, it just seemed to add to the atmosphere, though things did get a little warm without any working fans! If i'm ever lucky enough to return to Broome I know where I will be staying. oh and don't think this place is just for youngsters, I am well over thirty and I certainly wasn't the oldest -- I would say this place suits all ages. Thanks to everyone there, I wish I could have put the Kimberley klub in my rucksack and taken it everywhere with me!
  There isn't much choice in Broome for hostels especially in the dry season when most are booked out weeks in advance, but the Kimberley Klub always comes highly recomended and I can see why. The layout is fantastic with the palm tree shaded pool and hammocks spread everywhere for your leisure. The bar always has something going on and every night a group of people are out drinking somewhere in town. A nice touch i thought was the inclusion of a small volleyball court truly unique. The whole feel of the place if carribeanesque and quite relaxing. The staff are friendly enough and the hostel seems to be kept as clean as possible but there is just something about it that didn't fit right. For starters there are lots of young Australians that choose to holiday here and therefore aren't interested in making small talk with backpackers. Secondly I found the bar to be extremely noisy each night blaring out music till all hours. It is situated inside the hostel which means that no matter which room you happen to be in you can't escape the racket. The rooms themselves are of average size and there is decent storage facilities, the beds on the other hand are some of the most uncomfortable i have experienced. Made from thin foam they sink under your weight until you are practically lying on the bunk bed frame. Also the rooms are all linked under one roof which means you are disrupted by people in the other rooms as well as your own, so even if you have booked into a four bed dorm it is like you are sharing with 20 people anyway. The location can't be faultered as the cable beach bus stops outside and the hostel also has a free shuttle twice a day. It takes about ten minutes to walk into town and there is a well stocked tourist information desk inside the hostel where you can get advice and book any tours from. As in most hostels deposits are taken for cutlery and plates and the kitchen has ample space for the guests, and due to the everyone having to take responsibility for their own plates it is kept reasonably clean. There is plenty to do in this hostel if you are with a group of people but as a single traveller i found it virtually impossible to infiltrate myself into the groups of people and as such te facilities that were on offer were no good to me. The TV room is like any other, but be prepared to have it taken over at any given moment by the boisterous guests that have been staying there for a while and think they own the place, challenge them at your peril! Just next to the tv room is a ping pong table and pool table, also some storage space for daytime checkouts. All in all the Kimberley Klub was not what I was expecting the hostel itself was fine, just the atmosphere and people let the place down.
Amy Weatheritt
(United Kingdom)
Great Memories
Well i live in perth (western australia) And i wanted to go to broome for my nineteenth. At first me and my four mates put money on a hotel that was like $60 a night. Then my brother told me "If you wanna stay at a party place in broome you want to stay at the KKH!" lucky i got our money back from the hotel and put it on the KKH. When we landed at the Airport we waited for one hour for a taxi. Walk. Not only do you save yourself $10 but it will take you five to ten minutes walking to KKH. When we got there we were expecting the worst grotty place like all other hostels. But it was like a small hotel in Bali. Paradise. Beautiful Pool, Excellent. Room 34 was us and man did we create hell for other hostel people and management due to our party antics at like 2 or 3 a.m. -- that was the downside. It's not a party place. The next day they put signs up all over the building saying "This area is out of bounds therefore quiet time between 11 p.m. till 7 a.m." they hated me and my friends. Hard to make friends -- everyone is pretty much to themselves, they like their peace, they like their beautiful pool and rooms. nice place. you'll like it.
  In many ways this is the best backpackers in Broome, but there is one massive downside. It's clean, tidy, with a lovely pool and bar. However because of the bar there is a draconian no-alcohol rule throughout the hostel -- you WILL be searched if you enter after 11pm to see if you are sneaking any in. The night watchman who guards the place after 11 is a particularly cranky odd character, who answers the door with a large hammer in his hand for "protection". My first night I wasn't aware of how strict the rule was and took some alcohol from the on-site bar back to my room just as it was closing -- and had a ten minute rant from this fellow. Very welcoming. Because the place is so popular it also books up a long way in advance -- and the staff really don't seem to care -- they range from unhelpful to just going through the motions. There is also an 11pm lockdown of all facilities -- you can't even find somewhere outside to sit and read. It does however attract a lot of genuine travelers – you will almost certainly enjoy your stay.

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