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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "HI - Triberg - Schwarzwald Hostel" at Rohrbacher Str. 35.)


Rohrbacher Str. 35, Triberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
48.124610, 8.243720 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+49 (7722) 4110
+49 (7722) 6662
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Great Hostel
The Hostel ist very clean, the rooms are big enough and the manager ist VERY friendly and VERY helpful. They have a lot of rooms to stay, the food is good and I liked to stay there.
Very bad!
The town of Triberg is lovely, but the hostel is awful. After walking up the nasty steep hill in the cold, we were told we couldn't stay as we weren't members of the YHA. normally this can be solved by buying a card and becoming a member but in this case we were just told we couldn't stay. Even though the manager had the cards in his hand, we were told not very politely to go back to Australia, purchase a card there and then come back and stay. not a good way to get people to come and stay. The manager was rude and unhelpful, not to mention a bit crazy. I thought the idea of a hostel was to let people stay in it but not this one. in any case, Triberg is worth a visit but don't bother trekking up the hill unless you're sure you have the right YHA card!
  I stayed at this hostel several years ago and was very pleased with it. It is a nice, quiet place from which to explore the waterfall and the town of 1000 clock shops. Yes! The hill is a bear if you're carrying a pack. On a side note: there's wood carver's shop there that I bought a beautiful carved eagle from. They have all kinds of beautiful souvenirs to pick from.
  The service was really nice and the staff were very friendly and helpful.
A concert player from England
The Jungendherberge is located in the small touristy town of Triberg. Triberg is in the Black Forest and boasts about have the highest waterfall in Germany. Getting to the hostel is not complicated, but a little taxing on your body (expecially if carrying a huge backpack!). The train station is about a mile out of town (the opposite direction from the hostel). So, from the station you must walk uphill for about a mile to be in the center of town. You can't miss the town, there are tons of clock shops everywhere! From the center continue and keep walking towards the waterfall. When you reach the waterfall head to the left and continue up the hill for about 20-30 minutes. It is a difficult walk at a steep angle (It is 840 meters and the train station only 620)! A taxi is also available from the station for about 8 euro, so if there is a couple of you I would recommend sharing a taxi especially if you have lugagge! The building itself is very modern, safe and comfortable. It has a beautiful location and I was told that the path directly out front connects to the path around the waterfall (which avoids the entrance fee). It is so peaceful, on the top of the hill and practically surrounded by the forest. The staff are very friendly and the hostel is decorated to give it a friendly feel. It was very quiet inside. There is a total of 124 beds mostly with 6 beds in a room. In the double rooms there is a bunk bed and a bathroom inside the room (much like a hotel). There are also three sitting rooms and a game room. There is a a basketball court right outside and a pool only 10 minutes down the hill. To stay at the hostel, it is manditory to be a member of Hostelling International or join one (there is not an option to just pay a little more for the night, like there is at most hostels). The price of the rooms is a little higher for older adults (I think over 27 years old). The price includes sheets and breakfast. The breakfast was bread, jam, hard boiled egg, meat, cheese, and coffee (or tee or hot chocolate). For Easter the staff added a personal touch by getting bread that was shaped like a rabbit. Orange juice could be bought for an extra 25 cents, but well worth it! This hostel did not have a kitchen for backpackers to use. Overall, I would recommend this hostel especially if you are looking for a peaceful secluded experience in the Black Forest. It is a great place for a good night's sleep!
Cindi Meriwether
(United States)

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