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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Auberge de Jeunesse Félicien Rops - Namur" at Avenue Félicien Rops, 8.)


Avenue Félicien Rops, 8, Namur, Namur, Belgium
50.448322, 4.859446 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+32(0)81 22 36 88
+32 (0)81 22 44 12
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Much improved hostel
Things have changed since last year's review. I was there for two nights, the old dragons seem to have left and the curfew is a thing of the past. Namur doesn't appear to be a major party town, and with all the outdoor activities on offer, you might be too worn out to stay so late. However, there's a bar in the hostel that has some great Belgian beers, and a little terrace looking out towards the River Meuse, so this makes up for the hostels distance from the city centre. My stay was comfortable, the hostel was friendly and sociable, and the hostel owner friendly and helpful. It's the second time I'd stayed here, and would definitely be happy to stay again.
Jim H
(Utrecht, Netherlands)
  This hostel has free Wi-Fi -that's it, a free, unlimited, twenty-four-hour Wi-Fi hotspot, which reaches the kitchen and the picnic benches by the river! This shouldn't be so special but unfortunately almost everybody around continental Europe thinks they have the right to charge an arm and a leg for wireless Internet access, which makes this hostel truly exceptional.There is a big downside to this place, though, and it is the old (in their late forties at least) reception women are proper bitches from Hell. The rest of the staff are ok, but those two shouldn't be working anywhere near the tourism industry, because they are the exact opposite of hospitality -- irritable, confrontational, abusive. Another mega problem about this hostel is they lock shut all common areas by 11 p.m. or earlier if there aren't many guests -- this is completely unacceptable, but the bitches are responsible for this, so you have to put up with it or leave.
Steven Gonzalvez
This Hostelling international (HI) affiliated hostel is set in beautiful surrounds on the river Meuse. It's in an old three story house in a residential area, but the back has been extensively added onto. There are two cute turtles in a tank at reception to greet you when you arrive. The staff are friendly and helpful and there is a good atmosphere. The bar serves a selection of Belgian beers in fancy glasses 'til about 11pm. There's a nice area out the front where you can sit and drink the night away by the river. Another good feature is the self catering kitchen which is clean and has the utensils you need to cook a decent feed but it lacks a full sized oven. The rooms in the house are simple and clean with narrow but sturdy bunk beds and sinks in the rooms. In the additiona in the back the rooms are a bit newer, but with a bit less character. The shared bathrooms are ok, but not great since they may be a bit neglected. The showers are a bit grubby and drained poorly and are activated by one of those annoying buttons that gives you 20 seconds of spray then stops. The soap dispenser in the lady's loo was empty when we arrived and was still empty four days later when we left. Breakfast is included in the price and includes cornflakes, milk, coffee, teas, juice, drinking chocolate, bread, assorted spreads, and (if your lucky) fruit. Other facilities include a TV room, laundry, and free internet (which is often broken). Bedrooms are out of bounds for cleaning from 10-4pm, but other areas of the hostel are still open during this time. An unfortunate inconvenience is that there is only one key for every bedroom which must be left at reception when no one is in the room. Lockers are available if you bring your own lock, but they are not big enough for a pack. The hostel is about three kilometers from the train station and town centre. It is possible to walk (and it's flat!), but if you have lots of stuff you can get bus number 3 or 4 (for about 1.5 euro) from outside the station which will drop you off nearer the hostel. You want a bus going in the direction of the citadel. If you decide to walk (or have no choice), go out of the station towards the bus stop. Turn to your left and head for the river (ask the way if you need help). When you get to the river, go right and walk straight for about two kilometers and you will come to the hostel just after the river lock. There is ample parking in the area and space for bikes out the back.
Tessha Mearing

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