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The Review

Rock & Wood International Hostel is one of the best -- with an exceptional lounge and an outside common area with a fishpond and shrubs, good-sized clean dorms, and good bathrooms. It's not quite as central as some, but the metro is not far away and most places travelers need are just a short ride away. The free Wi-Fi is exceptionally good and covers the entire hostel and all indoor areas are smoke-free.

The Location

The hostel is a ten-minute walk from two metro stations (don't bother going to Yan An Xi Lu station unless you are already on that line) and is the closest hostel to Hongqiao Airport and Hongqiao main line station. Jing'an Temple, the Bund, and Nanjing Road are all easily accessed from here. The hostel is on a narrow road, which is a bit hard to find; follow the hostel-provided directions to get close and then the locals seem to know it. There are many budget eating places and mini-marts around.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The dorms have air-conditioning and are quite spacious and have solid wooden bunks with good mattresses; each has a shelf, light, and powerpoint and each person gets a large, locking locker. The south-facing rooms suit early risers and sound sleepers, as the adjacent school normally starts the day with healthy marching music -- but ask the ever-helpful staff if you prefer one of the many other rooms.

There are plenty of WCs (both styles) and showers with twenty-four-hour hot water. They were always clean during the stay. There are two washing machines and a dryer for a small fee, and though there is no kitchen, there is constant boiling water and a fridge.

Common Areas

There is a large lounge/bar where a mixed range of background music is played most of the day; attractive tables and chairs and plenty of sofas; a TV/DVD and a projected movie Wednesday evenings); three free-to-use PCs; and quite a good pool table. There are many flyers from other hostels and there is city info on the lobby walls. The drinks and food are reasonably priced. The outside area is attractive with a fish pond and shrubs and quite a few seats. Umbrellas are on loan for free.


The atmosphere was generally good during our week-long stay despite it being mid-season, though our need to use our PC inevitably dampens things a bit. The proprietors, who are involved in the running of the hostel, have done all they can including limiting long-stay guests (which has become quite a problem in many Shanghai hostels). We would recommend this hostel over all others in Shanghai, except for people who just have to be inside a tourist area.
by OldNomad Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Shanghai Rock & Wood International Youth Hostel" at 278, Lane 615, ZhaoHua Road (opposite 551 WuYi Road).)


278, Lane 615, ZhaoHua Road (opposite 551 WuYi Road), Changning District, Shanghai, Shanghai Municipality, China
31.212141, 121.420070 (accuracy not guaranteed)
None (if you know the URL of their website, tell us and we'll add it)
+86 21 33602361
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86% Guest Reviews

Stay @ basic double bed en suite
The stay was pretty pleasant, environment is amazing with ample space to chill and bond. Love the bar however service could have been better. In regards to the stay, the cleanliness was alright overall, however there is not hair dryer available in the room. I would say in summary, this is a pretty cool place.
Age 24, Malaysia
Common area, location, staff and food was great, room was ok.
We stayed at the Rock and Wood for two days in December. The location is really great, in between two subway stations that will get you downtown quickly and cheaply. The common areas and food are wonderful and the rooms are fine but the hallways are all tiled so are echoey when people are walking around and talking late at night. If you've had a long day sightseeing this probably won't be a problem since you'll be so tired, but if you're a light sleeper it might be something to consider. Our room (201) had quite a persistent and bad drain smell which wasn't ideal, I think the plumbing must have been pretty close to one of our walls. We were only there for 2 nights though so we just dealt with it. Overall this is a great little hostel and I would recommend it.
Age 32, New Zealand
Nice place but the management s&*^! and the internet s*&@!
This is a nice place. It has a nice environment. But my experience with the management was not. And the internet su*@! I was a walk in and on the first day I asked to see a room in which Vivian said "no". So I left as I thought it wasn't a unreasonable request. But soon came back as I was too tired to go anywhere else. I complained about the food being to salty once and their antidote was to put some water in it. Which did nothing except make me angry. They seemed kind of indifferent to it and could care less. This made me angrier, being hungry and tired I blurted out some profanity at the man. A week or so later Vivian, the uptight control freak, asked if I would be staying the weekend as it's busy. I had been paying daily for weeks to stay there. The next day I went to pay and they said sorry they were full. And I said when will you have an open bed again? They said they didn't know. Then their story changed and said they have a 10 day stay limit. Then I said well the other guy in my room has stayed there longer than I. And she said well "he's our friend". So I guess I wasn't considered their friend. I stayed there for like 3 weeks an the internet was down like half of the time. They say it's the government, but don't believe them. Go to Starbucks and you'll see the internet working fine there. The problem is they're too cheap to get a better internet connection. I have stayed at three different hostels in Shanghai this time and their internet was the worse.

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