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The Review

Pak-Up Hostel is a very nice hostel for solo travelers. Overall, one of the most interesting aspects is the unique design and layout; it is also in a convenient location in the main area of Krabi Town. There are very comfortable rooms with spacious lockers, nice main areas, and a cool bar and BBQ area, all of which make for a great atmosphere.

The Location

This hostel is located in the main part of Krabi Town and also has a great backpacker bar. There are also many nearby hotels and restaurants. The hostel also offers airport transportation for those who need a ride to the airport, as well as group tour services.

Rooms and Bathrooms

There are four-bed and ten-bed dorm rooms as well as private rooms available at this hostel. Each room has its own theme of a school subject such as Geography, Thai, English, and Music. Each bed has a title based on this theme as well, which creates an interesting concept. All the rooms are well air conditioned and kept very clean. The beds are very comfortable; with each, you have your own light and power outlet. The lockers are also very spacious and allow room for all of your belongings. The common bathrooms are also very clean and well kept.

Common Spaces

There are multiple different common areas at this hostel. In the main entrance, there is a reception area where there are bean bags and couches for people to hang out, relax, and socialize. There is also the Playground Bar, which is a really cool bar and a great place to meet people and hang out. These common areas are great spots for any guests to chill out, relax, and have fun with other travelers.


Overall, this hostel has a really interesting design -- the theme, with each room being a school subject, is really interesting and creates an interesting concept. The hostel is also clean and laid out very well. There are many different services offered from the hostel including different group tours for each day of the week as well as airport pickup service from the hostel and laundry services. The reception is open twenty-four hours, which is very convenient. The hostel is located in a great spot in the main part of Krabi Town, so it is easy to access other hotels and restaurants nearby.
by dittoboy Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Pak-Up Hostel" at 87 Utarakit Road Paknam Maung Krabi.)


87 Utarakit Road Paknam Maung Krabi, Paknam, Krabi Town (Krabi), Krabi, Thailand
8.062486, 98.918079 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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91% Guest Reviews

  If there was such a thing as boutique hostel, Pak-Up just might fit the description. From the spacious reception/sitting area to the spotlessly clean rooms, this hostel has a very modern, airy feel to it. The rooms are cleaned daily and organized by theme (I stayed in the Art Room and my bed was labeled Da Vinci) with huge underbed lockers, which really maximizes the space. There is also a tastefully designed night light and two electrical outlets to each bunk for you to recharge to your heart’s content. If you are missing an iPad from home, they’ve got you covered with their iPad rental service, and let’s not forget the free wifi! The beds, pillows and plush, freshly laundered comforters are akin to those found in boutique hotels and very comfortable. Needless to say, I slept like a baby that night. The shower area is nice and has a unique outdoor-indoor feel to it. The whimsical figurines perched atop shelf units attached to the mirrors really brighten up the area. There is even suggestive art painted on the toilet doors, such as the cartoon of a couple making out. Apart from catering to the backpacker’s basic needs, Pak-Up Hostel also has a nice rooftop bar that offers a stunning view of the city from which to enjoy live music and drinks. Playground, another bar downstairs is equipped with a pool table and hosts a different activity nightly, ranging from beer pong to open mic night. The social scene is very vibrant and really adds to the atmosphere. Pak-Up Hostel is somewhat unassuming yet easy to find among the row of shops it is adjacent to. This is because it stands out with its open concept design among the other more claustrophobic-inducing, cluttered shops. The hostel is within walking distance of any place of interest within the neighborhood you would want or need to get to, unless of course, you plan on visiting the Tiger Cave Temple or the Emerald Pool, in which case, the hostel offers fairly affordable day trip packages with pickup from the hostel itself. The only downside of staying here is its distance away from the more touristy Ao Nang Beach, that is if touristy is your thing. Nonetheless there are mini buses right outside the hostel that can bring you there all day for a nominal fee. This place blew away any previous apprehension I had about staying in a hostel, and is the best one I have ever stayed at in South East Asia so far. Props for the strategic location, great atmosphere and just the fact that everything here feels and appears so clean! If I had any reason to return to Krabi Town, I would definitely stay here again!
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Travelin' Vet
Modern & spacious
3 story building on the intersection of main road in Krabi. Location is good. They do not have kitchen & breakfast. They can arrange your next trip in Thailand. Dorms are spacious & air conditioned. Floor level for night parties but sound does not reach dorms. Check out after 11 am requires 50% extra charge. Shower after check out 50 bat. Key deposit 200 bat, towel 100 bat. Credit card payment requires 2% extra charge.
Age 48, Russia
  Pak-Up Hostel is a good hostel for solo travelers as well as groups or couples. It is a good place to stop for a night or two on your way to or from the islands and it's a good place to meet people in a town that doesn't have much to offer. The Location As Krabi is so small, most hostels or guesthouses are pretty well located, as pretty much everything is within walking distance. Pak-Up Hostel is on a well-circulated street corner, one block away from the night market and less than a ten-minute walk from the city bus stop. The songthaews (share taxis) going to Ao Nang or elsewhere pass by often and stop across the street. There is an ATM across the street, and several good restaurants close by. Rooms and Bathrooms The rooms are very clean and very modern. The bunk beds are made of sturdy wood and the mattresses and pillows are comfortable. The ladders to the top bunks are made of wide wood slats, which don't cut into your feet as you go up or down. The top bunks are high enough for the person on the bottom bunks to sit up, even if they are very tall. Each bed has an outlet and an assigned drawer locker under the bottom bunk. They are very large lockers, and we have managed to fit a large and a small backpack inside with room to spare. The padlocks are not provided. There is also a small table and mirror in each room. There is both a fan and air conditioning. The Wi-Fi works well in the rooms. The bathrooms are very clean and modern as well. There is hot water and the shower cabins are large enough to bring in a change of clothes without getting it wet. There are shelves as well as shampoo and soap dispensers in each. The sinks are in a separate area, and the toilets are also in separate cabins. Common Spaces There are several common spaces. There is a computer and hang-out area on the ground floor, as well as a table with benches outside. There are also common areas on the second floor and the rooftop. People use all of these areas, so it is a sociable, friendly hostel. There is a bar on the rooftop and staff are encouraging guests to participate in activities. The first floor has several washers, a dryer, and clotheslines. The prices for the machines are very reasonable. Summary Overall, this is a very good hostel in Krabi. It is easy to meet people, and the rooms are far enough from the common areas, so it is not too loud if you're looking for a quiet night.

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