Radeka's Downunder




(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Radeka's Downunder" at 1 Oliver Street.)


1 Oliver Street, Coober Pedy, South Australia, Australia
-29.012087, 134.755666 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+61 (8) 8672-5223
+61 (8) 8672-5821
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Overpriced, rude manager
I found this place on google which indicated the price to be $22 a night so I called and booked a bed. When I showed up the asked me to pay $32. I told them the price was $22 on the net. The staff went to show the manager and the manager took a look and told me that he doesn't have to honor that price. He then said straight up if I didn't pay the $32 I could leave. I thought the price was pretty steep compared to other hostels but I was tired after a long day so had no choice. I also found out later that they had just jacked the price up recently by $10. This place is a rip off and pricing is dishonest. Would not go there again and don't recommend it to anyone at all.
Great experience in a bad hostel
Three stars for the underground dungeon experience, none for comfort and service. The rooms don't even have doors, the beds are incredibly hard and bad.
Really fun place, great staff, and incredible tour!
I only spent one day, arriving and departing on the 4 a.m. bus from Adelaide that they picked me up and dropped me off at that horrible hour. The whole place is underground, it's a lot of fun. The staff is very helpful, and their tour is great. You go noodling, see the sites around town, the breakaways and dingo fence, and best of all Crocodile Harry!
Radeka's (Pronouned 'Rad-ick-a') is probably the best of the bunch in way outback Coober Pedy. It is centrally located and a five to ten minute walk from the Greyhound terminal. However, they will come and collect you if you book in advance. This was a welcome surprise considering we arrived at 5.40 a.m.! They will also return you to the terminal when you leave. The hostel itself is part of a greater motel, with motel rooms on the surface and the dorms underground. Reception is very clean and has a bar, pool table, free tea and coffee, internet and an opel shop. Beware that internet is rather expensive, although it does have a card reader for digital cameras and CD burners. Before you reach the dorms' security door, you'll find a TV room with dilapidated sofas and a large well-equipped kitchen, both of which are very clean. The dorms are accessible via a secure code-entry door that lead you immediately to the bathrooms. These are unisex and, although clean, there are no locks on the shower doors. Downstairs, one arrives at the underground lair of the dormitories. This is a loose term, as the dorms are more like caves with wide openings. Security is therefore nonexistent as there are no doors on the dorms. The doubles and twins do have doors if this is a concern. Dorms themselves are either separated by a thin wooden wall or solid brick wall, but be aware that all sounds can be heard anywhere in the underground complex. It's spotlessly clean down here, with a minimal lighting system. There are no powerpoints in the dorms. Radeka's only provides a bottom sheet and pillowcase -- no top cover. They will however let you borrow one with a deposit, but they'll keep a part of the deposit so there is a small charge. Radeka's also does a tour of Coober Pedy, but only if there are four of you or more. When we booked, there were less than four of us, so they booked us onto an alternative trip with another agent (Stuart Caravans) that actually turned out to be cheaper and a good half-day trip from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Overall, it's quite a good hostel, let down by a few things like the expensive internet and security issues, but you may disregard these things as you'll probably only be staying in Coober for one day anyway.
Dave White
  It was a forty-two-degree day, so having underground accommodations was great. I upgraded to a single room, thinking I'd sleep better away from the larger multi-bunk rooms. My single was next to a dorm room, and the walls that aren't solid rock are, unfortunately, two sheets of cheap wood paneling. Only slightly better than a curtain for a wall. The paneling isn't even cut straight, so any light from "next door" comes through unfiltered. The double bed was saggy and uncomfortable, and it's never dark because the above-door vent lets a lot of hallway light in. The room was clean, the toilet and shower area was fine. The front desk staff are marginally courteous, and they smoke, ironically often in front of the sign telling guests not to.
  This was a great experience - sleeping underground was a new one for me. The place was fine - although securirt is nil - because living in a cave means there are no doors and so people can just wander into your room whenever they want - when we arrived I also found someone sleeping in my bed who the manager then threw out. It was clean and the kitchen was fine. Coober Pedy isnt a place you'll stay in for a long time so for 1/2 nights this place is fine.
  How can the walls be paper thin if they are made of stone?? this was a nice enough hostel considering it was underground. And have no fear there were no bugs down there either! If your up for a bit of a change then sleeping underground is the way to do it!
  The room was actually nice, but our experience there was far from it. We were travelling with some people who weren't staying here, and decided to make dinner for them. A man told us, however, that as they were using the facilities, they had to pay for the night (!) — even though they were just sitting on a chair! We felt the man was taking advantage, as they didn't speak much English. When we finally retired to bed, we couldn't get any sleep, as the man next door was a snorer, and the walls are paper-thin. You can hear EVERYTHING that goes on in the room next door, and we couldn't wait to leave. I definitely won't be recommending this place to anybody.

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