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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Art Hole Hostel" at Soukenicka 34.)


Soukenicka 34, Praha 1, Prague (Praha), Czech Republic
50.091255, 14.431122 (accuracy not guaranteed)
00420 222 314 028
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92% Guest Reviews

Great spot
The Art Hole is a great place to stay. It's in a good location, has friendly staff, the common areas are nice and the beds are comfortable enough for a dorm bed.
Age 31, USA
Decent Location, Nice Hostel
It was clean and the hostel isn't that difficult to find, not sure why people can't just follow some simple directions. Free breakfast is better than nothing, staff was friendly and helpful. Location was good enough to walk to most of the main tourist locations quickly.
Age 23, USA
Really great, just like home
I really enjoyed staying at this hostel. The staff was great, and it felt like home. Location is perfect! I also really recommend doing the Clock Tower pub crawl while you're there.
Age 22, US
Great Hostel!
All of the staff there was very friendly and accommodating. It is a small hostel and it was very cozy.
Not sure what others find so great about it.
The hostel now has a sign outside in addition to the flag. The directions for getting there are extremely good -- just do exactly as they say. The staff are very knowledgeable and helpful and amongst other things they sell local bus tickets. The shower unit I used was rather cramped and the bathroom area can become rather busy with the tiny toilet next to the shower and the sinks directly opposite in what is only a domestic-sized room. The whole place looks rather tired, with all the assorted items of old furniture and the art-work is not outstanding either. My mattress was very thin and had a some well-established comfortable positions on it. I had a long issue with accessing the wifi on my mac as I had the "self-assigned IP address" problem. It is definitely not a party hostel, as they admit themselves, although it sells beer but had run out, but people went out for the night to the early hours as you might expect in Prague. The kitchen is fairly standard for a place that appears to be apartment conversion and the breakfast of standard cereals, hard boiled eggs and bread with assorted spreads. As someone older I didn't like it. Not for the reasons they would probably imagine, but because overall it was a rather dull, dreary and uninviting place -- especially having just come from a fabulously fun, dynamic, beautifully modern, and comfortable hostel in Vienna.

Response from the accommodation: Uninviting?!! To you perhaps. We actively try not to invite older people. The majority of our guests are 40 years younger than you. We are a traditional youth hostel. Not trying to attract, nor attractive to, 62-year-olds. Sorry, but there are a thousand cheap hotels in Prague. Please let us be!
Age 62, UK
Fantastic hostel!
I loved this hostel and I loved Prague. The staff was incredibly helpful and gave us great recommendations for what to do during our stay in the city. The hostel itself was clean, decorated in fun colors and the beds were extremely comfortable. The common area is also very relaxing. Plus free breakfast!! And it's a filling breakfast with hard boiled eggs. I would stay here again.
Perfect place to socialize and relax in a comfortable environment
A great location within walking distance to main attractions and the river, clean bathrooms and kitchen, comfy beds and a cozy sitting area. The staff were very friendly and accommodating. The decor is very original and fun and creates a great space for socializing. We had a fun and memorable stay! Also, their beer is very tasty.
Art Hole Hostel is everything you'd expect from a typical hostel, but they do it exceedingly well. It is an artsy, slightly-hidden-away gem in the market of overpriced, under-delivering hostels in touristy Prague. They have a "green book" of hidden, local restaurants; hookah bars; and spas and the most helpful staff and owners of any place we've stayed in Europe. Guests also seem to leave behind a lot of convenient items, such as food and alcohol. The Location Art Hole is small (even smaller looking from the front door), and it lacks a sign. It has a flag outside and a green door to identify it, and you have to buzz in. It isn't hidden per se, but slightly on a side street. This is nice, because the location is moderately easy to find, but quiet in the evening. It is in a very convenient location, a five-minute walk from historical Old Town Square. Rooms and Bathrooms The dorm rooms are cozy, with several people squeezed into small bunk beds. They each are painted uniquely by a few different local artists. The bathrooms are cleaned daily, and kept reasonably clean throughout the day, though there were some messier guests staying during our trip. Every room has lockers available, with a small deposit. You can purchase beer or wine at the front desk. There are few bathrooms -- it would be nice if they had more -- and they are far away from some of the beds. A few closets are available to hang clothes and store backpacks. Overall, everything is clean, cozy, and comfortable. Common Spaces There is one medium-sized common room and one kitchen. There are three computers in the common room, which can be hotly contested at some hours of the day. Quiet hours begin around midnight, so no cooking or loud socializing after that. Those staying in the hostel were fun, but not rowdy, and it definitely does not have a reputation as a party hostel. We went out to lunch with a group staying in our bedroom, so it can definitely be a great place to hook up with other travelers and spend time with them. Breakfast and dinner time are great for socializing, as people hang out together at the free breakfast and cook simple meals together in the evening. Summary Overall, this hostel is top notch. The friendliness of the management and other staff, safety, and helpfulness are among the best we've experienced while traveling. The other two places we stayed in Prague (hotel and hostel) cannot compare to Art Hole -- check it out!
Megan Magee

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