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The Review

Seaside Hawaiian Hostel Waikiki is a great little find in the center of Waikiki. The hostel has a very relaxing and friendly atmosphere, with plenty of information about activities in and around the area. It's a great place for new or returning visitors to the island.

The Location

It's got a great location in Waikiki, only about a five-minute walk from Waikiki Beach, as well as plenty of shops, malls, restaurants, and the Hawaiian Center, which offers complimentary daily activities. The hostel is located just off Seaside Road, but is clearly sign posted. There are plenty of bus and tram stops within a couple of minutes walk, including buses to the Pearl Harbour memorial, the airport, and to the start of Diamond Head State Memorial. Onsite parking is also available for those who wish to hire a car.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Dorms and private rooms are available with private and shared en suite. There are in-room lockers, which are large enough to fit a sixty-five-liter backpack plus some. Linen and towels are included, however if you wish to have an extra blanket, then you must request this from the reception. Beds are comfortable. There are no blinds or curtains in the dorms, so just keep that in mind when getting changed in the room. Rooms are spacious with plenty of power points. There is only one bathroom per dorm room (so one shower per six to eight people). Showers are hot and spacious with plenty of room for getting changed. Rooms are cleaned daily.

Common Spaces

There is a communal, fully equipped kitchen with an assortment of herbs and spices for use. A complimentary breakfast of toast, tea, and coffee is included each morning, and extras (muffins, eggs, oats) can also be purchased for a reasonable price. The hostel is a social hostel, however quiet time starts at 11 p.m. Guests vary in nationality as well as age, which ensures there is a good mix of people. There is plenty of information around the hostel about bus times, sights, shops and other local information. The hostel also offers free use of body boards, games, DVDs, and books.


We really enjoyed our time at the Seaside Hawaiian Hostel. Staff are extremely friendly and helpful, and the entire hostel is traveler friendly. Our only concern would be for guests arriving outside of reception hours (reception is only open 8 a.m. to midnight) -- there is no one to check you in outside of these hours, and the entire hostel is secure with keys/locking system, so you would not be able to enter the hostel, which means you could be left stranded until 8 a.m.
by Kelly Sheldrick Staff Reviewer
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Communal kitchen
Front entrance
Street entrance
Communal bathroom
Dorm and lockers


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Seaside Hawaiian Hostel Waikiki" at 419 Seaside Avenue.)


419 Seaside Avenue, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, USA
21.280379, -157.826179 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (808) 924-3303
+1 (808) 923-2111
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89% Guest Reviews

Friendly staff, good location, clean
Stayed on Seaside Hostel for 5 nights during the summer and was satisfied with what I found. Friendly and helpful staff, just a few minutes walk to the beach, near the two main drags in Waikiki. Room was pretty clean, beds were ok. No real complaints on this part. Only problems are not to the Hostel to fix. Can get noisy at night due to the proximity to Kuhio ave. and, if you don't like hookers or drugs, you'd be desperate, since both of them run free around the corner of Kuhio with Seaside. But then again, that is not the Hostel's problem. Price was ok, bbq days were great ... would do it again!
Age 24, Brazil
Wonderful w/ a problem
This is a very nice hostel, friendly staff, clean, excellent location, big courtyard, but they need to close it for a day to get rid of the bedbugs.
Age 37, usa
Bedbugs, dishonesty, unorganized
I stayed here for four nights during my stay in Hawaii, three at the beginning of my trip and the other one at the end. I booked a two bed female dorm. The hostel is practically located in the red light district; all the prostitutes hang around on Kuhio Avenue at night and drug dealers are right around the corner. The hostel's patio is nice, but the area is very noisy at night. Bring earplugs. The beach is close, but nearby it is very small and surrounded by resorts. The hostel lets you borrow all kinds of stuff, like beach towels and snorkels, which is nice. During the first stay the girl below me got bedbugs. Bloodstains all over here sheets, feces on the bottom of her mattress, and she caught one. They cleaned the room, but not as thoroughly as I hoped. The feces was still there. The manager said he didn't clean the pillows as he was sure there was nothing on there. The eggs are barely visible so who knows? The other girl cancelled the rest of her stay, I did not want to go through the hassle of finding something else and luckily didn't get anything. So far. When I booked my stay at the hostel I booked the three nights on their website and e-mailed them if I could book another night at my end of the stay; they normally only allow a minimum of two nights. This was no problem. When I came back after four nights on the big island, I checked in around 9 pm. The girl gave me the keys for one of the rooms, and I walked into the two bedroom which is behind the main dorm. Both beds were taken, and the main dorm was a six bed mixed one. I paid more for a smaller, female room, so I went back to the reception and told the other girl that was there that there had been a mistake. She checked my booking which was printed out and confirmed that I was right. She called the girl that had checked me in, and she said that I had not booked the two bed. I reminded her that I paid the exact same amount as during my first stay and that that was for what they call a private. She looked at her computer and said I wasn't booked for a two bed. I pointed at the printed out receipt, which did state a two bed female dorm. She flat out lied to me. Then she said there was no availability for a two bed and she could repay me the difference, and she couldn't do anything else because she wasn't the person to take care of that (then why do you work there?). I just stared back at here, then she went to check the room I originally stayed in and it turned out my old bed was available. Sigh.
Bedbugs and staff refusal to acknowledge or deal with them
This place has BEDBUGS. Everyone in my dorm room got multiple bites in rows, as bed bugs are known to bite. I also found bedbug droppings on my sheets. The hostel staff was notified numerous times by different people in the room, and each time the same staff members who had previously been told acted surprised as if they had never heard of this problem before. Eventually, one person acknowledged that they had had a bedbug problem before but that they had "gotten rid of" them (though obviously they hadn't). After days of complaining, and after the bites had spread from two beds to every bed, the owner of the hostel finally took some initiative and spent a few hours in the room with a hot gun. However, it appears that all he did was put all of the mattresses and pillows in the middle of the floor and use a hot gun on the bed frames (or some of the bed frames, not even all of them). He didn't go around the floor; he doesn't seem to have done anything to the mattresses (which have black cloth covers and are easy for bedbugs to hid in); and he left the pillows and some of the sheets in the room. After this, staff members told us that the owner didn't "find" anything, and so there were no bedbugs. But bedbugs are tiny and can't be easily "found" on black mattresses or dark carpets (it doesn't really seem like he looked much, either). It seems like the staff was trying to convince us that we made it up, though we all had multiple bites. Also, the staff seemed entirely unsympathetic to the whole problem. Before the owner "inspected" the room I complained to one staff person that we had all gotten bitten and were likely to bring the bedbugs home with us. She stated, entirely unemotionally and unsympathetically, "Ya. That's usually what happens." I would not recommend staying here. I have found more bites since I got home, and now have to spend days cleaning and washing in a desperate attempt to not have bedbugs in my house!!
Bedbugs ... stay away.
Barb and Mel
Definitely the one of the worst in honolulu!
This is my fourth trip to Hawaii and i've stayed at all of the Hostels in Waikiki and this one is by the worst. Despite the fact that it's centrally located, it has the dubious distinction of being surrounded by three rundown gay bars and all the trimmings that come with it, including the horrifyingly ugly transvestite hookers that are lurking around as you come out of the hostel driveway onto waikiki. I also witnessed a young male prostitute taking two old men by the very dimly lit garage near the entrance way of the hostel for oral sex. And unlike the lemon road hostels where you come out and turn the corner and there is the beach, this one is a bit of a walk to get to the main beach. The rooms are very dim and shabby looking and this is the only hostel of the bunch where i've seen giant cockroaches. The place also has a lot of those tiny, tiny ants. I think the two staff members that were responsible for cleaning were doing a good job but no matter what they did, the place looked shabby in part because the lighting was really poor especially considering that there are no windows and because of the dreadful drapes that shield the bunk bed for privacy. (privacy is good with the drapes but it severely limits interaction with other guests) This is also the only place where you can't do your own laundry. You have to give it to the staff and pay $4. The office hours really suck too because they're closed from 12 to 4 in the afternoon and closed after 11 p.m. I met a couple of staff members that were really cool but when you're there for a vacation, it only takes one a-hole staff member to ruin everything and believe me this place has one. Oh he had his favorites of course.They also had this one couple working there and i swear i never saw them smile once during my stay. After some social drinking on the patio, we cleaned up because the patio closes at 11 p.m. and this woman that was part of the couple came out and saw a salt shaker left on the table and she yelled out about five times demanding to know who left the salt shaker out. And the owner is a middle aged man who was there everyday and seems nice enough but really didn't want to hear any complaints. The positives were the free internet and the kitchen, which seemed to be kept clean and well organized, but overall you should try the other ones before this place.
Clean, Friendly, and Fun
This was the first hostel we had ever stayed in and we loved it! It was in a perfect location short walking distance to Waikiki Beach, International Market Place, close to great shopping, fabulous restaurants such as Dukes and the Cheesecake Factory, and for the partiers this is the prime location close to many great clubs and bars. The hostel was very safe, clean, and well kept up. The people and staff were all very friendly and helpful. It was a great experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in cheaply staying in Waikiki.
  Everybody was real and just straight up nice. We enjoyed meeting people from all over the globe that were jammed up in that one room with us. The location of the hostel was very convenient, considering that we were on a mission to explore Honolulu, and Waikiki and that we did. We are going to come back sometime soon.
Cassandra & Aleisha!!!!!

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