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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Backpackers Vacation Inn - Plantation Village" at 59-788 Kamehameha Highway.)


59-788 Kamehameha Highway, Haleiwa, Oahu, Hawaii, USA
21.644849, -158.063383 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (808) 638-7838
+1 (808) 638-7515
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Surfers paradise!
I just returned from a week stay at Backpackers in cabin 7 at plantation village and it was the trip of my lifetime! Short bike ride away from Pipeline and all the famous spots on north shore. The crew cleans the cabins every morning and from what I hear a new manager who actually cares took over and things have improved significantly. Great atmosphere as I met many very cool people from all over the world and the crew members (Steve & Calvin in particular) were very friendly and sociable. No bedbugs and no theft problems. Theres a beach right across the street where you can lay out, check out the stars at night, snorkel, or just swim. Highly recommended for fellow surfers! Best value in town! Thanks everyone at Backpackers for a great experience, I shall return!
Age 27, O'side, CALI
Something that smelt like alcohol dripped from above the loft floor
something that smelt like alcohol dripped from above the loft floor cracks. urine based? About 2am I felt wet drippings on my back, the end. The bedbug on my pillow was the version of a thank you mint to boot. This is written real time so I'll sleep in the car until they open. Shame to be so close to the church at Waimea Bay. Otherwise a neat architectural hostel.
(US mainland)
The plantation has a distinct sort of country charm. This country feel came from the three cute little pigs roaming freely about the property. The numerous roosters did their part to ensure that you were awake early so you could smell the morning fresh dairy air. Dairy air, dairy air dirty stinky dairy air, but I wasn't on a farm just a stinky plantation village room. These roosters that were causing such a ruKus had plenty of reason to be at the plantation because there were lots of bugs for them to eat. I probably should have lured a couple of these birds into my room so they could feed on the assortment of insects available in that location. However the foul smell from my pillow would probably even scare them away.
Great location, Great Value, Genuine Staff. We will stay here again.
We stayed in the Beach House last Sept Oct. It was clean and presentable. The location is excellent, The Staff really friendly and helpful. That really made it for us as the kids just borrowed the boogie boards or snorkel gear when they wanted. Craig at the desk made them welcome and our holiday safe and fun for us by providing good advice. If you like to laugh meet other people and have a good time locally then this is the place to stay. Try the Shark Cove Grill too. Thank you Sharlyn and Backpacker Staff for a fabulous holiday.
Place is filthy and rundown
I booked 4 nights here and ended up leaving after the first night bedbug bitten and thinking that the people who ran this place couldn't give a rip about anyone staying here. All they care about is the money. If you are someone who doesn't care about anything clean, stay here. Otherwise stay away!
Sad, sad place!
Unfortunately the woman owner and her bicycle-sidekick suck big time. She has let the place deteriorate to a shambles even to the extent the whole place should be quarantined as a health hazard. It shows a deep disrespect to the heritage of the structures and most probably violates all sorts of codes for maintaining safe structures for inhabitants. Very sad indeed! Don't stay there!!
Bike man from Sweden
Cleaned Up Its Act!
Great place! The hostel is fun and in the perfect location! Very relaxing, modest, and quaint accommodation with a great group of staff. No bedbugs, and our rooms were very clean. Highly recommended place to stay if you visit North Shore!
Affordable and convenient for short term stay
Obviously this isn't the finest accommodation to be found on north shore Oahu. The dormitories aka plantation village is a collection of beach shacks usually containing two rooms, and a kitchen/living area. There are usually around six beds per cabin. each cabin also has a small porch. The cleanliness of the cabins largely depends on the cleanliness of its inhabitants. saying that this place is a little rough around the edges (like many hostels) is a fair statement, actually this place needs some serious TLC. termite damage is not uncommon and the hostels lick and stick policy of fixing things is not going to extend the life of these cabins forever. most suffering is staff cabin # 5 -- this otherwise charming cabin appears to have a rotted support beam underneath. the front porch dips deeply in one corner and if you sat a ball on the floor inside it will without being touched roll towards the refrigerator. the other cabins are in a little better shape. there's no AC which isn't to big of a deal. the hostel is in an awesome location on one of the nicest stretches of coast in hawaii, or probably in the world. foodland is an easy block or two away. there are bikes for rent and yes there are wild chickens running around on the property, just like everywhere else on the northshore. sometimes wild pigs are spotted on hostel grounds. there's mango and papaya trees on site. most of the people who stay here "long term" more than a few days, are usually surfers from all around the world who are on a budget and would be beach bunnies from far flung countries with overcast climates. like all hostels the guest are a mixed group of anyone and everyone. expect a little noise and probably some unnecessary drama (beer can be bought nearby and with so many people from different backgrounds, not everyone is going to get along all the time) most of the people staying there were happy to be on vacation and eager to meet new people, have a laugh and enjoy some sunshine. don't be afraid of this place it's fine and if you realize you'd rather be somewhere more commercial waikiki is just a bus or shuttle ride away.
(United States)

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