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Address: 1301 E. Dickinson Boulevard, Fort Stockton, Texas, USA

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Great place

i was so incredible tired and pulled off for gasoline and the hotel with its distinctive adobe/route 66 look pulled me right in. at the office i was greeted with the most wonderful aroma -- candles burning, not curry -- WOW. got the room for so cheap i was amazed. opened the door to that same great aroma and a remarkably spotless room with real comforter/sheets and towels. not the usual hotel stuff. i have travel for the last 15 years as an RN. i am still tired and just informed the office i was so comfortable and slept so good i was going to stay another night. usually wouldn't have tried an off the road/no commercial hotel, but i did great with this stop.

cynthia j


It is my understanding that the "new owners" have lost the place and it is either being managed by the previous owners children, or that his children possibly have it up for sale.


(United States)


I stayed here and wrote a beautiful review of this place. But when the new owners took over, they royally jacked us! They made us rent another room because we had 3 small children living with us and they said we couldn't have more than 3 people total in a room even though, we had four beds in the room. We paid our room by the week and when we left, we had just paid the rent. A day later, we had to relocate with the company, and tried to get a partial refund. The owners stated that we weren't entitled to one due to staying 1 night and having three kids with us. They charged us $75 for kids and 150 for the room for one night. I hope this place goes under and stays under!!



It was ok, but I really liked the owner at the time.

My husband and I travel with his company and when we didn't have the money for an expensive motel, the owner there let us stay the night and pay the next morning when my husband got his check. The motel is old and very rustic. We have been guests there for over three months now and even though we have had a few problems with the room and such, the owner has tried her best to make everything good for us to be able to remain there. In Fort Stockton, there are few motels and the prices are outrageous, but here, the price has been fairly reasonable and I have enjoyed being here. Being from the country life myself, living here has been almost like home for me and my family.



I read good reviews about this hostel, so I was optimistic. When I arrived, I saw it is more of a compound than a hostel. Anyway, I parked my car and there was a man who greeted me. I asked him where is the reception area and he asked me what do I want. I asked him whether he is the guy in charge. After a few seconds of thinking, he said that the owner passed away three months ago and he and another girl are taking care of the place. I told him I'm looking for a private room for the night. He thought for about ten seconds and finally said that they really rent the place for a week or so. I told him I want it for one night. As it took him more than ten seconds to think, I said thank you and went back to my car. When he saw this, he said that there is a room for $40 a night. I said no thanks and continued walking to my car. He then said there is another room for just $23 with a refrigerator. Although I haven't stayed here, I don't want any business to do with people who don't want their customers business and try to do them a favor by giving them a room for the night. The place didn't seem like a blooming business anyway and I believe the guy just tried to squeeze a buck out of me.



I loved this place. I went in 1998 with my buddy. We were on a month long roadtrip from FL to CA and back. i had a private room for 23 bucks, after a thirty-second negotiation with the manager. I love Americana and this is a piece of it. If you are not worried about high class and just want a cool place to meet real people, this is it. We spent a week in Big Bend Park and if you get a chance go there.The hot spring is awesome, we met some modern day hippies who were a week into a two-week fast from all toxins, smoke, food -- that was, until they saw our cooler full of beer. All in all, if you can hang with low cost quarters to stay in, you will usually have a better time and better stories when it's over. How many times have you ever had a really cool, non-boring story after staying in a Marriott? Never.



Stayed here on my way through Texas (there are very few budget options). Owner was friendly and the location was close enough. It's basically a tiled motel room with three bunk beds, TV, and a fridge. The best thing about the room is the self controlled gas heating, which you can turn up very high. There were no other people in the room when I was there (owner said this had been the case for most of Nov and Dec). Beds were clean enough but person on front desk said someone found a scorpion in their room a few month early (I checked my bed very carefully). The negative would certainly be the disgusting bathroom area which is very, very unclean. I had a shower wearing shoes and still felt dirty. So maybe avoid it if you're a clean freak. Most of the guests seemed to be travelers and not long term renters, which was good.



Located half way Between El Paso and Austin/San Antonio, Texas, Comanche Motel & Hostel is a good place to crash for a night. The common area is small and the office is smoky but the dorm is in a separate building away from the smoke. There are three friendly kittens hanging around the outside door. There's also plenty of space for parking.

If you're looking for a quiet place with hardly anyone to share a big room of nine beds, then this is the place. The beds are metal bunks with average mattresses and Mexican blankets on top. There is a TV and refrigerator in the room but they both are useless. There is no internet access in the hostel.

The hostel is part of a cute motel with Southern decor on the walls and in the office. The dorm however is not kept clean and the bathroom is not very inviting and needs fixing. Additionally, the price is high considering the location and the service provided.



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Wi-Fi in Lobby/Commons


Credit Card Payments


Service Animals


Checkout: 12:00 (12 Noon)


Curfew: No Curfew


Lockout: No


Maximum Stay: Unlimited


Minimum Stay: 1 night


Open Dates: All Year


Reception Hours: 24 Hours


Size: Small (less than 30 beds)