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Houston International Hostel is a small, family-run hostel in a formerly stately old house, boasting a good location, and the cheapest price in Houston -- though, you get what you pay for.

The Location

Houston International Hostel is located on a quiet residential street in the Museum District of the large city, with a number and attractions within walking distance, including the Museum of Fine Art, Museum of Natural Science, and Houston Zoo. The hostel is also in close proximity to the Red Line of the METRORail for relatively cheap rides, with easy access to the city’s downtown area.

Reception is staffed 8 to 10 a.m. and 5 to 10 p.m., so this may be a challenge for people arriving outside of those times for check-in.

Rooms and Bathrooms

There are three dorm rooms in addition to three private rooms within the hostel. Note that the bunk beds are creaky, so bring your earplugs for a good night’s sleep.

The hostel is in a large old house, which is showing its age and appears somewhat rundown. Given the age of the building, fittings, and furniture, the hostel does have an unclean feel to it. Added to this, the dorm room was not swept and trash can wasn’t emptied during our stay, so tidiness could certainly be improved.

The bathrooms are similarly due for an update and missing items such as hand soap, but are functional and have hot water for showering.

Guests are issued with a key for their room, in addition to a key for the hostel’s front door when reception is not staffed. There are no lockers in the rooms for valuables.

Common Spaces

There is a kitchen available for guest use, with fridge and shelf space for labeled food storage. The hostel’s common spaces include a lounge room available (no television), dining room adjacent the kitchen, and a front porch with tables and chairs to hang out.

There is an eclectic mix of decorations throughout, with old framed paintings adorning the walls and knick-knacks lining most surfaces, making for a kitschy feel.

Given the cheapest price in town, the hostel attracts a diverse clientele of varying ages and situations. While certainly not a party hostel, the atmosphere is friendly enough, though guests at the time of stay weren’t a cohesive group.


Given the condition of the hostel, we suggest that it is fine for a short stay on a budget; however, for longer stays, travelers may be better off looking at the other limited hostel options in Houston.
by Michelle W
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Houston International Hostel" at 5302 Crawford Street.)


5302 Crawford Street, Houston, Texas, USA
29.724747, -95.383244 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (713) 523-1009
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  The house is in a nice area. But the house and everything inside are old. They have bedbugs in the mattresses, the bathtub looks dirty. Holes on the wall and on the mosquito net, so if not the bedbugs, than something else gonna bite you. You have to pay for the WIFI. They accept only cash even if they something else in the booking confirmation letter.
Great Value & Quality
Houston International Hostel compares with some of the world's finest. The location is excellent and near many of the major museums, universities, downtown hotspots and much more. There is ideal comfort in the rooms and commons areas and wifi access throughout. The staff is helpful and friendly as well. Visitors to Houston should think of Houston International Hostel first.
Age 34, USA
Quiet but cosy
Definitely not a party hostel! The staff were fantastic, really friendly and helpful. The location was pretty good, 10-15 mins walk from Metro station and a cheap supermarket, 5 minute walk from the museums. The hostel itself has a few long-term guests who weren't really traveling but they were interesting to talk to. It was very quiet (no TVs!) and good if you like a relaxed atmosphere. BE AWARE. Unfortunately the oven and toasters were not working, which I discovered after I'd been shopping. Only 2 toilets and showers for the whole hostel.
Age 25, UK
The whole building is infested. The Hostel. The bicycle shop. The owner's house. Stay AWAY!

Response from the accommodation: After research, this person has not stayed here in the past 8 months!
Allen Bentley
Cozy, comfortable, great location
I found staff very helpful, friendly and good knowledge of the surroundings, great facilities for cooking, great location to trains, museums, and a really safe area to stay. Found it a warm environment to stay in. I enjoyed the company from the friendly cats at the hostel made it feel like home. Lots of maps and use of internet so can book and see where things are. I found the price was good for what you get. I had an enjoyable stay.
Simon Brace
(New Zealand)
  For someone who'd never ever stepped into a hostel before and only had the warnings of elderly relatives and people that had seen the film 'Hostel' to go on, this was a perfect introduction. Very close to museum district and excellent public transport links to centre of town, easy going atmosphere (no chores/lockouts -- but staff on hand if needed) and a quality crowd of youngsters to rave with -- its small but not too small, and i fell in love with the rocking chair out front. facilities were good, hot water, internet prices ok when shared between 4 of us!
Located in the Museum District of Houston, Houston International Hostel is within walking distance to all the major museums in town. A few blocks away are the Houston Holocaust Museum, Museum of Natural Science, Museum of Fine Arts, Children's Museum, and many many more. It's only a fifteen-minute ride by public transportation to Downtown Houston and its many attractions. Getting from the Hostel to the Galleria shopping center is not too far by car, but can be extremely difficult if using public transportation. The Hostel itself is located in a side street, which can be a bit hard to find for the first time. It's quite a walk from the nearest train station (nine blocks), which isn't convenient for travelers with heavy bags. It's very easy to get to the hostel from Houston's Greyhound station (the metro station is right across the road), however getting there from the Amtrak station is much harder and requires a walk, and a few bus transfers. The hostel itself is located in a somewhat run-down house, it has three bathrooms (one on the ground floor and two more on the second floor) which are kept fairly clean, a very big and well equipped kitchen, a nice big common area, a small TV lounge, outside patio, luggage storage, pay phone, and three Internet access computers. The Internet access is expensive, but an unlimited access card is available, which makes it worthwhile for travelers planning to spend more than a few days in the hostel. The dorms are clean and neat, and the beds are outstandingly comfortable. On the downside, this hostel has some weird regulations and rules. First, each traveler has chores to do. They aren't harshly enforced, but you have to do at least two chores every day (chores range from taking out the trash to cleaning your room). Secondly, the hostel has a lockout between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. and between midnight to 8 a.m. -- which means travelers cannot stay in their room past 10 a.m. or return to the hostel after midnight without getting the staff's approval and a key. Travelers arriving late, and not during the reception hours, will be forced to wait outside for the staff to come back, so plan your arrival accordingly. The atmosphere is another major problem of this hostel. This hostel has a lot of permanent residents, which are somewhat dodgy, and you wouldn't want to get on their bad side. The permanent residents are pretty old, and not very fun, which makes the entire atmosphere shift between drowsy, dreary, and boring. All in all, this hostel has great potential, and decent conditions, so if you're looking for a place to stay but not more than that, it should be your choice in Houston. If you're looking for a more social place, where you could meet travelers like yourself, you'll have to look elsewhere.
Michael Pod
  I stayed here for almost a month one hot summer and it was amazing. I personally love it when there are "long-timers" in a hostel because you have many options outside of staff for people who know the neighborhood. I made some friends, had great conversation, and the first day i was there i had no cash and no food and strangers fed me and gave me tea. what else can you say?

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