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This is a large hotel with some shared dorm rooms located in the northwest part of downtown. If you're looking for a fun hostel to hang out with other young backpackers, this may not be the best choice. There are occassionally some young travellers that stay here, but not many. And all of the rooms are smoking, so the whole place is smoky and dusty. The location is good if you want to be downtown, but if you have a car you'll have to either park far away or pay for a parking garage.
by David Staff Reviewer


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Joyce Hotel" at 322 SW 11th Avenue.)


322 SW 11th Avenue, Downtown, Portland, Oregon, USA
45.522563, -122.681847 (accuracy not guaranteed)
None (if you know the URL of their website, tell us and we'll add it)
+1 (503) 243-6757
+1 (503) 295-2485
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Better than nothing.
I spent 6 months here, off, and on, when I had the cash, and to use the Laundry. The rest of the time, I camped out, and then we built R2Dtoo (3rd&Burnside) which is free. It's cheap, its seedy, it's loud, and it's Dry. Avoid the second floor, it's right over the club.
Age 41, American
  You know, I moved to Portland with a suitcase and a pocket full of change. I knew nothing, had no idea where the f*** to go or what to do, I found this place at 3 am walking around. Went in, took a room and didn't have any problems. Sure, it's not the f***ing Hilton. Hell, it's not even a Days Inn by the airport (east coasters, you know what I mean). But it just works if you're down on money and you know NOTHING about Portland, Oregon. You'll learn it fairly quickly, get a job, and move into a more permanent residence. Also, yeah, the showers aren't that wonderful. But it's DOWNTOWN Portland, no one will notice anyway. Shower at a friend's. Don't have any? Make one, use their shower. Otherwise, decent place.
The Joyce is my safe haven
I have lived at the Joyce on and off for years. I am one of those strung out heroin addicts that call The Joyce home. Yes, this place has a LOT of "character". Even in my drug hazed mind, I found the place rather disgusting at times. But this was MY place, and MY people. And who else would accept me back again and again regardless of my lifestyle, my addiction, police arresting me on site for outstanding warrents, and leaving the room in far from desirable conditions for housekeeping?? No one else would have welcomed me back and treated me with the amount of compassion they did. That's what this place is about. Accepting you as you are, regardless -- and getting you off the streets for a night to have shelter. And I love Rico!!! That cat has brought me happiness on many a long, lonely night. So think what you may, but the Joyce has been my safe haven in this dreary existence I am spiraling through.
Unclean always. Drunks, drug users, piss stinkers, liars, feces lovers, lazy pigs!
  I worked here when I arrived homeless in 1998 with my teenage bride I picked up in New Mexico -- right after my release from a maximum security prison in Kansas. The "86" list always made me laugh -- along with guest rooms marked "Fire Escape"! Mmm, I have seen a lot worse, in terms of drugs and druggies, at finer establishments. People keep to themselves (except for the crazies). Hey -- they gave me a job. And then I burned them. Now, I will probably need a room. Oh, I would not enter the community shower -- the Evil Dead.
it sucks
The lobby area makes you not even rent a room and someone should call the health inspector the beds are starting to move, thruly a roaches paradise
(this place sucks)
This hotel is not as bad as some people make it out to be.
People like to blow things out of proportion when they don't get what they want. I, for one, have lived there for four months and have had problems off and on. If you don't like the Joyce or Kent, go somewhere where it is more expensive. Some of us can put up with a lot.
(Portland, OR, USA)
Suck it up, this place is cheap
ive been staying at the kent off and on for four or five years. its dirty, smelly, and f***in cheap. get a private room, make nice with the staff (cause they rock), and settle in. you can ask to see the room and say no if you want. the staff know what the place looks like and are very willing to make your stay better. i travel the country on a regular basis and dont keep a solid home, the kent is home for me in portland. use what ever street smarts your god gave you and suck it up! this place has saved my ass so many times.

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