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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "St. Petersburg International Hostel" at 28 3rd Sovetskaya street.)


28 3rd Sovetskaya street, St. Petersburg, Russia
59.933224, 30.368971 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+7 (812) 329-8018
+7 (812) 329-8019
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We spend great days there, very satisfied
helpful staff, nice central position. Nice double rooms. safe place, large breakfast. help with visa support. almost clean. not noisy. small common room. mosquitoes (but they rent repellent!). few showers. toilets acceptable.
  Hey, I can only tell you that I was satisfied with everything. The staff speak English, and they are friendly, especially Maria. :-) I really recommend you go here. It is a nice clean place and the service is excellent. This is one of the best hostels I have stayed in.
This hostel isn't located in the nicest of locations -- the two people I passed on the road on my way there in the evening both asked me for money. That said, once you get into the hostel it is very secure. There is a guard at the foot of the stairs at all times, key codes to get into every floor and only one key per room (which is actually very annoying as someone else in your room is likely to have it or be returning it to reception as you're heading up to your room). The building is old and not in particularly good condition. The rooms are reasonably clean, but the bathrooms are a bit smelly, and if you go in summer you can't avoid the mosquitos. The dorms rooms are single-sex rooms. I don't think you're told this on the website and it wasn't mentioned to us when me and my partner booked either, so we ended up in different rooms. There is a common room with tv, etc., but I never got to see it as it was always closed by the time I got back in the evening. The included breakfast is some cereal, bread, cheese, an egg, and orange juice. None of it seems very fresh though, particularly the orange juice which tastes like it has been sitting somewhere for a very long time, but it is edible. The staff are reasonably helpful when you can actually get to talk to them. They seem to take breaks at most inconvenient times though. For example, they shut themselves in the office for 1/2 an hour to have a break and talk to each other in the office while people were waiting to check out and get their passports back in the morning. They do, however, do a good job sorting out your Visa documents before you get there and passport registration once you're there. There is also an independent travel centre in the reception area where you can book local travel and tours, which could come in handy, and one computer with internet (that they'll charge a small fee for if reception is open). Overall it's not too bad, but not very good either.
Dave Sanders
(New Zealand)
  Well, the front desk staff were great and always friendly, but the bathrooms were disgusting (especially for women) and the beds were harder than rocks. There are no screens on the windows, so don't go in the summer because you'll sleep with a sheet over your head the whole time trying to ward off the mosquitos. The breakfast was good as long as you could remember all of the codes to get onto each floor. If this is the best hostel in all of St. Petersburg, than I would hate to see the worst!!!

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