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1 Bunny Street, Wellington, New Zealand
-41.280207, 174.779959 (accuracy not guaranteed)
64 4 4738482
64 4 4735363
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Downtown Wellington Backpackers is housed in a beautiful Art Deco building -- it was formerly a proper hotel and still retains a lot of it's charm (the facade and the inside are kept in style). The Location We found the hostel to be super conveniently located directly opposite the train station and the Bluebridge Ferry Terminal (to the Interislander terminal one has to take the shuttle bus from the train station). Some people complain that it's not in downtown Wellington, as the name suggests, but that didn't bother us at all, as it's only a few minutes walk to everywhere and there are sights close by (including the government building "beehives"). There is also a twenty-four-hour reception in case you arrive or leave early/late plus a tour booking desk that can cater for most needs. Rooms and Bathrooms The rooms are big enough for everyone to comfortably store their luggage. Bunk beds are fine apart from the bunks being pretty close together -- the person occupying the lower bunk doesn't have a lot of space. The rooms have their own bathrooms. Both rooms and bathrooms are decently clean but the carpets could do with a overhaul. The heating system is also a bit crooked -- it is either on or off, so this means that thanks to bad insulation, it is either hot or ice cold in the rooms if you're there in winter. In addition to the bunks, each room has one desk and one chair plus some cupboards. Common Spaces The common are is a huge hall with a food counter and access to the equally big kitchen on one end. There is a large area with tables and chairs in the middle and a pool table and sofas on the other end plus some computers with internet connection. Through a weird access through the kitchen, you can also reach a TV room, which has also some books. The dining hall, though big, does get immensely crowded during peak meal times, as there seem to be a lot of school groups frequenting this hostel. You can either buy affordable meals all through the day at the food counter or cook in the well equipped and clean kitchen. There is also a bar accessible right next to the dining hall with cheap drinks and sports TV and more pool tables. Summary The size of the hostel surely doesn't provide for a cosy and intimate atmosphere, but the design and convenient location make up for this!
Old and rundown
The staff here didn't seem to care and took a while to check us in. They do not hold bags at reception, even for an hour so lockers have to be paid for. The was an elevator, which was necessary for the number of floors. The room was old but since we were in a twin, we were sharing a bathroom with just one other room. There is a cafe next to the kitchen that does breakfast. This hostel is not very close to the city centre at all.
  This old hotel is showing its age, but it was clean and well-maintained. The bar was loads of fun. Room are small and drafty (due to the hotel development trends of when it was built), but they were comfortable, clean, and hot water was readily available. On the downside, the kitchen food was not good.
  I got scabies here. I was not happy. Avoid.
  Do not ever stay here. It is filthy and creepy. And it smells.
  AH!!! I shudder to think of this place! I booked two beds in a dorm because of its location near the train station and when I arrived I had to wait for ONE WHOLE HOUR to get checked in. The reason why I had to wait: there were about eight people filing complaints with the hostel. Some of them had dirty rooms, and others were being moved out of their rooms every day against their will! One couple was woken up at night by a staff member who "just remembered" that they had promised the room to someone else! By the time I finally got someone to deal with me, I had a creepy feeling about the place. Staff were sparse and overwhelmed and I had just the worst vibe. Then they said we never made a reservation (I had to go to an Internet cafe and print out the confirmation e-mail to prove it to them) and then they said that people in my beds hadn't checked out yet! It was 2 p.m. and the checkout is at 10 a.m.!!! Well that did it. I didn't stay there (even though they were reluctant to refund me the money!!!). Wellington is in short supply of good hostels, but you can't do much worse than this place. Too bad I can't give it a zero star.
Leanne Law
  This place had a nice art deco style. The dorms were overcrowded hellholes. The double rooms were okay, if old and shabby. The bar is good — especially with free pool! The location is not so good. It takes about 20 minutes to get into the city center and there is very little nearby except the station and ferry terminals.
  This hostel is the worst place on the world!!! I hated it.

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