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203 York Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
45.430157, -75.688131 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (613) 241-3402 or +1 (888) 394-0334
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Good to stay for a short visit
It's a good place to stay for short visit. Location and service is quite good. Fare is good, may come for the next time.
Age 25, China
Good hostel but no ac
The only complaint I had about this hostel was that I was in the top floor with no AC during a very hot spell in Ottawa. For whatever reason, one of the people in my dorm decided to shut the door to the balcony (which brought in the cool night air) in the middle of the night so that made it worse. However, the staff was very helpful and the hostel is in a good location to explore Ottawa from and it's close to a lot of restaurants.
Age 23, USA
the hostel is located in an old house, my dorm room was smelly, I think they didn't use vacuum for a long time, especially under the beds. In the fridge there is not space enough for your grocery. All guests are asked to take off shoes inside the house so floor carpets need now to be changed or cleaned because they smell. Washrooms are not very clean. In general there is not much space in this house and in the evening the small living room is quite full and you cant even sit down anywhere. There are not enough showers so you must stay in line.
The best hostel I've visited
Friendly staff and atmosphere. Tidy at all times. Excellent location. It has large common areas and is a good place to meet interesting people from around the globe. It has free lockers and a fully equipped kitchen. I haven't seen any hostel in North America, Europe, or Asia with such a friendly and cozy atmosphere. I could say the hostel is what i enjoyed the most from Ottawa. Totally recommended.
Roberto Franco
this place is cute and clean and the people are really nice, although occasionally hard to find (although a cell phone number is posted on the door if you really need to find them). parking is only $5/night right next to the hostel which is great. theres a really nice area with great views to walk around five minutes' walk from there. also i stayed in the private room in the basement which is so cute and has a TV and very accessible bathroom. great price too.
  this is a really great place to stay. it is cosy. it is clean, especially the kitchen (this is really important!). the people are very friendly, very nice.
Ottawa Backpackers Inn is just like a small-town hostel, except it's located in Canada's capital of Ottawa. The Backpackers Inn looks a little rundown from the outside with the old, warn couches on the porch, but don't let that fool you -- inside you'll find an environment that is lacking in the sterility of other hostels. The living area is very comfy and you'd be forgiven for trading in the bunk bed for a soft lounge chair. The room is stocked with board games, books, DVDs, and a TV complete with cable. It's a good area to socialise and is a positive of the hostel. A word of warning if you're allergic to cats -- you might consider completely avoiding the downstairs area. The resident cat is known spend the night on the couch with guests and occasionally can be seen jumping across the dining room table. Apart from the cat hair, the hostel is generally clean, although some upstairs bathrooms are rather old and a little cramped (it is an old house after all). Dorm rooms are coed or same sex depending on demand and consist of standard bunk beds. Heating is well controlled and there are dimmers on the lights in the dorm which is a great feature. Parking is available directly behind the hostel for $5 per night -- not a bad deal, considering you are minutes away from the canals and parliament house. There is also a twenty-four-hour food store and pizza shop located within easy walking distance, along with various clubs and bars. You will need a code to re-enter the hostel door and the shoes off rule applies. Kitchen areas are clean (regardless of the fact you might find the cat eating leftovers!) and there is a noticeboard/events board which comes in handy. Internet is available at the combined reception and guest computer or available on wifi (both for free). Occasionally it's hard to find someone to check you in because there is no dedicated office, but just ask around and someone should point you in the right direction. The Ottawa Backpackers has a friendly and easygoing vibe -- if you fit this description, you'll more than likely enjoy yourself.
Matt Sutton
  The loveliest place I ever had the pleasure to stay and work. Martin makes sure his guests are happy, content, and makes his hostel their home for a rest. OBI is like a little house where you can relax your traveling feet and just enjoy your stress-free stay whilst enjoying Ottawa's many attractions. I can't wait to go back there some day soon. Ten outta ten and then some. The alternative is to go to jail. You don't want to go to jail, do you?
Robin O'Farrell

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