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2124 Nordic Drive, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
50.099239, -122.980159 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (604) 932 6604
+1 (604) 932 6604
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Very Clean
Met some great friends here! Everyone was friendly and the place is super clean. Has a full kitchen and looks like the bathrooms were remodeled. Very nice.
Age 23, USA
hostel staff were unfriendly, it was very expensive considering i was given a mattress on the floor with no bedding. shared tiny rooms with no doors and absolutely no security! hostel was very far from bus stop or village -- i was told it was an easy walk with my gear to the hostel from the bus stop -- this was untrue. i would not recommend anyone to stay at this hostel.
Mixed, would not recomend
The lodge is pretty nice but I had a hard time dealing with the people who ran the place. I booked a group here for my school and the host (I think her name was Malenie or something) treated us like we were going to burn the place down. Our group was very laid back and didn't cause any trouble but we were blamed for all kinds of stuff and generally treated like criminals. They were also upset we didn't send them a guest list. We weren't asked to send one, we didn't even get a confirmation when we paid.
Poor customer service
I just called up this place and the receptionist was extremely rude when I tried to book something. She kept on running away to do other things. If you don't mind talking to her and being "put on hold" then i'm sure it's nice but i'll be staying somewhere else because of this person.
Nestled among the trees in the hostel district, UBC Whistler Lodge is located just off the main highway and is only a ten-minute drive to Whistler Village. If you don't have the luxury of a vehicle and a lot of gear, an approximately ten-minute walk to a bus stop will make the trek to the recreation of Whistler a lot easier. The hostel itself is designed like a lodge but it's quite old and very tired looking. Although moderately clean, the building's worn look makes cleanliness appear worse than it really is. Even some basic contents of the lodge seem to have been stretched to their limits. During our two-night stay, the only microwave overheated and stopped working, a vending machine jammed and was out of commission, and one of the two toilets in the men's washroom overflowed and created a mess that wasn't cleaned up for more an hour until staff arrived. Shoes are not permitted in the lodge, so bring slippers to make walking on the hardwood floors more comfortable. As well, equipment, such as skis or snowboards, are not permitted inside the lodge -- however, there is an outdoor lock-up cage where you can store your equipment. The dorm consists of four bunks per room and is separated by curtains (not doors). The rooms are very small as there are two bunks on each side of the walls and a small space in between. There are lock-up cabinets beside each bunk, so you are able to store your belongings safely and securely. Some dorm rooms have a standard size window without curtains, which allows a lot of light into the room when daylight begins. If you stay in the dorm during the winter, take some extra blankets as the lodge is extremely drafty and cold. Bedding is available for a price and includes a fitted sheet, top sheet, moderately thin blanket, pillow, and towel. We stayed in the only private room and were not any luckier, as there are a fair amount of windows, also without curtains. We hung sheets, clothing, and anything else we could find to block-out light. This room is fairly large and consists of some wire shelving, hooks to hang wet clothing, dresser, small table and chair, and a bunk bed with a double mattress on the bottom and a single mattress on top. The private room has the luxury of a baseboard heater; but, when on it is unbearably hot and when off it is extremely cold. This room is also located directly below the kitchen, so you will hear guests walking about and scraping chairs (especially annoying when trying to take an early evening nap). However, the lodge is extremely quiet during the quiet hours of 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. The kitchen is pleasantly large and has ample storage for food and ample space for food preparation. There is even a BBQ on the upper deck for guests to use. Guests are required to label their food and include the name and date of departure or it will be disposed of. Two fridges are available for labeled food and there is a third fridge which houses free food (which we took advantage of). Free coffee is provided by the hostel each morning and is made at 9 a.m. One thing to note is that the kitchen is locked up from 10 p.m to 6:30 a.m., so midnight snacks are out of the picture. On the third floor of the four-floor lodge, there is a very spacious and very cozy lounge with deck to the outside. The pool table and foosball table are located on this floor but be sure to bring change with you. You will also need change if you want to do your laundry or use the massage chairs on the top floor in the TV room (which we highly recommend after a long day of skiing or snowboarding). The lounge also has two vending machines (one for drinks, one for snacks such as chocolate and chips), three couches, a fireplace, a jukebox (which, not surprisingly, wasn't working), and a substantial amount of pamphlets to give you ideas of things to do in and around the Whistler area. Internet is available, but it too has a cost associated with it. You can also rent videos from the lodge for a small fee. One of the main draws to the lodge was that it was the only hostel in the Whistler area to boast of a hot tub and sauna. After a long day of winter sports, the hot tub is a welcome sight to tired and overused muscles. It is clean and very well maintained and is accessible through the men's or women's washrooms. This is where the sauna is also located. Washrooms are not very big and no more than two people can get themselves ready in front of the sinks and mirror. There are no outlets in the washrooms and if you need to dry your hair or find the washroom crowded, you will need to do this in a common hallway where a small mirror, shelf, and outlet is located. It is a bit uncomfortable and you may feel slightly self-conscious. There are three showers per washroom and only two are private. The prices vary throughout the summer and winter season and it did seem slightly high for what we got. However, the price is considered cheap compared to other accommodations in the popular Whistler area. The hostel is not bad -- however, if in the Whistler area again, we will try out another hostel.
Alicia Keesman
  This is a great place to party and stay up as late as you can. There's free beer in the fridges; take as many as you can.
  I slept like a baby... great atmosphere and hot tub! I'll be back.
  This is a great place to meet European chicks, however, good luck getting any rest.. it's loud all hours of the night -- no matter who's bed you're in. I recommend it if you don't mind being miserable when you are trying to sleep. Nice hottub, and good times.

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