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Baron Ruzettelaan 143, Assebroek, Bruges (Brugge), West-Flanders, Belgium
51.194146, 3.233718 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+32 (0)50 352 679
+32 (0)50 353 732
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HI Hostels
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82% Guest Reviews

Decent and cheap hostel, not great location or amenities.
The hostel was clean and the staff were friendly. Also, breakfast was free and decent. That said, there were only two outlets in a room with six beds, which is pretty terrible, and made it so I could never charge anything in my room because someone else was always using it. Also, wifi was only in the lobby, not the rooms. Also, the bathrooms and showers in the dorm area are closed for four or five hours for cleaning during the day, which seems excessive, and isn't good for someone who wants to sleep in and then take a shower. Bit of a walk from the city center, but not too terrible. They do rent out bikes, which was nice.
Unexpectedly good
at the beginning, we went this hostel by thinking "hostels are always uncomfortable because of their low price." however this hostel was very good; surprised us. its conditions like breakfast, beds are perfect. if i go to bruges again, it's certain where i stay -- europa hostel.
Age 22, Turkish
HI - Bruges - Europa Hostel is a great hostel with great atmosphere! We really enjoyed our stay and definitely would go back! The staff are friendly. Most everyone in the whole town speaks English and are very friendly. The Location The location is good -- it's right on the main street, a five-minute walk from the beach. It's a good distance from the train station(s), but the directions the hostel gives you when you book are perfect. The tram takes about twenty-five minutes. It's like the second-to-last stop on the tram. You can pretty much walk everywhere else. Rooms and Bathrooms The rooms are nice and spacious, even the twelve-bed rooms. They have a shower and toilet in the room. It's kind of hot at night, but we kept the windows closed because it was raining. The beds are comfortable. The showers are very nice and spacious, but the water does drain a little slow. And it's nice to have a separate sink outside of the toilet and shower when there are that many people in one room. Common Spaces There are lots of common spaces, including a great-sized room inside and great-sized patio! They play music and try to make it as fun as possible. The hostel staff really promotes people hanging out and mingling, so a lot of people do this -- it is great for making new friends. The staff are very helpful with whatever you may need. There is a big-screen TV and a playstation, which all the guys love. The full-size kitchen -- with any appliance you can think of -- is great for cooking a real meal in there anytime. Breakfast is included and it's fairly decent -- bread/toast with spreads; yogurt; muesli/cereal; meats and cheese; and juice, tea, and coffee. Summary This is perfect for a little break in the middle of your travels where you can relax and catch up some. It's not a small town -- there's lots to see -- but you definitely get the small-town feel. The local stores are great -- you can get local cheese and meats right next door. The restaurants nearby are fairly cheap. We would definitely recommend and would go back!
Janell Jones
(United States)
A decent hostel, it was clean and you got a free breakfast, the dorm rooms were quite good but it is a little far from the centre, Brugge is small so it's not too bad. No lockers from what I remember.
I visited the hostel on a school trip and found the facilities were to quite a high standard and I quite enjoyed the meals. I felt secure in my room and was fairly comfortable, and impressed that we had our own space in the form of a common room. However I was extremely unimpressed by how myself and other members of the party were dealt with by the staff. They were very unfriendly, unapproachable and sometimes just plain rude. I can understand if they may get annoyed by a lot of school children running around but I am an 18 years old and don't understand why I was treated like I was. It unfortunately discouraged me from visiting the hostel again.
  Fairly quiet when I stayed here, the hostel was very clean. ok, yes, it's a bit of a walk to the station, but by this stage of my trip, it was a breeze.
(New Zealand)
  It's a bit far from the town center, but it's really comfortable, clean, calm and cheap. Good choice.
  This hostel is pretty average. It has a very school trip/camp-like atmosphere, mainly because children and young teens frequent it with their class trips or what-have-you. My fiancée and I stayed here one night because there were no spots available at my favorite hostel. We were forced to sleep in male/female separated rooms, but that wasn't too bad. The rooms are clean, and have clean sheets. The halls have a lot of tracked-in sand from the tennis court out front, but the breakfast is decent, and the desk guy is friendly. It's a bit steep at 25 euros plus a 5 euro deposit per person per night, but it's not that bad. P.S. Don't stay here if you plan to go out at night or plan to have a fun atmosphere. It's a long walk outside the city, and there is nothing around but residential housing. The sad part is, it has an amazingly nice-looking bar, but it is closed by 8 p.m. or so.

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