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Lenaustrasse 12A, Hannover (Hanover), Lower Saxony, Germany
52.372140, 9.722240 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+49 (511) 131 99 19
+49 (511) 1 52 02
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Hostel Hannover is a decent hostel. It is too far to walk from from the hauptbahnhof/main station but is easy to find from the Goetheplatz tram stop. There is a dearth of decent cheap accommodation in Hannover –- and apart from the YHA hostel which is often full -– there are no other budget places to stay. The hostel seems more like the owner's has put a few beds into one of the rooms of his house and has hostellers stay there. The owner speaks little English but is quite laid back and friendly. If you know a little German, he is full of tips for decent places to eat and drink nearby. The beds are comfortable if a little aged. The kitchen facilities are fine and there's a library of books and board games. The dorm room is quite large and also has a TV so it can be a little noisy if full. But since it is a little far out of town it is unlikely to have lots of guests even during summer. The air conditioning did not work during summer so the room was quite hot. We suspect that the heating does not work during winter either. There is not a lot of privacy in the showers –- two glass cubicles in an open area. You get a key to the building but there is not a lot of security so it would be wise to use a bikechain or similar to protect your luggage, just in case. There is a picnic area outside with chair and tables. Yet for all of its faults, the hostel is laid back and cozy and makes a nice change to the institutional nature of German YHA hostels.
David Halliday
  I stayed here in early September 2004, and I was the sole occupant of the hostel. It was not a great time to visit Hannover, evidently. The area is a bit dodgy, too. There isn't a very pleasant feel to the place, but it's easy to walk to everywhere from here. Not that there's much to do in Hannover. The hostel itself was average. It was clean enough, but I didn't like the lack of reception area. To check in, ask a question, or check out you had to hit a great big gong for attention, then stand there feeling like an idiot until the receptionist bothered to come to the door. It was not a nice feeling.
  This hostel is in the ghetto. No joke. We were scared to go anywhere. We did not feel safe at all. The showers are in a public room, and are just two glass cubicles next to each other--not nice. One toilet is outside in a shack, the other is through the kitchen. The kitchen and toilet share a sink. The bedding is not nice--it's damp and it smells. Do not book here.
  This hostel is very clean, and only about 10 minutes away from the main train station and the city center. The showers are good, and were close to our dorm. Be careful on the stairs, though, if you're wearing a heavy backpack, as they are very steep!
  I stayed here a week and the place was wonderful. The staff were fun and upbeat. They spoke very good English for when my German failed. Breakfast was very good and the meals room was very large and comfortable. The rooms are very large with big bright windows. Most of the rooms had at least a sink and sometimes two. During the off season the hostel is nearly empty, but fills up very quickly during holidays and peak times. When crossing the footbrige during the winter from the Strassenbahn to the hostel watch out becuse its usually very icey.
  this hostel is really cosy, it is like staying at a friends place. many carpets, couches, chairs... the beds are new, very comfy and the entire place is very quiet. there is even a bbq-place outside, but when i was there it was all powdered with snow. romantic... only the kitchen and showers are very small, but nevertheless spotlessly clean.

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