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127/1 Retamim Street, Eilat, South District, Israel
29.557683, 34.951490 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+972 - 86371472
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Maybe you'll be happier with the accommodations
There were a couple of people who had been longer term guests who appeared to have developed a positive rapport with the management and thus seemed a bit more pleased with their experience, but it shouldn't take a week to get a modicum of respect from staff. I stayed two non-consecutive nights (booked before I left for Israel), and each left a bad taste in my mouth. First, even though the hostel advertises that it takes credit cards, the first night I checked in, the man behind the counter said his machine wasn't working. I don't believe that claim a bit. Two nights later when I checked in the second time, he tried to tell me again that the credit card machine was broken, so I argued with him until he accepted it. Magically, the machine worked after all. Second, the evening staff (I'm not sure about the day staff) creates an incredibly uncomfortable and unsociable environment in the lobby. I saw several individuals and groups get chastised like they were children for what seemed to be imagined infractions. In other words, the staff is rude -- I mean very rude -- and is willing to lie. Third, my second night staying, I saw two local boys in their early teens try to enter the hostel area downstairs. Luckily, the staff member saw them and stopped them, but I mention this to say that reports of theft at this place do not surprise me. There is no secure access to the building, and the hostel has clearly become a target for local petty thieves who exploit the lax security. If the staff member had not been sitting at the counter, which was often the case, when the boys entered, they could have waltzed right into any rooms that had been left unlocked downstairs. Fourth, the beds are just flimsy. I tried to climb to the top bunk and the whole thing nearly toppled down on top of me. I'm a guy, medium build, 82kg, nothing a sturdy bed shouldn't be able to handle. Fifth, expect to have to battle for a place to charge your laptop or phone. The decor of the place is quite impressive, but seriously, don't let that convince you that this is a hospitable or safe place to stay. Perhaps the private room experience is different, but if you want to stay in the dorm, just don't.
Age 34, USA
Be Very Very Careful ...
I've just spend two prematurely curtailed nights at this place (15th/16th Jan, 2013) and am shocked at this place. The hosts are very very unfriendly and don't seem to like either their jobs or guests. I witnessed the manager who works in the daytime threaten a German guest because that guest liked to play his violin in his room (at 4pm in the afternoon which is hardly a noise sensitive time of the day). No passport details are taken, no paperwork is processed which would suggest that they are not entirely legitimate. I suspect tax evasion. I also suspect the main manager is ex.military (which would explain his conversational style which is far from accommodating or reasonable). In fact, he is positively threatening and great care should be taken in not upsetting him. I myself, was told to get out and leave, for no other reason than I politely asked if I could turn down the TV volume in the lounge. The TV is usually quite loud all day so don't expect to be able to sit comfortably and chat, or skype with your dear ones. The lounge area is usually without much atmosphere, lorded over as it is by a watchful eye ... I subsequently will be getting legal advice about being kicked out of this place. I had paid fully in advance and had done absolutely nothing wrong, but dared not ask for any money back because the man who works there is very intimidating. Alcohol is not permitted in the lounge and the whole area has to be vacated after 12midnight -- so if you want some late night exchange of stories and tales, forget it. I and another guest witnessed some unsavoury characters snooping around -- possibly dealers or alcoholics. The place is cheap for a reason, but you should be aware that this place has hidden costs -- do not put you food in the main fridge -- 90% of my shopping was basically stolen within 12 hours of my getting it. Towels have to be paid for, as does storage space, and almost every other facility that you would expect. There's no laundry service, no iron and ironing board, no dryer. For those who want to conference and use the internet, the upload speed is very very slow and the lounge area a tense and oppressive place to sit. There are two other staff members, a grumpy woman who cleans in the morning and the night man who is also quite disenchanted with planet earth and life. The most visible staff member is rude and speaks English is a very unclear and aggressive way. I was also shocked at his porn watching habits which I suspect is illegal in a public place (even though his screen faces the front wall -- but if you sit in the corner opposite the LOUD TV where the only power sockets are, you can see his habits which sum up his attitude and lack of refinement entirely). Please don't be seduced by the price. This place shouldn't be functioning as a home and refuge for travelers. It's not homey, not comforting, and the atmosphere deeply oppressive and threatening. The hosts don't like people staying too long or people who want to sit and enjoy the lounge during the day. They prefer people to be out all day, get back at night and leave quick. Stay away.
Clean, nice, cheap and next to the Central Bus Station
It was good to stay for one night.
Very Basic Youth Hostel
Close to the bus station. A basic Youth Hostel, for sleeping it's enough. No towels, no breakfast.
Excellent kitchen area, nice + clean rooms, uncomfortable atmosphere
Corinne hostel was perfect for my one night stay in Eilat. There was a nice common area, which was unfortunately directly next to our rooms so that we could hear people talk at night. One minus: the reception staff was occasionally angry with some guests who didn't confirm their reservation which made us become a little stressed. Anyway, the hostel was better than we expected for that price.
Good place at reasonable rates
I stayed at the Corinne twice, in May of 2011 and in late June of the same year. Both times I stayed there I was with a group of other Americans and Brits, and were there for 2 nights each. The rooms are decent (we got our own private room since we were there as a group and it was about the same price as getting beds in the "dorm" room -- about 70 shek a night. The staff were typically Israeli -- a little gruff but helpful if you needed anything. The second trip we had an issue that the door lock broke (while we were in the room), and had to jimmy the door with a credit card. Not the most safe thing in the world to happen, but they came and fixed it in a reasonable amount of time. Not a 4 star hotel, but you get what you pay for.
Worst Hostel I've Ever Stayed At
This was a very unpleasant hostel for myself and literally everyone I met while there. The staff was anxious, unfriendly, and incredibly inflexible. They did not seem to enjoy any of the guests, and I was very confused why the owner has continued to run a hostel considering he does not seem to enjoy it at all. We were forced out of our rooms at 10 am every morning sharp, and leaving bags in the hostel for the day if you were leaving that night was absolutely unheard of. I do not think they understand what a hostel is, and I suggest you never go here.
Eric Axelman
Highly unpleasant
the hostel is ok, but for the old man at the reception (with a kippa on), who kept on harassing me -- shaking hands every time i went to ask about sth and then keeping my hand longer in his; annoying compliments; and finally asking plainly 'whether i wanted to have sex with him', suggesting that he is older, therefore has more experience. utterly disgusted! the lobby is quite annoying with that loud tv, and the atmosphere in the evening unfriendly because of the same person (people complained that they couldn't use the place after midnight, as he tells them it's closed. sb had to call on skype in the street, since people in the room were sleeping and the common area was 'closed'). toilet paper is never provided; you have to go and ask the same guy to give you one, which becomes fairly annoying. the same old man, again, has no idea about buses, sights, schedules. every time you ask sth, he either gives wrong info, or answers on a superior tone or with a stupid joke.

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