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The Review

Hostel Heike is a nice hostel located in the heart of Bocas del Toro with comfy dorms, a rooftop terrace, and clean facilities.

The Location

Hostel Heike is in a very central location on the main high street in Bocas with all local amenities close by. The main park with the bandstand is opposite the hostel, making it an easy landmark to remember the location. It's only a short walk to bars, restaurants, banks, and supermarkets. It is also very close to the water taxis and marine tours area, so you can book shuttles to other islands or back to the mainland. As you'll most likely arrive by boat, it's an ideal location to find from most of the main boat docks! It's only fifteen minutes to walk to the Bocas del Toro Airport and twenty minutes to the nearest beach. However using a water taxi means you can get to more beautiful beaches in just a few minutes for a small price.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are clean with big, comfortable, wooden bunk beds and ladders. Each bed has a small personal locker located right next to it, meaning it's super safe to store your belongings. There isn't air conditioning but instead there are fans located strategically in the dorms; however, it does mean it's still very warm in the rooms at night.

There are lots of individual toilets -- all clean -- spread throughout the hostel over the two floors, making it convenient. The showers are fine, if a little dated, and it can take a long time for them to produce hot water.

Common Spaces

The kitchen has all the basic facilities, but is somewhat dirty. Breakfast is included in the basic overnight rate (it's pancake batter, so you can make your own.) With lots of guests cooking at once in a very small space, it becomes very crowded and results in messiness/dirtiness. In the reception area, there is a large dining area and two large sofas on which you can chill. Upstairs there's a rooftop terrace, which doesn't have amazing views, but it's a nice place to watch the world go by and enjoy the breeze and atmosphere. There's a small book exchange, but due to the lack of common areas, the atmosphere here isn't overly sociable.


Hostel Heike is a comfortable and convenient choice for your stay in Bocas del Toro if you want to stay on the main island. It's perfect if you're flying in or out of Bocas and want to be in close proximity to the airport!
by Shakesley Staff Reviewer
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Hostel Sign & Views from the Terrace
View of The Hostel from across the street
Six Bed Dorm
Rooftop Terrace
Reception/Common Area
The Kitchen


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Hostel Heike" at Calle Principal Frente del Parque, Calle 3ra.)


Calle Principal Frente del Parque, Calle 3ra, Bocas Town, Isla Colón (Isla Colon), Panama
9.340180, -82.240829 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+507 757 9708
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70% Guest Reviews

  Hostel Heike has a great atmosphere where you can meet people to hang out and party with in Bocas Del Toro. The staff here are really helpful but speak mostly Spanish and a little bit of English. The Location Hostel Heike is in the perfect location in Bocas Del Toro, located right in the heart of Bocas town over the road from the park on the main street. You will find it to be only a five-minute walk from the water taxi and very close to all amenities that you will require during your stay here including supermarket, bars and restaurants, pharmacy, and laundry. It is about ten minutes from the major beaches via taxi or collectivo and you can take these from the main street to whichever beach you want to visit. Rooms and Bathrooms There are two stories to the building here and you will find dorm rooms scattered throughout both floors. Each of the rooms are super colourful and decorated. The beds are comfortable and clean with great linen and pillows. There are also small lockers in next to each bed for you to be able to secure your valuables in if you have bought your own lock with you. Bathrooms and toilets are located outside of the rooms. The shower cubicles are small, with not much space to hang things but the upside is that they do have hot water. The bathrooms are cleaned daily and to a good standard. Common Spaces In the hostel, the main area to hang around is in the foyer area downstairs near the kitchen and outside on the front patio area. The kitchen is large and clean and they do free pancake breakfast every morning with all of the toppings provided you cook the pancakes yourself. They also have free tea and coffee provided all day here and in the lobby there are banana stacks hanging from the ceiling and you can take one as you please. Summary The hostel is locked up at night time so you need a key to enter the front door keeping the place secure as they do not have twenty-four-hour reception. It is a really cool place to stay and one of the more popular hostels here. We would totally recommend staying at Hostel Heike!
Pure sh*t
This is by far the worst hostel I have ever stayed in! Where do I begin? First of all, the first room on the left downstairs (Number 1) is separated from the laundry room by nothing more than a mere window. Every morning at about 6 a.m. we were awakened by the quite loud washing machine and large gas canister adjacent to said machine. Luckily, there was enough alcohol in our systems to put us back to sleep. Until we heard a baby in the lobby singing "La La La, La Lala, La La Lala" at about 8 a.m. Now I don't know about you, but I came to Bocas to party. And when I party, I like to sleep at least ten or twelve hours, wake up, eat something, shower (which is possible in cold water, but pretty damn annoying when they advertise hot showers and never seem to have any hot water) and go back to sleep for four or five more hours. And the "freekfast was pancake mix that you were required to make yourself, which is all good and well, if the pancake mix wasn't out of date and made more of a pancake-gloop-pile that looked more like white poop than a pancake. This is absolutely impossible in a cramped, wooden hostel when your roof is the person above you's floor. There is the constant sound of footsteps echoing throughout the entirety of the hostel, none of the fans worked, and the staff were somewhat distant and "too cool" to really talk to. I will never, ever, ever consider going back to Heike, not even if I am getting paid to review every hostel in town, or Mondo Taitu for that matter, when there is a plethora of surrounding hotels and hostels that offer private bathroom, AC, and TV for one or two more dollars a night.
Evans Prater
Very impressive with a home-like feel
I stayed in Heike in late August and was torn when I had to leave! The staff there was awesome and the travelers attracted here are notoriously friendly. The accommodations are more than adequate. They have one dorm with AC that is very much worth the extra $2 that they charge. They now have an entire lounge style loft on the 3rd floor with internet and hammocks, chairs, etc. It was by far one of my favorite places to relax and watch the evening lightning storms. I recommended Heike to just about everyone I met heading into Alimirante and toward Bocas del Toro. It is by far my favorite hostel I have stayed at.
Chris Patterson
Hostel Heike is a fun, vibrant, and chilled out hostel which is perfect for a stay at Bocas del Toro (infamous for being a party town). You get the best of both worlds at Heike -- you can enjoy all the benefits of staying at its louder sister hostel, Mondo Taitu, while being able to sleep somewhere quiet and relax during the day after a night of partying. The Location Hostel Heike is located on the main drag in Bocas Town on the Isle of Colon, and like most places in Bocas Town, only a few minutes walk from the water taxi ports. Due to its bright and colourfully painted exterior it is very easy to find. You are within seconds walk of restaurants, bars, and tour operators. Rooms and Bathrooms There are eleven dorm rooms at Heike, with approximately five bunks (ten beds) in each. In each dorm room there are free wooden lockers (however you will need your own lock) and several fans keep the rooms clean. The bathrooms at Heike are of good quality -- the showers are not electric so the water is consistently warm and the water pressure is good. Towels are available for use and there is hand soap. Heike also uses a water filtration system (you can ask one of the staff to explain to you how it works!) so it is possible to drink the water from the taps -- this is unique for Bocas del Toro, where it is generally not possible to drink tap water. There are no private rooms or free internet available. Common Spaces Hostel Heike has an excellent communal kitchen and communal area where you can eat or have a few (or more) drinks with your fellow travelers. A free pancake breakfast is also provided, although you have to cook your own pancakes! There is also a storage area for luggage and a small book exchange. There are no computers or free internet, however there is a reasonably priced internet cafe located next door. Heike also no longer runs a laundry service, but has a deal with a nearby laundromat. Heike is a very sociable hostel, and you will find most travelers staying at Heike will make the nightly pilgrimage down to sister hostel Mondo Taitu to enjoy happy hour drinks, plus a complimentary free shot or beer. While you will likely go out with other backpackers to the various crazy bars in Bocas Town, after about midnight Heike quietens down and you´ll be able to get a good nights sleep. There is definitely a relaxed vibe to Heike. Summary Heike is a highly recommended place to stay in Bocas del Toro. It is a great place to meet fellow travelers, the facilities are good, and the rooms and bathrooms clean. As a final plus, the volunteer staff are friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about activities in Bocas (and are always dressed up for the thrice-weekly themed nights at Mondo Taitu!).
Alana Fraser
(Australia )

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