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HI - Salzburg - Jufa Youth & Family Guesthouse Hostel feels like a hotel with its size, electronic keycards, and common areas only in the lobby area. It is kept clean and it is well lit. The outdoor area is nice when the weather is warm and sunny, but not usable when wet or cold.

The Location

This hostel is easily accessible from the train station by a ten-minute bus ride. It is easy to locate and had a huge sign on the outside of the building and is about two blocks from where the bus drops you off. It is also two blocks from where the main downtown tourist attractions start.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The dorm rooms vary in size -- some have lots of room to move around and some have just a small corridor to walk through. The bunk beds each have a small shelf to place books or personal effects on while sleeping and have lights. There are no in-room lockers but there are pay lockers outside the rooms. The doors have electronic locks and automatically lock after opening.

The toilets and showers are in different rooms. The toilets are singles -- there are two on each floor, one for men and one for women. They are large and have plenty of space to change. The showers have three stalls in the room and only a common changing area, although they are gender-segregated.

Common Spaces

The main common area is in front of the reception in the lobby area -- there are plenty of seating, with couches around tables. There is also a TV on one wall of this area. This is the only place where internet is available in the hostel. There is an eating room that is only open during meal times (breakfast is free but you have to pay for lunch and dinner). There are also tables outside, but when the weather is bad, no one sits out there. This is not a very social hostel, but it is friendly and family oriented.


This hostel is large and clean. The rooms can be roomy or they can be tiny. The bathrooms as well as common areas are kept clean. The free breakfast has lots of options for food and is worth getting up for.
by Andy Bourassa
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "JUFA Hotel Salzburg City" at Josef-Preis-Allee 18.)


Josef-Preis-Allee 18, Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria
47.794608, 13.056406 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+43 662 842670 +43 570 83800
+43 662 841101
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Nice Facilities, Decent Location, Poor Customer Service
Waited about 20 min at reception to check in while employees just walked by and looked at me as I waited. Expect a wait anytime you need something at the front desk or at the cafe in the lobby. It's quicker to just find a restaurant than wait for their food/drinks. Gave only half our group an upgrade from dorms to private rooms. Upgrades are always nice, but it would've been more convenient and less awkward if all 6 of us had been upgraded. Rooms were not ready until 6pm which seems late, and even then they were only fit for one person when we had paid for two beds to be made up in each room. Wifi was not available at all in the rooms, and it was poor in the lobby. Facilities were clean and well kept. Having breakfast included was nice. Location was within walking distance of most attractions. I think most everything is tucked away from the train station.
Age 20, USA
Clean, convenient, cheap enough, excellent dinner
Well worth a visit.
Age 67, Australia
Not a bad location, value for money, good breakfast
There is a bus station nearby that takes you straight to the Salzburg hbf. I was very impressed with the quality of breakfast for what you pay. The locker service is also good. I was able to fit my big rucksack and a medium-sized bag in a 1 euro locker. However, there was a shortage of showers and toilets in general although I managed to use them without any issue. It would be awesome if you could provide towel and shampoo/soap in the shower room. But the bed was made when I came so that was good. It probably takes only 10-15 mins by walk to go to the Mozart's birthplace and maximum 25-30min to get to the centre. There are other hostels that are closer but this place is a good choice if you run out of options.
Age 21, Australia
Excellent service!
I didnt get to stay at JUFA because there was a bit of a mixed up with my reservation. But the staffs were really good and managed to everything! My sister and I got upgraded instead!! Love the excellent service and the staff! Definitely gonna find more JUFA if we were to stay abroad again!
free breakfast! very nice place, not centrally located. If you know where to walk to get to the main city center then there isnt a problem, but if you dont know where your going you could very well end up in simple neighbourhoods. no grocery stores nearby. they overbooked and my boyfriend and i were put into some sort of a conference room -- super big but very small cots that kept falling apart (oh to be jet lagged sleeping crumpled up). lockers are in the hallway.
so the best part is the sound of music movie, which plays every night, and that's pretty much it. nothing else is too exciting. it's the same old HI experience -- boring decor to go with the boring staff, no guest kitchen, lots of kids and families, breakfast is included complete with miso soup and last night's leftovers. the showers where impressively bad. it reminds you of a movie that's set at a 1950s private school. they did let me use their phone for free when i lost my wallet, wow.
Overall, terrible
The rooms are cramped -- eight beds in one room. There are people of all genders, nationalities, and ages crammed into one building where the only entertainment is watching the Sound of Music nightly at 8. The shower and toilet facilities, however, exceed disgusting. Puddles of urine all over the floor and long, black hairs strewn across every imaginable surface put this place over the edge of grossness.
Becca R.
  This hostel is not as bad as the ratings might sound. Though I was only passing by and I've only spent five or six hours there, so my judgment may not be relevant for people looking for an accommodation where one can relax as one does at home. This hostel has twenty-four-hour reception -- very convenient (I had to check out at 5 a.m. to catch my train), bed linen readily available with no extra cost, internet and cafe next to reception, a rather convenient location. It's true that the bathroom is smelly and it tends to be a bit noisy even late into the night. Nevertheless it is a decent hostel -- the rooms themselves are clean and the cost is relatively lower.

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