Freehand Hotels

Whilst they may be a small chain only operating in the USA, Freehand has done well to create hostels that accommodate the free-spirited traveller without compromising modern expectations of hostel life.

This is a fantastic example of hotel-hostel hybrid living to be enjoyed in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City and Miami.

Let's see what the Freehand team has to say:

"Freehand is a collection of hotels that combine the social culture of a hostel with innovative design, award-winning food and beverage, and a community-driven atmosphere. Each Freehand takes its cues from the surrounding neighborhood, with spaces that are a microcosm of the best each city has to offer."

Let's take a look at the perks of staying at one of these hostels:

  • Restaurant & bar
  • CBD Night Gummies by Highline Wellness
  • Special offers (parking, long-term discounts)
  • Stunning, luxurious design

All of the above can be enjoyed at every Freehand Hotel.

Some of the properties go one step further by putting their bar on the rooftop, and adding a swimming pool and specialty coffee bar onsite.

Curated events are also an integral part of creating a social atmosphere at Freehand.

Central locations are also a perk. For example, in Miami you will sleep just 1 block from the beach.

Fun fact: The owners of Freehand also own the brand Generator Hostels.

Who stays at Freehand Hotels?

Well, if you're a female solo traveller that enjoys style, or need a break from rickety bunkbeds to enjoy luxurious hostel living, Freehand is for you.

Couples will love the private rooms which have been designed to feel more like a warm home.

Thanks to the onsite bar, restaurant and comfy social spaces, Freehand is ideal for solo travellers that look to meet new people in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

How much?

Prices for hostels in the US tend to be higher in general, and Freehand is no exception.

  • Avg. Prices per Bed € 25-70
  • Avg. Prices Private Rooms € 120-400

Once again, this is a luxury hotel-hostel hyrid chain that is not suitable for budget travellers.

These hostels are far more suited to couples that are enjoying time away together and can split the cost, or for solo travellers that wish to splash out and treat themselves to a high-end hostel experience.

We are excited to share with you a complete list of all Freehand Hotels in the world!
Below is every single Freehand Hotel for you to explore. Simply click and compare prices on all major booking platforms.
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