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139 Queen Street, Ayr, Queensland, Australie
-19.575208, 147.405420 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+61 (7) 4783-3991
+61 (7) 4783-3318
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Craig is awful
Craig doesn't know how to speak to anyone, he swore at me a number of times, is super rude towards everyone! Awful manager that doesn't know how to run a hostel at all!
Where do I start, the manager of the hostel is awful, he's makes you feel like he doesn't want you there, just wants your money! He's never around so any question I had to ask about work he wasn't there to answer them! The electric went off in my room for over 20 hours in the first week of staying there and he wasn't anywhere to be seen so I had to get ready in a dark room! I was told i'll have work in a week and after 4 weeks of waiting I gave up! The hostel has such a good vibe and everyone I've spoken to In there has been recommended it from past users, but this year I feel like it's getting run into the ground! If you want to make friends then here is the place to be (as everyone is sat around all day) but if you want work i'd definitely go elsewhere!
Age 24, English
Useless manager!!! Don't come!
The new manager at this hostel is awful. He tells you you will get work within a few weeks & hardly anyone at the hostel is working. He doesn't ring the farms, he's no help at all. It's so poorly run. There is no one cleaning the rooms. The bins are constantly over flowing where there isn't enough. We were promised to have wifi in the hostel and we haven't. It's a shame because this hostel used to have a good reputation and this is why I came here but clearly the new manager is causing it to go downhill. I would advise anyone to not come to this hostel!!

Response from the accommodation: Thanks for your review. Yes you are right the ownership of Delta has now changed. However in your one night stay i'm not sure how you know how the hostel is being run and what the manager does all day long. The information passed on to everyone is what the farmers have told us. They were all hoping to get started early this year as we finally had a great wet season. However for reasons beyond our control this has not happened as expected. However to say there is hardly anyone working is unfair as we do have several farms going and around half the people staying are getting work, some is not full time right now but the season hasn't kicked off properly yet so this looks to be a great year. Yes there is a new cleaner and she is still learning the ropes. She cleans the rooms once a week but if things aren't picked up off the floor there is only so much she can do. We will endeavour to put more bins out. Our apologies that this has been overlooked. There is no WIFI at the moment so we will try and get this fixed asap, however it is not free and is not advertised as such. I hope you enjoy the rest of your travels and if you are looking for work later in the season i do hope you will give this hostel another go. As it is a great place to get your second year visa, make some money and most importantly make friends for life, and this will never change.
Great place, very accommodating.
After a really bad experience at another Hostel in Ayr, i moved in to the delta, the staff were honest, straight forward about the rules and the work. I was told i had to wait for work 2-3 weeks because of the bad season they had. After a while I got a job picking melons and it was the best experience i ever had. The delta becomes your family and Kylie the Manager is like your Mom -- make sure to wash those dishes!! There is a big pool and a bar which helps to cool down after those stupid melons. I would more then recommend this hostel as long as you stick to the rules everyone is happy, not like "other" Hostel in town.
Age 22, English
This hostel is great unless you're looking for work and even worse if you're a guy. It's been 3 months and I've still no job but there are are people coming from the year before and getting their old jobs back which is complete bullsh*t when you've been there for a long time. I'm glad I got out of there when I could, Kiley and keeva the managers are both so over come with the "power" they have being the manager that they forget what's important and will fine everyone for the littlest things, they also bitch about people in the hostel, which makes it very awkward.
Age 23, english
Delta is the place to be!!!
Delta has been my home for 7months!! I have had the best times there and met some awesome people! Friends I will keep forever. When i arrived at delta i was told i would have a 3 week wait for work as the season was just starting up. By the 2nd week I had spent most of my money so the staff very kindly opened a tab for me so I could pay when I was earning. This was a god send as I was broke! The week after I started work on a great pepper farm, 7days a week, the work was so hard at 1st but slowly got used to and worked there for 6months. I then had a small accident at work damaging my finger. Kylie, Caoimhe and Kirsten could not of been any more helpful to me. Taking me to the local hospital and making sure I was covered. The staff helped with all sorts of stuff that i could not of done. I will miss delta it really is like having a big family round you! If you want the best experience farming and living in a happy crazy environment delta is the place to be! I don't have one bad word to say about delta!! Only I will be back next year.
Age 25, England
Best experience of my life ... I miss it so much!!!!
I stayed at Delta for 5 months in 2012 ... it was not only 5 of the best months I had in Australia but probably 5 of the best I've had in my life!! I made so many amazing friends for life and have so many memories that I will cherish forever ... Delta is however not for the fainthearted -- if you don't want to work hard as well as playing hard then do not waste your time going! It separates the men from the mice. At first the farm work can be extremely hard but if you stick at it then it becomes easy and actually very enjoyable!! I would go back in a heartbeat. If people come and moan about the work, the hostel, the vehicles, the staff etc then it is a reflection on them and their weak character, Delta is a way of life and you have to embrace it, yes the hostel is perhaps not the cleanest but what do you expect when you have over 100 people all working on dirty farms everyday??? Yes you might have to wait for work but that's just the nature of the farming game!! everyone gets there in the end and moaning about it will not get you there any faster!! The place becomes like home and the people and the staff become like family!! So much so that the staff are coming to Scotland to see in the new year with me!! So if you want to make amazing friends for life, have a good time (believe me its total madness at the weekends when everyone's out of work mode) earn your second year visa and overall have the experience of a lifetime then I cannot recommend Delta highly enough!!!!!!!! and to all of you thinking of going I am jealous that you still have it all yet to come. I will maybe see you there as I haven't used my second year visa yet and will definitely be returning to Delta at some point when I do.
Age 25, Scotland
Worst place we've ever stayed!!!
I stayed here for 2 months and my friend just 2 weeks. The hostel is dirty but I thought I could get past that as I needed my 88 days and I met some great friends. But the staff were disgusting! So rude and bitchy! Gossiped about everyone! (Except emma she is amazing!) Me and my friends were accused of stealing and without proof were threatened to be kicked out! (One girl was kicked out but luckily me and my friend wasnt as I had no money!!) I could understand if there was proof but there was none! The girls toilets were always blocked and leaking ... youd be lucky if one was working! And the showers were filthy, one of which also leaked! Stuff would also leak from the bathroom ceilings! The pool was always filthy too! Beds are a hazard as somebody was on the top bunk and the bars gave way so she fell off! Luckily she was ok!! The minibus and cars that take you to work ($8 a day per person) are not at all maintained! I was in one and the brakes went! We ended up lightly crashing into the back of the other minibus! Luckily nobody was hurt! They are also dirty but that is understandable as people get dirty at work. I met some wonderful friends here but everything else was disgusting! Would never go back! So glad I made it out and im now loving life in Sydney with my friend! Had to borrow money to leave as i wasnt getting any work! Avoid if you can!!!

Response from the accommodation: Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback. It would help other users of this site however if you had not failed to omit a few facts. Yes I agree the hostel can get dirty, we have full time cleaners (Emma who you referred to as amazing) however as a working hostel we see a above average amount of dirt coming through here it is also long term accommodation so people tend to accumulate a lot of stuff and rooms can get cramped. The pool being dirty is due to the crushing. Farmers burn cane and what is referred to as 'black snow' settles around the whole town. The pool is safe to swim in and is cleaned regularly. The reason you weren't able to save here is because you broke your toe within the first two weeks and you were unable to go to work (as you had work 5 days after arrival) and the staff you refer to as rude were the ones who advised you not to go back to work while you were in pain and when you did and rang them crying and asking to be picked up one of them in their own time and at no charge to you drove 1 hour out and back to collect you from work. With regards to the theft an accusation was made and you were both approached and asked if you knew who it was. You told us who you suspected and as my staff also suspected this person a further investigation took place in which the stolen items were found and the offender was told to leave. If the situation was reversed and someone had stolen from you wouldn't you want action to be taken? All of our vehicles go through a road worthy once a year and are maintained regularly throughout the season. The car involved in this incident had the hand brake left on all the way out to the farm as the driver ignored the red warning light and the brake pads heated up and are no longer as effective. Please refer to other responses with regards to why we charge $8 a day. This is a standard cost with most hostels. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy your time here, enjoy Sydney and the rest of your trip.
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