Mainistir House Hostel



Mainistir, Inishmore Island, Aran Islands, County Galway, Ireland
+353 996 1169
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Wonderful place to stay, fantastic food
The views from the hostel are fabulous and it is near enough to Kilronan for convenience but far enough away to be gloriously peaceful. The private rooms are comfortable and well equipped and Joel's food is amazing. It would be worth coming for the food alone! Joel will organise bus tours, bicycle hire and supply information about any corner of the island. it is a great place for all ages.
Dirty, smelly ... the list is endless. Take the other hostel!
A disgusting smell of rancid fish in the kitchen fridge turned my stomach during a recent stay there. This hostel constitutes a health hazard ... dirty, smelly ... these are understatements. Despite the 'arrogant posh boy' affectations of the owner, the vicinity of the place itself is decrepit, with years of accumulated rubbish in heaps out the back and dirt literally everywhere. I wouldn't eat here if the snobbish owner/manager paid me to. Mind your health, mind your head, avoid this dive!
(United Kingdom)
Not recommendable -- take the other hostel on that island
Extremely unfriendly owner, very dirty facilities that are in a bad shape -- for example it is nearly impossible to cook in the kitchen, location is 15 min walk outside the harbour village, our double room was ok.
Rude staff, unreasonably priced, dirty, smelly ... the list is endless
By far this excuse of a hostel is the worst ive ever seen on all accounts. Firstly I think youd need your head checked if you hand over money to stay here its a kip. Not a good location. Better toilet and shower facilities at a music festival. The owner is the rudest most obnoxious man Ive ever laid eyes on. He made you feel like an inconvenience to be there even though we were after payin e50 (more than the local hotel price) to stay. We were locked out of the hostel when we returned from our evening out, our room was cold, beds so uncomfortable, tea and coffee facilities in the room were FILTHY. Breakfast was inedible and while we were barely tolerating a cup of tea we were told to leave. It was so disappointing to say the least. Let just say if I had to sleep rough or stay there for free Id be sleeping rough, not worth the hassle!! Do urself a favour and stay away from this dive!!
Unfriendly and badly kept
My friends stayed at this hostel for one night and I stayed at the campsite near it and the campsite was far better. The owner of the hostel is abrupt and mean, the hostel itself is not comfortable and can get very cold. A stay at Mainstir Hostel will ruin your holiday!
Unhygienic, unfriendly
I stayed in a dorm bed at this hostel for a night at the end of October '09. If I had arrived earlier in the day I would have moved to another hostel however it was too late for this. Thankfully the room was clean and I felt comfortable sleeping there for a night. Apart from that, I was disappointed and upset with my experience at this hostel. Even though I had made a reservation, I had to plug the kitchen fridge in and wipe it clean to use it and the smell from the dirty saucepans in the cupboard was certainly enough to put you off eating altogether! The cereal provided for breakfast was stale and served in a dirty container. The man who greeted us and attended the front desk was not friendly and had a very short manner. I found it hard to appreciate the relaxing music and nice view in this unhygienic and tense living environment. I would strongly recommend finding places other than Mainistir House Hostel if you want to enjoy your visit to Inishmor.
Happy to go elsewhere
Very cold and damp
We were here for tedfest and there was no heating in the middle of winter in the dorm rooms the radiator leaked onto our clothes. There was so much damp that there was mildew on the duvets. The only good thing about it was the tea!
Madeleine Carroll
For the best (yet cheapest) food in the islands, stay here
This hostel was a fabulous place to stay. Don't be put off by some of the bad reviews below -- my private room was extremely clean and decorated in a lovely way. It was also equipped with tea-making facilities, bathrobes, lamps, armchair, and magazines. And it was no more expensive than a private room in the other hostels on the islands. The owner of the hostel is a very talented cook who takes great pride in what he does. In the morning, our complementary breakfast included the most delicious brown bread and muffins straight out of the oven. The evening dinner is probably the best you can get in Ireland for that price. He even made homemade ice-cream which was served in a liqueur for dessert. He uses fresh herbs and vegetables in everything and there was more than enough of everything to eat. This dinner was the highlight of my stay and I met some interesting people in the dining room. If you're going to the islands, stay here.
Libby McGrath
(Co. Cork, Ireland)

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