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Gershwin Hostel & Hotel

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3   Stayed in 1998 I've stayed at this place twice -- The 1st time around 1997 and maybe the 2nd time in 1999? It was around $35/night at that time that I remember. I thought it was suitable cost effective sleeping arrangements for a young person at the time. People were friendly. Guests.  , age 38, U.S.A. ()
4   Just an Ordinary Hostel, With a Pleasant Twist! This was my first hostel experience. I would have to say that I was quite pleased. In New York it can easily cost you $500/night for an average hotel room and the cheap ones run anywhere from $180 to $250/night. So, I opted to go with staying a hostel. I would have to say that my selection of The Gershwin was a rather pleasant experience. Though you shouldn't expect the Waldorf for $50/night (and you can even get a discount if you search around online), if you're open-minded and don't mind getting a little spartan, then this is an excellent deal. They have four-bed, six-bed, and ten-bed rooms. These are located atop of their regular hotel rooms, which I hear are much nicer but start at $140/night. If you're young and plan on spending as much as a week or two in New York, don't go and blow a few thousand dollars at some ritzy palace. Stay here. You'll save a lot of money and you'll savor the experience. The hotel is decked out in an Andy Warhol-inspired, artiste fashion with real modern art exhibits displayed everywhere. The lobby is spectacular and I couldn't resist taking photographs. There is a cafe-bar near the entrance and check-in desk. Another neat thing is that they are located right next door to the Museum of Sex, which is a definite must-see. I would advise anyone that if you're going to be late to call the front desk and let them know or they will assume you're not going to show and cancel your reservation. I always do this regardless of which hotel/hostel I stay at, but these people are serious about it. Remember, this is New York: people move fast and money talks. Give a little and they'll give a little too. I really enjoyed my stay at the Gershwin's hostel. It was enough to inspire me to join Hostelling International USA.  , United States ()
1   Horrific This hostel is badly organised and the staff go out of their way to be unhelpful and offensive. When we arrived they had canceled our booking, a mistake on their part, but since it was 11 p.m. we had nowhere else to go. They sent us to a tiny ten-bed dorm with one bathroom, which supposedly had two free beds. When we arrived in the room there was one bed and when we told the two men at reception they told us to move someone else's stuff so we could use their bed. I refused to go through a stranger's possessions, and to be confronted by whoever was sleeping there in the middle of the night, so we ended up having to share a top bunk bed. Neither of the men working downstairs lifted a finger to help us and they were rude and dismissive, one of them saying, "we are not a hostel, we are a hotel. If we were a hostel I would not be working here." We were charged a cancellation fee and we were both charged for the night, although after complaining the next day we got our cancellation fee back. That morning we also found out there had been four free beds we could have used in another room. Don't stay here. The decor is tacky, the rooms are cramped, the service is nonexistent.  , British-American ()
1  I can't explain how bad our experience was at this hotel. The staff were so terrible, the person who took our booking only booked five days instead of six, so we were told there was no way there would be anything available for our last night. We were dealt with so rudely by the staff who just kept passing us on to the next staff member. After much begging to try and find something they let us stay in a bunk room which miraculously became available for $200, the same room we had already been paying $50 for, even though they had made the mistake in the first place. I can't emphasize how rude the staff were, the thought that they don't have to be polite in there jobs because they know they will continue to be booked out makes me so annoyed. For what you get it is not worth staying.  ()
4  This is a decent place to crash in the city if you are alone. Yes you can get hotels for cheaper. If you are alone this is a great option. I am a student and often come and crash in the city and have tried many many of these city hostels. This one is actually one of my favourites. Slightly on the mid/upper priced ones but the beds are clean, the toilet is clean, and the people I have met there are pretty decent (trust me, I have been in places where the worst factor was the scary roomies). Finally this is just a hostel. I guess some people here are from suburbs and have no idea what a hostel is like and are overexpecting. This is a nice overlay in the city.  ()
1  It was $50 for a bed in a ten-bed dorm. There was almost no place to put your backpack in the room. There's no kitchen, and no amenities. Staff are not friendly.  ()
1  Run away! This is an awful place. The six of us stayed in the dorms because we were not told there was a family package. It was 17 degrees and there was no heat at all! We slept in our coats. The service was very weak, and even after repeated begging for heat no one cared. The walls are covered in amateur sponge painting from a terrible fauvist nightmare. The art (I am an art teacher) around the place is not really appropriate for kids to see; neither is the Sex Museum downstairs. The neighborhood is not the safest. Shop around. For example, during Christmas week, the world-famous and beautiful Algonquin offers a room for $309; we paid 258+ per night at this place. Not such a big difference. The noise from the "club" keeps you up till the wee hours. The place is not clean. One teenager became feverishly sick and threw up everywhere. Sweet revenge.  ()
3  I've stayed here twice. I have never had problems with noise from different floors. I will say the bathrooms in the dorms are rather grim. The bunks are spacious and wooden, and the room is clean. I shared a bunk with a 'guest' easily. However, the staff are a bit Draconian, and they come round to check on you, especially around kicking-out time in the morning.  ()
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