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Yes, im coming back to work in Hasting again this october...time passed so fast that its almost 5 years since i came back to my country and still the memories of staying in hasting before had never gotten out of my mind, so im ready to go again. A good place to stay. A peaceful environment. A friendly neighbourhood. Not much entertainment but it aint boring. Overall I Love Hasting.
There is lots of seasonal work, but mostly in November and February to April; at other times there is not much work. There is nice, sunny weather and friendly people.
There is a good side of living in Hastings, when one can save a lot of money and work in the vineyards or packhouses -- you can earn and save.
Hastings is known throughout the world as a place to avoid. I stayed for a few days and it lived up to its claimed reputation. It is backward with a railway line running through the middle of the CBD. The native population are known for there ability to steal anything not padlocked down. The orchards/vineyards are filled with thieves, so look out if you have any cash on your person.
David Morgan
Hastings has lots of work, especially during the fruits season like the apple thinning, grapes pruning/picking/harvesting season, or maybe you can try the indoor work like working in a packhouse (apples, blueberry, pumpkin, carrot/tomatoes, and many more depending on the fruit season). The work is rated per hourly. There are many work agencies in Hastings that could help you to find a job there if you are interested in earning yourself some pocket money to go on the next journey, so you don't have to worry about "What am I going to do -- I'm almost broke and won't be able to move on my trip."
Although Hasting is quite a small city, you can find anything around you -- shopping centre (Pak N Save etc), banks, post office, backpackers, and many more to your convenience.
Some call Hastings the fruit bowl and it's easy to get a job there.
Hastings is seven hours from the city of Auckland, but I never felt the tiredness traveling all the way down there. In fact I enjoyed every minute watching the view and scenery all along. In Hastings, there is lots of work -- either outside or indoor jobs. Working under the sun is really so enjoyable -- at the orchard jobs, the time passed so quickly that I didn't notice that it was time to go home. The indoor work at packhouse is not outside under the shining sun, and it's quite boring doing the same work at the machine every day. No matter what, I will go back to Hastings again -- it has sort of sweet memories for me.
Hastings has a very peaceful and quiet environment and anyone there could also find themselves some enjoyable work, like apple picking or grape harvesting. It's so enjoyable to mix around with so many people from all over the world and yet at the same time we can earn some money.
I love Hastings so much, I stayed and worked there with my son, Kevin, in 2006 and 2007 and it was a great experience to work in the orchard farms, including a month working in a blueberry pack house. We made lots of friends from all over the world and learned some of their languages too. I really hope that one day I have the chance to go back there again or to work there again.
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