Bomvu Backpackers




Coffeebay Store, Coffee Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa
+27 47 575 2073
+27 47 575 2073
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Squatter camp by the sea
This is an absolute dump. A squatter camp by the sea. Avoid at all costs.
Age 51, South Africa
Calling this a dump is an understatement!!
What a dump!! Never ever go there!!! There's no official campsites, just a big mess. It's unsafe and beyond dodge!! We booked and couldnt even park our car in the camp area, and they don't tell you about all the costs until you're there. We paid 2 months in advance and when we got there they didn't even have a site for us. STAY AWAY!!
Unhappy Camper
Age 27, South African
Dont bother
There is no up keep to the property, the fridges shock people when you try open them, the food is terrible and they only have about 10% of what on the actual menu, the toilets are dirty, All the photos of bomvu on the website are old, it is so rundown, I spent 9 days there and wouldn't recommend this place to anyone.
Age 28, SA
Best Friendliest and Welcoming Hostel I've ever stayed at
From the moment I arrived in coffee bay, the staff were accommodating, friendly and fun to hang around with. The Place was clean well stocked and had every amenity that i needed. The drum circle was highly entertaining and the live music beat to your soul. In my book truly nothing beats Bomve.
(South Africa)
Worst Backpackers in SA!
Bomvu was completely overbooked over New Years 2011, they cramped people right next to the "Trance Party" with no shade, no electricity, no bathrooms -- only longdrops. We refused to camp there and were placed in the local school, where only 4x4's could drive up. We had no kitchen facilities, no bathrooms -- again only longdrops. Totally unacceptable for R80 per night! Later we were told to pay extra for the school's electricity and for parking on the school grounds. Bomvu management decided to close the bar at 9pm on New Years eve so that people would join the trance party for R250 extra. All money and no customer satisfaction!
Bad management
We spent 2 nights living in mud because they leveled some ground and called it a campsite. Then we squatted another 2 nights at the local school and used the long drops. The management was high all the time and double booked people. We had some problems trying to find someone who spoke proper english. Look, we had a super bad time because of the weather, but Bomvu didn't care that people had no place to sleep/camp, they just wanted money.
(South Africa)
  i stayed at bomvu in november and chilled for five days! me and my mates got some mushrooms from the locals and some weed and had the best time ever! you can go just across the street to the coffee shack and mingle there if you want. good times -- wish I was there now!
  This place is amazing. It's my best memory of South Africa. The people are very friendly.
Pascaline, France

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