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Emma Hostel

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Emma Hostel in Warsaw is quite an odd little place. It advertises itself as a vegetarian- and vegan-friendly, kind of hippyish cooperative commune (albeit one you have to pay to stay in). All this is absolutely fine, except you don't quite get the warm welcome you might expect from such laidback people. You'll be lucky to even get a response to your attempt at saying "dzień dobry" (good morning) over breakfast, which first thing in the morning is not easy!

They have a free breakfast, which is great for those who are health conscious, not so great for those who like a fry up or the usual European-salami-and-cheese-based start to their day. A computer is available to use for free, as is the Wi-Fi. They will look after your bags for you on the day you check out, plus you can do your washing very cheaply.

The Location

The location is certainly not the best thing about this hostel, but not the worst. It is around a fifteen-minute walk from the main station, DW Centralny. Don't expect to be able to follow the directions provided by the hostel when booking -- just look it up on a map before you leave, as it's very straightforward to find. The place is slightly out of the centre -- we were quite happy it wasn't any further out. The location isn't exactly dangerous or anything, but there are certainly a lot more locals hanging around here than in the very centre of Warsaw.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The beds are probably the worst thing about staying here -- due to the owners' hippy nature, they have mattresses that are made from seaweed. It's all very eco-friendly, we're sure, but not very spine-friendly. A couple of bits of foam are wedged on top of the bed frame, but they do take some getting used to. The bedrooms are pretty clean, though not cleaned thoroughly every day. They have the options of private rooms as well as shared dorms.

The bathrooms are kept very clean, although don't always expect to find they have restocked the toilet roll (the eco-friendly, not-very-soft toilet roll!). The showers are good if you are the only one using them -- if someone else is in another, the temperature goes all over the place. There is a hook to hang a towel from, but nowhere to put your clothes, which is very annoying. A definite plus point are the abundant plug sockets, which are everywhere -- two per bed, and a few in the bathroom area.

Common Spaces

The common space here is somewhat lacking. Basically it is the kitchen, with one little, two-seat sofa and five kitchen tables -- not exactly relaxing after a day's exploring. It's not a great place to meet people, as other guests don't seem to hang out here for long, due to the slight uncomfortableness of sitting on rickety wooden chairs all evening. The kitchen is well stocked and they have free tea and coffee available all day.

One rather annoying trait is the staff having their friends over or hiring out the space to an Arts and Crafts group. They completely took over the common area from their paying guests -- not a good thing, if you ask us!

This is definitely not a party hostel -- quiet time is from 10 p.m. onwards, which is good if you're looking for a quiet night's rest -- good luck with the mattresses, though.


This clean hostel almost forces you to keep to yourself, unless you speak very good Polish and can converse with the staff. Don't come here expecting to party.

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January 2012

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