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Chillout Hostel

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Hostelz.com's Review
Chillout Hostel has a fabulous location and layout; the atmosphere lives up to its name and is very chilled out and relaxed. This hostel is a great place to stop for a day or so and use as a base from which to explore the wonders of Warsaw.

The Location

Approximately a ten-minute walk from central station along one of the side streets off of Jerusalem Avenue, you will find Chillout Hostel. You will find the gate and have to press the button to get them to buzz you up onto the second floor to check in. There is an abundance of shopping outlets, museums, and places to buy food close by and it is also close to where you would take a bus to the airport. The bus station is out of town so if you arrive by bus, you will need to take the 158 bus or the 517 to get from the station into the downtown area and get off at DW Centralny.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are large and spacious. They give you linen and you have to make the bed yourself when you arrive -- the pillow and duvet cover are stored in the large locker they give you to put your belongings in. The locker has its own lock, so you don't need to have your own. The beds are comfortable and cozy and you will get a good nights sleep in them. Bathrooms are shared. They have some private bathrooms with toilet and shower and some shared bathrooms with multiple cubicles for shower and toilet in each one. All of them are kept clean and in good condition.

Common Spaces

On the bottom floor of the hostel, you will find a dining room with tables and chairs where you can sit around and socialize. There is also a kitchen where you can prepare your own meals, if you don't feel like trying some of the local Polish food in one of the many restaurants in the surrounding area.


The staff there are friendly and will help you out with any questions that you have about the area or transport to and from things with the maps they have at the front desk.

by Globetrotter
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
January 2014

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4   Nice Stay I enjoyed the hostel. Location is not perfect but more than ok. You have to walk about 10-15 minutes to the central station but around the hostel you can find many places to eat and drink. Moreover, cleanness was very good for both rooms and bathrooms. And lastly, staff was very helpful as well.  , age 24, Turkey ()

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