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The Review

Camelot Inn & Hostel offers very basic accommodations with the convenience of automated check-in. You will receive superior responsiveness from the manager via email. During our three-night stay, we only saw one cleaning staff person for a few minutes and one person who disappeared into an office (he might have been the day manager?), but there is no one at a desk to answer questions. Instead, there is a pile of local information inside private rooms (we assume that's true of every room) to give guests an overview of the outdoor attractions in the area, like skiing and hiking.

The Location

It's very conveniently close to a downtown rail line (with inexpensive fare) that leads directly to Temple Square, the heart of Salt Lake City's downtown area. The property is pretty close to the convention center and the major shopping center that was recently built.

The neighborhood seems mostly light industrial, with a nearby car dealership and similar businesses. There is a spacious parking lot (which was blocked off and under construction during our three-night stay) on the property, with new landscaping (a few small fruit trees). The canary-yellow and royal-blue paint scheme is clearly visible from a block away, which is convenient when you're new in town. It's not very close to any visible places to eat or buy groceries, so guests without rental cars may have to walk a lot, or have a city map in advance to know where to take the rail line.

Security seems excellent, with an often-changed combination code on exterior doors (the manager emailed us advance notification of changes). Keys to individual rooms are placed in lock boxes outside the bedroom doors, with simple instructions on how to get keys out. In fact, there are copies posted everywhere of the hostel rules (about keys, towels, check-out time, and everything else) in case guests forget! Security personnel are all off-site, which could be a risk if someone tries to break in.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Our very small but well-furnished private bedroom has newish paint and framed posters on the walls as well as a new-looking bunk bed with comfortable mattresses and full linens. Other private rooms we saw have similar decorations (one has black velvet paintings!) and furniture.

Our ground-floor private room has adequate-sized clothing rod, desk fan, and small TV on table. Also it has small window overlooking the street, with decent drapes to block out streetlights.

The hostel has four shared bathrooms, all of which are fairly big compared to typical hotel bathrooms. Bathrooms have locking doors, adequate light bulbs, a mirror and shelf above sink, and closing shower compartments. Bathrooms have modern American plumbing.

Common Spaces

The galley-style common kitchen is just inside main entrance; it has a fridge, decent counter space, a cooking surface, and a small bench to sit on. The hostel does not have a gathering room with space to sit to watch TV, but there is a small room at the back of the building with free internet terminals. Although we stayed during a holiday weekend, there were not many guests, and not much social interaction.


This is a great budget accommodation as an alternative to the pricey big chain hotels adjacent to Temple Square. This hostel is probably a good choice for skiers or hikers who want a central base in SLC from which to go play outdoors.
by callipygiangirl Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Camelot Inn & Hostel" at 165 West 800 South.)


165 West 800 South, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
40.751737, -111.896188 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (801) 688-6196
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78% Guest Reviews

Best experience ever
Quiet, clean, convenient location, 1 block away from Trax station. Awesome place.
Age 46, Colombia
Great Location
Clean room. Self check-in and out are easy. Next to mass transit stop and walking distance to restaurants, bars and downtown. Tip -- taco stands 3 blocks east.
Bill F.
Age 57, USA
More than adequate for a night's rest while traveling
I am a motorcycle guy that is not big on hotels. I prefer tenting it when I can. I rarely stay in hotels or cities. At last, I am a tight-wad. this place was more than adequate for a night's rest while traveling.
Age 58, USA
First time ever in a hostel
Honestly, more than worth what was paid. It turned out to be about $160 for 3 nights. Bombarded with emails on how check-in/out worked and the rules of the place which was nice. Loved the safety from the front door to the door key and the watchful eye of the cameras everywhere, as a woman, I felt safe. It's not a far walk to downtown less than 30 mins, the area might be a bit sketchy but if in vehicle totally fine. Definitely clean, well-kept for having strangers in and out. Only bad part was the noise level of other guests in the morning but aside from that, really super nice. I'm a hostel lover for sure because of this place.
Age 23, Canada
Unique and Creative
Thank you, it was great! Near Public Transport, pubs, and convenient stores!
Age 28, Russia
Old, worn out
I recently stayed at this place and would never stay there again. It is very old, very worn out and the walls are as thin as paper. The place has not been updated in what appears to be, decades. Because it is next to the rail road tracks, you are constantly being woken up. Also, the house is located in a high crime area (check with the police). Once on the property site, you will notice many cameras all around the exterior of the house watching every thing you do and then when you get inside of the house you will also see many many more cameras watching you again whether it is in the kitchen, hallway, and who knows if there are also hidden cameras in the bathroom and bedroom areas where you are undressed. There are nicer hostels and if not cheaper ones in salt lake city.
World Traveler
Age 30, USA
Terrible customer service
These people are rude -- they cut you off in mid-sentence. Terrible customer service.
Age 36, usa
I wouldnt stay here again if you paid me. Rude owner, no staff. Cameras everywhere. No privacy.
Age 49, USA

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