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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Palermo Soho Hostel" at Nicaragua 4728 (esquina Borges).)


Nicaragua 4728 (esquina Borges), Buenos Aires (Capital Federal), Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
-34.587167, -58.426594 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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Got ripped off
The place looks nothing like the pictures. It is not nice. The bathrooms have no soap or towels. I reserved a room two days before I arrived but when I got there they said they didnt have the reservation. After searching, they found my reservation but said that dorms were not available so I had to pay for a private room which was three times the price of my reservation. When I got to the room there were three beds in there! I suspect that times were slow so they gave me a three bed room and charged me for a private. The staff is not friendly or helpful in the least.
Horrible place, embarassing service
when i arrived with reservation, i was duly informed that it meant nothing, and i would have to pay MORE for a dorm with MORE people staying in it. all this by a guy who did not care one bit, and was happily chatting on facebook whilst in the middle of supposedly serving me. WTF??!! My first instinct was to walk out and find another hotel, but i decided to give it a chance, but I wish I had of trusted my instincts, as the rest of my one night stay there was rubbish. The room is old and smelly, and the atmosphere of the place is dank, dated and gloomy. It is the worst hostel I have ever stayed in, and I have stayed in alot. Do yourself a favour and look elsewhere.
Worst hostel we stayed in over four months in South America
We booked a "Double Special" for our last two nights in S America only to be given a room with three single beds and some bunks! The room and bathroom were very dirty with poor security. The remote had no batteries and when we asked for some the guy on reception said he didnt have the money to go and get some. We asked for the room to be changed but no others were available. We asked for the manager and were told we could not speak to him until the next day. The receptionist was rude and couldnt really care less. On speaking to the manager the next day we were promised half our money back (we never got it). This place was terrible. The double special did not exist. The rooms were filthy. The staff couldn't care less and the manager doesn't keep his promises. Essentially we were swindled. Don't stay here!
Not worth the money
I stayed at this hostel for five nights due to an emergency. I needed to fly back home and needed a nearby, nice, cheap place to stay. Like others who write the reviews in here, I checked in based on the photos on the internet. Overall, the place is kind of nice. The living room, the balcony, dining room, patio, it's cute. However, the rooms are a disaster. I asked for a private room with a private bathroom and they gave me a room with no windows and a skylight! Since it had no windows, ventilation depended on a split air conditioning that was only turned on and turned off by asking the concierge (three floors down). It was the start of spring so it was really wacky, during the day it was hot, and during the night it was so cold that I had to go down at 3 a.m. and ask for someone to turn the air conditioning off. I only went there to sleep and I was leaving anyway and the hassle of finding another place was not worth it. I could have changed places but I was so tired I didnt even care. The bathroom shower is the whole bathroom so everything gets messed up, the water supply ran short. Rooms are quiet as they are like one hundred fourteen floors up, but when everybody is in their room you can hear what they are doing (I heard these two couples having sex all the way). I never ate there, so I don't know what the food was like. All I needed was a place to sleep and with internet (their connection sucks anyway, no access to p2p programs and the router coverage is really limited, does not reach the rooms even though they advertise otherwise). Location is also an issue. If you take buses there is no problem, but it is in the middle of Palermo Soho away from both Cordoba and Santa Fe avenues, seven blocks away from the subway, which is too far. And Palermo is very far from the city centre. And by the way, the hostel is located in a second floor, after going up a very steep and dangerous flight of stairs, not recommended for anyone with a suitcase (that meant me, I dont know how I made it out of that place alive). The staff is friendly but only up to their duties. They don't care who you are or what you do, they just do their jobs. But for a hostel I think they could be a little more warm. They did a nice thing for me, though. I had to check out at noon and my flight did not leave until 10 p.m. that evening. Instead of charging me for a whole night, they took care of my bags and arranged for a driver to pick me up. Thats the least they could do for that nightmare of a room.
Not a good hostel
So to begin with we arrived at 10:30 a.m. and they said we would be able to check in at 11 if the bedroom was ready. It was to be a private room with private bathroom. We decided to wait in the common area until it was ready. This ended up being until 1:30 p.m. When we went into the room and saw the bathroom with no bidet, no towels, no soap, or shampoo. We went to ask about the towels and we were told that it was a 3 pesos charge per towel (why not just charge a little bit more and provide the towels). One of the lights didn't work in the bedroom so we asked for a bulb. Sadly, they didn't have any. So we had to deal with the semi-darkness. These are all relatively minor hassles so far. The big problem came when we asked about the hot water and were told that we should just turn on the hot water faucet because it can take ten minutes for the hot water to reach us! Ridiculous! The one nice thing that we can say is that free Wi-Fi is available here. Unfortunately, that too worked only intermittently. Needless to say, we do not recommend staying at this hostel. There are much better, much nicer options available. Fortunately, we're only staying here one night. We'll see how it goes in the morning.
Gabriel & Doug
Worst experience of my life
i stayed in a room at the top of the building. all i can say about that -- disgusting. the bathroom -- i just simply can't describe it. the shower was like, the entire bathroom, meaning that when you have a shower, the water is all over the floor. i mean all over. plus, it is dirty, and the door won't even close, so you have to hurry so no one goes into the bathroom while you are taking a shower, which happened to me many times. am a girl, and many men went into the bathroom while i was taking a shower. the room was less than ok, it had no lockers, they would provide only a sheet, even though it was summer, it was cold during the night. i had no option but to freeze all the time. and now, the experience that made my trip a nightmare. since the room was on the rooftop (outside the hostal) we were very away from the security. and plus, the door won't lock, no one had a key or anything, so the room was twenty-four/seven open to anyone! one night, we were all in the "lounge" area (anything but "lounge") and one of my dorm friends comes downstairs screaming that someone broke down the dorm, and everything was messed up, all over the room. someone went in the room and steal our stuff. i went like crazy running in the never ending stair to the top, and the place was a complete mess. i started freaking out, because that night, like never before i left my bag with my money, credit cards, ipod, digital camera, everything, over my bed and the bag was gone. of course i went crazy, screaming and crying. we went downstairs, to tell staff that we've been robbed, and they did nothing. they didn't even care. they called the police like half-hour later, and then nothing else. if they would have laughed about it -- it wouldn't have surprised me (they didn't have many social skills). next morning, i checked out the hostal, and found one very quick. they told me i could go back like in two days to pick up my money that i paid for almost my entire stay. so it was basically half of it (like 400 argentinian pesos). when i went back, the manager was there. all i can say about that guy, all i can say about him -- asshole (sorry about the expression but that is the truth). he knew about the whole situation and didn't even apologize or anything. then, when they had to give me my money back, they gave me 130 pesos -- i was like in absolute shock. i was like "are you kidding me?" -- you owe me at least 400, if not more because i happened to be robbed in your precious hostal sir. i immediately asked to talk to the owner, and one of the girls (carolina or something), said "no, there is no owner in here," and i was like, that's it, give me my f***ing money back i seriously start freaking out. then the administrator said it was legal to do that because of some tax whatever he made up in that moment. but i couldn't do anything else, but to leave and call my lawyer back home to ask what to do -- i couldn't do much, i would spend more money trying to get it back. It is by far the worst hostal i've stayed in. the hostal is dirty, expensive for what it is, is unsafe, unfriendly, the food is crap, the kitchen and rooms are dirty, and it is just not worth it, i wish i could warn everyone who are planning to stay there not to do so. Don't stay there ever!
Fernanda Delgado
Dirty and overpriced
I made a reservation based on the pictures on the website. I reserved a "private room for three with private bathroom" since it was only a little more. When we arrived we were taken to our room on the roof! Up three flights of stairs and out into the construction zone. The room looked nothing like the picture on the internet! I'm usually not that picky, but it was dirty! The three beds with sheets had obviously been slept in in the recent past. There was hair all over the pillowcases, someones dirty underwear on one of the beds, dirty towels, dirty q-tips, and garbage. The "private bathroom" was a joke -- it was also out side at the other end of the roof with no lights to mark the path I tripped over a pipe sticking out of the wall. The bathroom was obviously also being used, there was bunches of shower items and a big puddle in the middle of the floor. If it had been cheap I wouldn't have worried too much, but at the hotel price they were charging I went downstairs immediately to cancel the reservation. I was only able to get half of the money back because of their cancellation policy requires twenty-four hours notice. We got there at 2 a.m. and left at 8 the next morning and stayed in a hotel, which didn't cost much more, but was infinitely better. Needless to say I would never stay there again and encourage you to reconsider as well. There are tons of decent hostels in BA, this is just not one of them.

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