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15 The Esplanade, Cottontree, Maroochydore, Queensland, Australia
-26.655377, 153.097849 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+61 (7) 5443-1755
+61 (7) 5451-0978
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  The hostel is very run down. It needs a major uplift. Maybe they can exchange a paint job or something for accommodation for any working travelers. So that's my 1 out of 5. Two 5/5s -- the atmosphere and the location. The atmosphere I think was more because of the residents there than anything, but still good. Everyone was really friendly, I'm pretty shy but had no problems socialising so that's how good it is. The location is excellent. 10 mins to the biggest mall on the Sunshine Coast, cafes and bus stop to another major shopping centre on the next block, library (and free Wifi) on the block after that, and 10 mins from the Greyhound bus stop (which is in front of the visitor information centre). If you rent a car there's plenty of parking around. Oh and it's on the water as well, nice view.
We where a group of people who stayed in Cotton Tree Backpackers for about a months. We can not find words that would describe the state of this hostel. It is absolutely disgusting!!!!! We really want to be fair with the things we write and we are only writing this so that no more people have to experience this kind of treatment!!!! We stayed here because this is a working hostel, which means they work together with farms around the area and organize work for people with a working holiday visa who want to extent the visa for the second year. We met some really nice people who also lived there and worked at the farm. BUT The kitchen, toilets and rooms are so dirty!!!The owners dogs are running around, begging for food and going through the rubbish bins. In most hostel and hotels animals are not permitted because its not hygiene. The showers are sometimes not cleaned for two days. The kitchen is a disaster and extremely dirty!!! AND THIS IS NOT THE WORST PART!!!! THE OWNER OF THE HOSTEL (VALERIE) IS THE WORST THING ABOUT THE HOSTEL!!!!!! Not only is she rude, unhelpful, insulting and offensive we sincerely believe that she is mentally ill!!!! She screams and yells at people like a mad woman when something is not in order and you really feel like a piece sh.. She dosent care about anyone having a pleasent stay and actually dosent care much for people at all!!!! She completely ignore the fact that her night manager is among the people who is smoking weed and getting drunk every night together with other people in the hostel and are extreamely noisy until the morning (they do not work at the farm and therefor dont have to get up at 6 in the morning).They even smoke in the working van, which the workers use to get to the farm the next morning. On most nights the music is still on after they go to sleep and the doors are not closed so anyone can just walk in! On several occasions, we saw how she was shouting at other guests because she was unhappy with them. (And they were not among the people who made noise or smoked). She honestly just screams at people to get out if she finds them in the kitchen after check out time!! She has a rule that all showers have to be taken within 3minuts and she even knock on the door if you stay there for longer!!!! One of the showers is not working properly and you end up regulating the water the entire time and she dosent bother fixing it. There is only three showers in the hostel. We have never in our lives experienced anything like this!!!!! It is really amazing that she still runs the place!!!! Everybody in the hostel and we mean EVERYBODY are so scared of her and most of the people just stay there until they have enough money to travel further. And too many nice people are leaving JUST because of her!!! If you ever come to Maroochydore please avoid this hostel. The location is very nice and you do meet some really nice people here but this evil woman can destroy your entire stay there. IT IS NOT WORTH YOUR MONEY OR YOUR TIME!!!!
Amanda Chao
Good, friendly, homey place to stay
Wish i had had longer at this lovely hostel. The lady on the desk was very friendly and kind. The room was lovely and very big. Felt very welcomed and safe here. It was just like a big shared house. lots of character. Only thing that spoiled it is that the rest of the staff were a bit thick. We asked for a lift in the morning to the bus three times. When it came to it, no staff were around anywhere. Like none whatsoever it was ridiculous! When we asked a guest who seemed friendly with the staff he just said they were all out. In the end he gave us a lift to the bus! Bad end to an otherwise good stay.
This hostel was great, except maybe the fact that your hear all the noise from the kitchen if your room is close to it.
Friendly, nice, and clean place. Like all the others I enjoyed myself!
I stayed there for almost four weeks and so did many other people who where working for a while in Maroochydore and surrounding. There are even some guys they come back again and again. That must have a reason. By no means is that hostel a dirty place -- after traveling for month in Australia and a whole bunch of other countries I claim to have some experience about what a dirty, filthy hostel means. And I have seen some gross places! There is for sure no hostel that can offer the cleanliness of a good hotel. If twenty people take a shower than the shower must look different from the one in your own hotel room. That doesn't mean that it's filthy. But if you expect a hotel room, than be prepared to pay your 90-plus bucks a night and still not having any guarantee of a room with a first class view. The atmosphere was very friendly and enjoyable and we all had quite some fun together. I had a great time and do recommend this hostel.
Huge Disappointment
I stayed at this hostel in room number eight! It has to have been the worst nights sleep I along with three others have had! We were in a four share and all of the beds creaked and rattled all night. Also, each mattress was really thin and old, and the centre was even thinner which produced a dip. On this particular night, it was also freezing and only one thin blanket was provided. I would highly advise people not to stay there although there are only a few hostels servicing this area.
Too Quiet -- good or bad depends on your agenda
The town is really small and there's pretty nothing to do around. So the hostel can be really quiet with just the few long term stayers. I stayed in the girls room which was pretty squeezey with four bunk beds but the view was quite decent. the Kitchen was rather up to standard and so was the TV room. I guess it's a good place to relax and finish a book but for me it was the beginning of my east coast trip up north so it got a little boring as the hostel was also pretty much near nothing interesting.
  I cannot rate my experience of this hostel as I did not make it past the front desk due to a complete show of ignorance and lack of understanding by the owner and a male staff member. I arrived in Maroochydore at night and spent the night sleeping in the car after having arrived to find no accommodation available. I called this hostel at 10 p.m. and got no answer. I then called the hostel at 8:30 a.m. the next morning and was told that there may be a bed available but that I could leave my bag and check in at 10:30 a.m. Ok, but then the owner asked if I was alright and was I drunk? I said no, and explained that I had just spent the night in the car as no accommodation was available and no one answered the phone at this hostel when I tried to call. So the owner said I could leave my bags and come again at 10:30 a.m. So I come back at 11 a.m. and another male staff member actually told me that his boss was not happy for me to stay because I was drunk. What the....? These people were incredibly stupid! If they thought for a moment instead of coming to their own stupid conclusion that I was not drunk, that I arrived in a car, and did not reek of even one drop of alcohol, then I would not be writing this negative review. This was not the holiday experience I wanted and so I got the hell out of Maroochydore and away from these small-minded people. I will not be back!

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