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Canton of Bern ホステル

Canton of Bern

Canton of Bernに関するコメント

Kandersteg is my favorite village in Switzerland. It is less crowded than Interlaken and seems less commercial. Mountains are close and there are many hiking trails with great views. The tourist office can suggest hikes and/or tell you about earning a gold, silver, or bronze hiking pin by completing six for each level.
OMG Gimmelwald Switzerland is the most beautiful place I have ever been.
ベルン is fun to walk around in, there are lots of cute fountains, but the Bear Pits are slightly depressing. I liked the art museum, but after one day I thought that I had seen most of the city.
Wengen is wonderful, a great place, we had a fantastic time.
ラウターブルンネン … Visiting Schilthorn was the highlight of our stay - we went on a funicular, a train and a cable car and were amazed by the fantastic views when we came out of the top of the clouds. And it's cheaper than the Jungfrau trip!!
グリンデルワルト … There are no bad places to visit in the valley, but if you want heaven on earth, travel up to Gimmelwald. You may never want to leave!