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Tyrol ホステル



インスブルック is awesome. I recommend a visit to the Scholss Ambross.
インスブルック is fantastic! How can anyone say there's nothing to do? Unless, that is, you're not into hiking, skiing, and mountain-biking, in which case it may be a bit boring. It's even worth it for the scenery and the turquoise rivers. It's one of the few places I've left feeling disappointed -- disappointed I didn't stay longer!
インスブルック is beautiful, clean, and refreshing. I could easily spend a year there.
I loved インスブルック. There's so much to do - hiking, skiing, mountain climbing, cycling.
インスブルック is so beautiful!
I love インスブルック. The air is incredible. My skin has never felt so good. Who needs expensive creams when you can go to Innsbruck, go hiking for a day and look like Claudia Schiffer? I love the little church Universitats Kirche near Innsbruck University. It is so sweet.