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Ghanvatkar Bungalow

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1   Accommodation and facilities need improvement. Good Food. We visited Ghanvatkar Bungalow on the 9th Feb 2008. The accommodation is very basic but can be improved. Cleanliness and upkeep is not up to the standard. We had to insist on getting our rooms and bathrooms cleaned. After Check-out there is no system of cleaning the rooms and changing linen before allotting the same to the next batch of guests. the furniture in the rooms are dusty and the wardrobes are not free for use by the guest occupying the room. One plus point is that the food is good. The owners need to provide a table and chair in each room. There is no concept of Blankets although we were informed that the temperatures drop in the evenings and nights. We were informed that Blankets would be provided, but when we arrived we were informed that there were no blankets, but only Sholapur bed covers could be provided. The lofts in the rooms are open and contain junk. All this does not make a good impression in the mind of the traveler. There is loadshedding daily (morning and evening). There is battery back up for lights and fans only. There is no proper signage in case you are trying to locate the place after dark. Especially so, since there are no street lights as well.  , Indian ()

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