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The Matterhorn Hostel Zermatt

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1   Nous ne reviendrons certainement pas Accueil catastrophique : Le réceptionniste agressif nous a dit en Français !!: "Ici nous ne parlons que Anglais ou Allemand" le dortoir était sale : paquets de cheveux et moutons sous les lits, les douches par contre étaient chaudes à souhait. Le repas fut bon mais peu copieux pour des sportifs à noter le prix prohibitif de l'eau du robinet à 5 € la carafe par table !!!  , France ()
1   What a dump I wouldn't stay here again if you paid me!!  , UK ()
2   Bad The owners is nice, but the hostel is not. There is no kitchen that you can cook your food in. You can use a microwave if you pay extra for it. The dorms were bad as well, there was a hole in the wall next to my bed so it was freezing cold at night. There was only a blanket supplied so not good if you do not have a sleeping bag.  , Norway ()
1   One night was too many Squeaky floors, doors don't shut, showers revolting. But manager was nice and so was the basic breakfast. Definitely not recommended.  , australia ()
4   A bargain for Zermatt! The matterhorn hostel is your basic place to get your head down, the lockers are big enough for skis (or climbing gear in my case), and the rooms are fine. After all, you are not going to be sitting inside all day unless your legs are broken. The best part is the bar. The staff are great, they do good food and the beer is cheap compared to town prices (gasp). I will be back for more climbing and I would stay here again unless I win the lottery.  , USA ()
1   Incredibly poor -- avoid this hostel Me and my girlfriend visited the Matterhorn Hostel 22 and 23 september 2007. Avoid this hostel at any cost because of the following. dirty -- floors aren't being cleaned, toilets smell, and the bathrooms are mouldy because of poor ventilation. expensive -- for sfr 50, including breakfast (excluding the sheets to be hired separately, just blankets) per person a night in a double room can get you a hotel in Zermatt. noisy -- the noise of the central staircase spreads though the hostel rooms. poor facilities -- cheap and uncomfortable beds, no kitchen, just a microwave at a charge of sfr. 2,50, unattractive living room, dysfunctional heating units. the owner won't listen to complaints from guests (according to his staff). We've visited five hostels this summer/autumn and this hostel is a disgrace when compared to what other hostels can offer you. We felt cheated. Stay away!  , Dutch ()
4   Good value, friendly staff, excellent location The building is old with steep narrow staircases and tiny rooms with bunk beds sandwiched in -- typical hostel in that regard. Could use a few more toilets. The "kitchen" is a room with a hot water pitcher. The location is phenomenal, however. The views from the hostel are amazing. The beds are comfortable. Everything is clean. There are free lockers (with locks of dubious merit). The staff is friendly. There's free high-quality WiFi. Great showers. There's also no "hostel smell!" It's a bit of a walk from the train station, but there is a city bus you can take if you don't want to walk twenty minutes.  , California ()
4  Whatever issues the booking may have, the lady at the front desk is great. I forgot my wedding ring in the bathroom, and they're mailing it to me. That's great service and saves me a beating from my wife.  ()

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